Rasky, Rick And Bobbie Love America!!
The Greatest Country In The World!!

If You Are Looking To Find The Key To The Universe
There Is Some Bad News And Some Good News

The Bad News Is
There Is No Key To The Universe

The Good News Is
It Has Been Left Unlocked

Author Unknown

If You Have Never Experienced The Danger Of Battle
The Loneliness Of Imprisonment
The Agony Of Torture
Or The Pangs Of Starvation
You Are Ahead Of 500 Million People In The World

If You Can Attend A Church Meeting Without Fear Of Harassment
Or Death
You Are More Blessed Than Three Billion People In The World

If You Have Food In The Refrigerator
Clothes On Your Back
A Roof Overhead
And A Place To Sleep
You Are Richer Than 75% Of This World

If You Have Money In The Bank
In Your Wallet
And Spare Change In A Dish Someplace
You Are Among The Top 8% Of The World's Wealthy

If Your Parents Are Still Alive And Still Married
You Are Very Rare
Even In The United States

If You Hold Up Your Head With A Smile On Your Face
And Are Truly Thankful
You Are Blessed Because The Majority Can But Most Do Not

If You Can Hold Someone's Hand
Hug Them Or Even Touch Them On The Shoulder
You Are Blessed Because You Can Offer God's Healing Touch

If You Can Read This Message
You Are More Blessed
Than Over Two Billion People In The World That Cannot Read At All

Author Unknown

If The World Were 100 People
There Would Be

57 Asians
21 Europeans
14 From North And South America
8 Africans
52 Would Be Female
48 Would Be Male
70 Would Be Nonwhite--30 white
59% Of The Entire World's Wealth Would Belong To Only 6 People
All 6 Of Them Would Be Citizens Of The United States
80 Would Live In Substandard Housing
70 Would Be Unable To Read
50 Would Suffer From Malnutrition
1 Would Be Near Death
1 Would Be Near Birth
1 Would Have A College Education
99 Of Them Will Not See This Message

Because Only 1
Bill Gates
Would Have A Computer

Author Unknown

Our One Choice

All Men And Women Are Born
And Die

What Distinguishes Us One From Another Is Our Dreams
Whether They Be Dreams About Worldly Or Unworldly Things
And What We Do To Make Them Come About

We Do Not Consciously Choose To Be Born
We Do Not Consciously Choose Our Parents
We Do Not Consciously Choose Our Historical Epoch
Or The Country Of Our Birth
Or The Immediate Circumstances Of Our Upbringing

We Do Not
Most Of Us
Choose To Die
Nor Do We Choose The Time And Conditions Of Our Bodily Death
But Within This Realm Of Choicelessness
We Do Choose How We Live

If We Truly Realized How Precious The "Gift" Of Life Is
We Would Not Waste A Moment Trying To Improve It
If We Really Understood How Precious We Are To The "Gift" Of Life
We Would Not Waste Time Trying To Fix Ourselves

It's Not About What We Look Like Or What We Have
It's About Taking What We Have
And Doing As Much As We Can With It
It's About Learning And Growing
When We Are Willing To Learn
What We Don't Know And Use Our Experiences
Our Perfections Will Begin To Show

"To The World You May Just Be One Person"
But To One Person
"You May Just Be The World"

Let The Colors Of Love Paint Rainbows In Your Heart
Give Echoed Thoughts Of Thankfulness
Speak Joyful Sounds Of Praise
Watch In Wonder Soulfully As Dancing Butterflies Trail By
Stretch Out Your Angel Wings And Fly

Author Unknown

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