~Angels Among Us~

~The Guardian~

There Are Those Who Believe
So The Story Is Told
That At Birth You Receive Your Own Angel To Hold

You Come Into This World On A Wing And A Prayer
And Through Your Lifetime She Will Always Be There

A Guardian Angel Who Will Guide What You Do
Her Pure Essence Is Love Sent To Watch Over You

~Author Unknown~

~Standing Watch~

We Have One Angel Standing Watch Above Us As We Sleep
Another Gathers Up The Hopes And Dreams We Wish To Keep

One Angel Is The Tiny Voice That Whispers In Our Ears
With Words Of Love And Comfort To Conquer Grief And Fears

Of Course We Have One Guardian And One Friendship Keeper Too
Another Just To Help Us Mend The Thoughtless Things We Do

We Have A Guardian Of Love Who Protects Our Destiny
And Helps Us With Our Soulmate Who With We Were Meant To Be

We Have A Host Of Angels That Keep Us Company
In Order That We Become The Best That We Can Be

~ Author Unknown~

~Angel Gift~

I Needed An Answer From Above
Because I Felt Alone
Though I Had A Place To Live
It Never Felt Like Home

I Asked An Angel For A Gift
In My Darkest Hour
To Help Me Find The Path That I Needed To Follow

I Didn't Know If My Request Was Heard
I Wasn't Looking For My Answer
But Into My Life There Came Someone
That Would Change My Path Forever

I Didn't Know He Was The Key
That Would Change Me Deep Inside
He Was A Friend Who Became Much More
He Gave Me Back My Life

I Didn't Know That He Had Asked An Angel For An Answer
We Can Only Thank That Angel For Answering Our Prayers

CopyRite 2000-2001-2002
~Bobbie "IrocksLady" 5-6-00~

Wherever You Go
Whatever You Do
May The Angels Watch Over You

~ Author Unknown~

We Are Each Angels
With Only One Wing
To Fly We
Need Only Embrace Each Other

~ Author Unknown~

Today I Stumbled
And Once Again Was Lifted Up By An Unseen Hand

What Comfort And Joy That Knowledge Brings
For I Hear The Whisper Of Angel Wings

The Guardian Angels God Sends To Us All
To Bear Us Up When We Stumble And Fall

Trust Him My Friend
And Often You'll Hear The Whisper Of Angel Wings Hovering Near

~Author Unknown~


"Share Your Wings With Those Who Have Trouble Flying"

"Have No Anxiety About Anything
But In Everything By Prayer And Supplication With Thanksgiving
Let Our Requests Be Made Known To God"

"You Cannot Sink Someone Else's Eend Of The Boat
And Still Keep Your Own End Afloat"

"Every Once In Awhile
Silliness Just Might Be Next To Godliness"

"It Is In Rugged Crises
In Unweariable Endurance
And In Aims Which Put Sympathy Out Of The Question
That The Angel Is Shown"

"Coincidence Is God's Way Of Performing A Miracle Anonymously"

"Our Doubts Are Traitors
And Make Us Lose The Good We Often Might Win
By Fearing To attempt"

"Everything We Call A Trial
A Sorrow
Or A Duty
Believe Me
An Angel's Hand Is There"

"Angels Often Work Behind The Scenes
But Always Make Their "Presents" Known"

"Not Everything That Is Faced Can Be Changed
But Nothing Can Be Changed Until It Is Faced"

"It Is Only Through Experiences Of Trial And Suffering
That The Soul Can Be Strengthened
Vision Cleared
Ambition Inspired
And Success Achieved"

"Humans Must Be Known To Be Loved
But Angels Must Be Loved To Be Known"

And It Shall Be Given To You
Seek And You Shall Find

And The Door Shall Be Opened To You
For Everyone Who Asks
Everyone Who Seeks

And To Him Who Knocks
The Door Is Opened"

"It Is Only With The Heart That One Can See Rightly
What Is Essential Is Invisible To The Eye"

