Our Little Rose

Rick And Rasky Meet Bobbie
As Told By Rasky
October 20Th 1998

One Night Bobbie Was Online In Her Regular Chat Room On AOL
It Was 2 A.M. And There Were Only A Few People In The Room
A New Surfer Came In
His Name Was Rick
He Was On His Computer At His Business
He Was Bored And Was Just Surfing Around
Bobbie Said Hello And Asked Him How He Was Doing
He Replied Hello And Ok
He Stayed Awhile To Watch The Room For A Short Time
He Didn't Say Anything To Anyone
Finally Rick Said Goodbye And Bobbie Ask Him To Stay
Rick Replied No Thanks
That He Was Interrupting A Private Conversation
He Left The Chat Room

Bobbie Saw By His AOL Profile That He Was A Vietnam Veteran
She Sensed That Something Was Wrong
She Opened Her Im's And Im'd Him But He Was No Longer On Line
Bobbie Always Sent Surfers A Picture To See Who They Were Talking To
So She E-mailed Him A Picture
She Did Not Expect To Hear From Him

What Bobbie Did Not Know Was That Rick Was Tired And Hungry
He Hated Life, He Hated AOL And He Seemed To Hate Us
He Had Seemed To Have Hit A Wall
He Had Recently Lost His Mommy, Our Mommy
We Had No Other Family
His Business Was Not Doing All That Well
He Was Working Another Job Just To Try And Make Ends Meet
He Was Having Bad Dreams When He Could Sleep
He Had Signed Off AOL And Went Home
He Was Going To Come Home And Commit Suicide
He Was Very Unhappy And Bone Tired

We Never Saw Him Much
When He Was Home, It Was To Sleep And Then He Would Leave Again
He Ignored Us And Hardly Ever Talked To Us
There Was Not Much Love In Our House

We Heard Rick's Car Pull Up Outside
Our Daddy Was Home
He Came In And Let Us Outside
He Came Outside With Us
He Was Talking And Yelling At Someone
But There Was No One There
He Had Water Falling From His Eyes
He Sat Down On The Deck And Had A Big Gun Pointed At His Head
Water Kept Falling From His Eyes
He Kept Saying Do It! Do It!
Then He Started Pointing The Big Gun At Each Of Us
When He Pointed It At Me, I Ran, I Was Scared

What Was Going On?
He Wanted To Die
He Wanted Us To Die

All Of A Sudden He Fired The Gun Into The Air And Threw It On The Ground
Water Was Pouring From His Eyes
I Ran To Him And Jumped Into His Arms
I Licked The Water From His Eyes
I Was Scared For Him
I Wanted Him To Know That I Loved Him
He Squeezed Me So Hard That I Couldn't Breathe

I Heard Him Say
"Rasky I Can't Do This To You"
"I Just Can't Hurt You"
"You Are All That I Have"
"You Are The Only One That Loves Me"

He Picked Me Up And Took All Of Us Dogs Into The House
We Went To Bed
None Of Us Slept Very Well That Night

The Next Morning He Left As If Nothing Had Ever Happened
I Watched Him Leave
He Had Left Us Alone Again
We Were Afraid That We Would Never See Him Again

That Night After Work, Rick Signed Onto AOL
Bobbie Had Sent Him An E-mail With A Picture Attached
He Read The E-mail And Downloaded The Picture
Just Another AOL Idiot He Thought, Wanting To Play Games
Nothing On AOL Was Real Anyway
AOL Was Just A Land Of Fantasy
A Place Where Anyone Could Be Anything That They Wanted To Be
What Rick Didn't Know About Bobbie Was That She Was Very Real
Her Marriage Was Over
She Wasn't Really Looking For Anyone
Though She Didn't Know It Then She Was About To Change Rick's Life
And Rick Was About To Change Hers

There Was Something About This Man
She Just Couldn't Get Him Out Of Her Mind
It Was Just A Feeling She Thought Would Pass
But It Didn't
Unlike Anyone Else On AOL Before, She Thought About Him All Day
She Wondered Why This Stranger Was Constantly On Her Mind
She Knew Nothing About Him Or Who He Was

Bobbie In California Signed On To AOL
She Had Added His Screen Name To Her Buddy List The Night Before
She Didn't See Him Signed On
Sensing That He Was On Line, She Did A Member's Search
She Saw That He Was Indeed On Line
But He Had Everyone Blocked
She Sent Him An E-mail
She Was Both Surprised And Shocked
He E-mailed Her Back
He Thanked Her For The Picture And Nothing More
She Asked For His Picture
It Took Awhile But Then There Was An E-mail From Him
It Had A Picture Of Himself Attached
Then Suddenly His Screen Name Popped Up In Her Buddy List
She Im'd Him And They Started Talking To Each Other
Rick Didn't Realize It At The Time But Some Of His Healing Had Begun

Rick And Bobbie Began Corresponding Through E-mail
They Got To Know Each Other Better
Bobbie Finally Asked Him For His Phone Number
She Called Him
She Wanted To Hear His Voice
It Was Deeper Than She Imagined

They Shared Many Pictures And Stories Of Their Lifes
After A $400.00 Phone Bill, Bobbie And Rick Decided To Meet
Rick Lived 2500 Miles Away In Ohio
But That Did Not Stop Them From Meeting One Another
Bobbie Loved Hearing His Stories Of His Dogs, Bird And Fish
She Was Curious About What Ohio Would Be Like
They Planned On A Five Day Meeting
They Both Knew The Other Seemed Special
They Needed To See If It Was What They Had Envisioned It To Be
The Time Had Come For Them To Meet

