We Never Thought We'd Find Someone
Miracles Do Come True
All You Have To Do Is Believe

It's January 19Th
Happy Anniversary Baby Girl!!

Will You Still Love Rasky And Me When We Are 64

If You Live To Be A Hundred
I Want To Live To Be A Hundred Minus One Day
So I Never Have To Live Without You

~Winnie The Pooh~

We Never Thought We'd Find Someone

We Never Thought We Would Find
Someone Who
Could Love Us The Way
We Needed To Be Loved

We Never Dreamed
That We Could Care So Deeply
For Another Human Being
That We Would
Be Willing To Give
You All That We Had

We Never Imagined
Loving Someone
Enough To Want To
Share Every Moment
Of Every Day With Them
For The Rest Of Our Lives

We Never Believed
In Miracles Until We Met You

We Love You

Rick And Rasky

Taken From A Greeting Card

Author Unknown

Love Is

Love Is One
Love Is Two
Love Is Three
Love Is Rick, Bobbie And Rasky
Love Is Three Hearts Beating As One

Love Is Me
Love Is You
Love Is Us

Love Is Hurt
Love Is Sad
Love Is Happy

Love Is A Smile
Love Is A Mile
Love Is The Hurdles That We Go Over Together

Love Is A Tear
Love Is A Fear
Of Ever Losing You

Love Is Never Having To Say That You Are Sorry
Love Is Admitting That You Are Right
Love Is Admitting That You Are Wrong

Love Is Giving Your Heart To Only One
Love Is Remaining Faithful To The One That You Love

Love Is Me
Love Is You
Love Is Us
For All Eternity

CopyRight 2002-
Rick "IrockBlue" 1-13-2002
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved


Once A Year A Date Comes Around
Special Only To The Two Of Us
No Fanfare
No Glitz
Just You And Me Celebrating "WE"

We Gave To Each Other
Unlike Other's Who Had Come Our Way
Something In You Spoke To Something In Me
Now Today We Celebrate That Unity

I Thank The Angels Who Brought Me to You
It Wasn't by Chance For They Knew
The Love That We Would Make Special
Would Last Eternal For Me And You
A Day Like Any Other Except
Special Only To The Two Of Us

Happy Anniversary Darling

CopyRight 2002-
1-17-02 Bobbie "IrocksLady"
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

Forever Yours

In The Silent Mist The Dream Began
A Touch Upon My Lifeless Hand
I Am Asleep
Still I Weep Wishing It Were Real
Having Loved So Much Then Given Up
I Find It Hard To Believe Hard To Conceive
That I Would Ever Find True Love
The Dream Occurs Again And Again
Haunting Me
Taunting Me

As I Go Through My Days In Haste
Wasting Thoughts On Foolish Dreams
Plenty Of People Around Me Trying
To Drown Me In Their Empty Words
If One Could See Me As I Am
Not As In A Mirror But In My Soul
That Is My Goal
To Let Someone In And He To Me
The Same Not A Game But Real

Physical Touch Is Only That
You Can Have That With Anyone Just For Fun
But What I Want Is So Much More
Seeing The Person No One Else See's
Looking Into The Eyes Of A Stranger
Having Only Met You In Words
I Know I Have Found My Dream
Across The Miles With Icon Smiles
Words On A Screen
Touching Only Through Parethesis Hugs And Talk Of Many Things

We Grew Closer From The Inside Out
Our Meeting Was More Than Either Expected
More Like Two Souls Blending
Mending The Damage Already Done

Here We Are Years Later
Smiles Still The Same
I Still See The Beauty Of Our First Kiss
The One Love I Could Have Missed

Like Spoons I Still Cling To You Each Night
The Taste Of Your Skin Still My Delight
The Love That Still Grows In My Heart
Each Day Lighting My Way
Making It Clear
I Will Stay
~ Forever Yours~

CopyRight 2002-
Bobbie "IrocksLady" 1-14-2002
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

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