Rasky Wants You
To Name This Wolf

Thanks To All Who Submitted Names
Here Is This Month's Winner

"U Na Li"
Cherokee For Friend


I Have Looked At The Wolf On This Page
It Seems To Be Sending A Message With Its Gaze
It Touches My Heart And Seems To Be Both Sad And Brave
I Have Long Felt A Closeness To These Creatures And Have A Wolf/Shepherd Breed Dog
Her Name Is Maya Tuk
She Is Full Of Vinegar And Spit
But Can Be As Laid Back As Grass When Nothing Attracts Her
She Is Both Loyal And Protective Of Our Family But Appears To Be More Bark Than Bite
I Would Like To Give The Wolf A Name To Let People Know That These Creatures Need Our Care And Protection And That We Are Sensitive To Their Needs For A True Understanding Of Their Purpose

I Would Like To Name The Wolf 'U Na Li'
This Is Cherokee For Friend
And I Want To Be The Wolf's Friend
Thanks And Have A Blessing Of A Day

Rita Trafford

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Along With A Name For The Wolf
We Will Post The Winner's Name On This Page

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