"What Is Right For One Soul
May Not Be Right For Another
It May Mean Having To Stand On Your Own
And Do Something Unnecessary In The Eyes Of Others"

"Let Your Life Be Like Angel Food Cake
Sweet And Light"

"Angels May Not Always Come To You When You Call Them
But They Come When You Need Them"

"This Life Is A Test
It Is Only A Test
Had It Been An Actual Life
You Would Have Been Given Further Instructions
On Where To Go And What To Do"

"Angels Can Fly Because They Take Themselves Lightly"

"To Dream Of The Person You Wish To Be
Is To Waste The Special Person That You Are"

"When Your Face Starts To Wrinkle From Worry And Care
It's Time For A Faith-Lift!"

I Believe That We Are Free Within Limits
And Yet There Is An Unseen Hand
A Guiding Angel That Somehow Like A Submerged Propeller
Drives Us On"

"Sometimes Angels Lead You
Sometimes They Follow You Around"

"Ask An Angel What To Do In A Crisis
And They Shall Simply Reply To You With
Enlighten Up!"

"We Are Never So Lost That Our Angels Cannot Find Us"

"Angel of God
My Guardian Dear
To Whom God's Love Commits Me Here
Ever This Day Be At My Side To Light And Guard
To Rule And To Guide


"Life Is Only Worth Living
Once You've Found Something Worth Dying For"

Grant Me The Serenity To Accept The That Things I Cannot Change
The Courage To Change The Things I Can
And The Wisdom To Know The Difference"

"Do Not Worry About Tomorrow
For Tomorrow Has Enough Worries Of Its Own"

"All They Ask Is That You Believe In Them
And They Will Believe In You
Guiding You
Guarding You
If You Only Believe"

"God Cannot Be Everywhere
So He Created Guardian Angels"

"When You Give To The Needy
Do Not Let Your Left Hand Know What Your Right Hand Is Doing
So That Your Giving May Be In Secret
Then Your Father
Our God
Who Sees What Is Done In Secret Will Reward You"

"Take A Look In The Mirror
See Any Birthmarks?
They Are The Kisses From Angels"



"Angels Will Disguise Themselves As Humans To Help Us
And We Wouldn't Even Know It"


This Is The Most Common Way Angels Help Us
Especially Those Who Aren't Believers


"Angels Help Everyone Of All Religions
And Beliefs
Even If They Don't Believe"


God Created Angels To Help All People
Because To Him All People Were Created Equal


"You Can Talk And Converse With Angels
As Well As Write To Them
And They Will Respond"


You Can Always Talk With Angels
And They Will Always Help
But They Won't Grant Wishes


"Angels Will Only Appear To You If You Ask To See Them
And If You Are Ready For The Experience"


Angels Will Never Show Themselves To Us
Unless We Ask Or Are Ready For Them To Do So


"When Talking With My Angel
If I Ask Them For Something
They Will Give It To Me If It Is Right For Me"


The Key Here Is
If It Is Right For You!
Angels Will Give To You Only If It Is Meant To Be For You

~Fiction--Not True~


"If Things Are Always Going Wrong Or Bad For Someone
They Have A Bad Or Evil Angel"


Evil Angels Do Exist
But They Are Not God's Angels
So They Never Work With Us!


"All Angels Have Big Feathery White Wings
And A Beautiful Golden Halo"


We Do Not Know What Angels Really Look Like
Only How They Present Themselves To Us


"If You Are A Girl
Then You Have A Girl Angel

If You Are A Boy
Then You Have A Boy Angel"


Angels Are A Different Species And Have No Gender
They Are Neither Male Nor Female


"When You Meditate And Talk With Angels
They Will Always Give You What You Want"


When You Talk With Angels
You Can Only Ask Them For Help
Not To Grant You Wishes


"I Often Feel The Presence Of My Deceased Relative
And I Feel That They Are Now My Angel"


Your Deceased Relative Is Your Spiritual Guide
Humans Can Never Be Guardian Angels

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