Bobbie Boarded A Plane And Flew From California To Ohio To Meet Him
It Was November In Ohio
Bobbie Was Raised In California
Brrrr-Brrrr!! Brrrr-Brrrr!!
Ohio's Cold Nippy Weather
She Found Out That It Wasn't Kansas Anymore, "ToTo"

His Smile Was More Than She Had Expected
His Sad Green Eyes Perfect And Bright
So Far, So Good

Contrary To What Her Friends Said To Her
He Wasn't An Ohio Axe Murderer
He Hadn't Appeared On "America's Most Wanted"

Rick Took Bobbie To His Home
He Took Her To Meet His Family
4 Wonderful Dogs, The Bird And The Fish
They Pulled Into The Driveway And Got Out Of The Car
Bobbie Heard Barking Coming From Behind The Kitchen Door
This Didn't Scare Her
She Knew That The Barking Was That Of Happiness

Daddy Was Home

He Came Inside First To Calm Us All Down
He Put Us All Outside So That We Could Use The Bathroom
He Brought Bobbie's Luggage Into The House
Then He Let Us All Back Inside

For The First Time We All Saw Her
At First We Ran Barking In Circles All Around Her
Then She Sat On The Floor Talking To Us

One By One
And Nicky
We All Approached Her
Who Was This Strange New Lady That Had Come Into Our House?

I Sat And Stared At Her With My Big Brown Eyes
I Slowly Approached Her
She Smelled Good
I Came And Sat In Her Lap
I Was In Heaven
She Was Petting Me And Talking To Me
She Reminded Me Of My Human Mommy Who Didn't Live With Us Anymore
Rick's Mommy
Rick Said She Had Passed Away, Whatever That Meant
All I Knew Was That I Still Missed Her

Bobbie Rolled Around On The Floor With Us
She Hugged And Kissed Each And Every One Of Us
In The First 10 Minutes She Had 4 New Best Friends
From That Moment On, Those 5 Days Were Like Magic

One Day Rick Came Home To Take Bobbie Back To The Airport
Looking At Her And Her Bags, He Said, I Don't Want You To Leave
Bobbie Made A Call And Arranged To Stay For Another Week
This Happened 2 More Times Before Finally She Did Have To Leave
That Day Was The Hardest
All Of Us Dogs Seemed To Know What Was Happening
I Laid On Her Suitcase And Moped All Day Long
She Cried Every Time She Looked At The Four Of Us
She Hugged And Kissed Us All Many Times That Day
She Promised Us All That She Would Be Back

It Was A Long Trip To The Airport
Bobbie Didn't Want To Leave
Rick Hoped In His Heart That She Would Come Back
On The Way To The Airport The Radio Was On
Lenny Kravitz's Song, I'll Fly Away, Was Playing On The Radio
The Song Made Bobbie Cry Again
She Knew That She Was Flying Away

Many Days Passed And I Still Looked For Her In The House
I Watched For Her To Come Into The House When Rick Came Home
I Had Found One Of Her Socks Laying On The Floor
I Didn't Know It But She Had Left It There For Me
I Put It On My Pillow Where I Slept At Night
I Was Just Sad That This Lady Had Came And Made Us All Happy
Then As Suddenly As She Came, She Left
It Was So Close To Christmas, Rick's Most Favorite Time Of The Year
But He Seemed So Sad
We Didn't Celebrate Christmas

One Day, A Month Later, Bobbie Had Arranged To Move To Ohio
She Didn't Tell Rick About It
She Called Rick's Best Friend To Pick Her Up At The Airport
She Wanted To Surprise Rick
As He Was Working, She Came Into His Business
She Sat Down And Watched Him
After A Few Minutes, He Glanced In Her Direction And Saw Her
Her Surprise Had Worked Perfectly
The Smile On His Face Was Worth It

That Evening When They Went Home They Were Both Excited
Excited About Our Reaction, Especially Mine
Rick Pulled Up And Walked In As Usual
He Put Us Outside In The Backyard
We Didn't Know That She Was With Him
She Snuck Into The House And Waited For Us
He Let Us Back Inside And Watched As We All Ran Up To Her
All Of Us Were So Happy That She Was Back
Rick Hugged Us All
He Said To Us, "Mommy Is Here, This Time To Stay"

That Night And Every Night Since, I Have Slept On Her Pillow
I Wrap My Body Snugly Around My New Mommie's Head
Even When I Accidently Fart On Her, She Still Loves Me
With Daddie's Hand Laying On My Back, I Slowly Fall To Sleep
I Am The Luckiest Dog In The World
I Finally Have The Family That I Have Always Wanted
I Have All The Love That I Could Have Ever Dreamed Or Wished For

As I Slowly Go To Sleep
I Say Softly In Dog Talk As I Give Mommie Kisses

Mommie And Daddy With All My

CopyRight 1998-
Rick And Rasky Meet Bobbie
Rasky's Vietnam Memorial
All Rights Reserved


On August 10th 2001
Daddy Bought Us A House And Moved Us From Ohio To Indiana
We Live In The Country Now On A Half An Acre
I Have All The Freedom That I Need To Run
Of Course I Am Fenced In
But That Is Because Mommie And Daddy Love Me

I Am A Happy Dog
My Brothers And Sisters
And Lady2
Share This Happiness With Me

I Heard Daddy Tell Mommie
That This New House Is Our Christmas Present For The Rest Of Our Lives

Woof! Woof!
That's OK With Me
I Have All The Love That I Could Ever Want

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