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"The First Of April Is The Day
That We Remember What We Are The Other 364 Days Of The Year"

American Humorist Mark Twain

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The Rain

Rain On The Green Grass

And Rain On The Tree

And Rain On The House-top

But Not Upon Me!

Author Unknown

April Fool's Day April 1

The History Of April Fool's Day Or All Fool's Day Is Uncertain
But The Current Thinking Is That In Sixteenth Century France
The Start Of The New Year Was Observed On April First
It Was Celebrated In Much The Same Way As It Is Today
Everyone Having Parties And Dancing Into The Late Hours Of The Night

Then in 1562
Pope Gregory Introduced A New Calendar For The Christian World

The New Year Fell On January First
Communication Traveled Slowly In Those Days
Some People Were Only Informed Of The Change Several Years Later
There Were Some People Who Hadn't Heard Or Didn't Believe The Change In The Date
They Continued To Celebrate New Year's Day On April First

Others Played Tricks On Them And Called Them "April Fools"
They Sent Them On A "Fool's Errands"
They Tried To Make Them Believe That Something False Was True

In France Today
April First Is Called "Poisson D'Avril"
French Children Fool Their Friends
By Taping A Paper Fish To Their Friends Backs
When The "Young Fool" Discovers This Trick
The Prankster Yells "Poisson D’Avril!" April Fish!

Americans Play Small Tricks On Friends And Strangers Alike On The First Of April
One Common Trick On April Fool's Day Or All Fool's Day
Is Pointing Down To A Friend's Shoe And Saying
"Your Shoelace Is Untied"

Teachers In The Nineteenth Century Used To Say To Pupils
"Look! A Flock Of Geese!" And Point Up

School Children Might Tell A Classmate That School Has Been Canceled

Whatever The Trick
If The Innocent Victim Falls For The Joke
The Prankster Yells
"April Fool! "

The "Fools' Errands" We Play On People Are Practical Jokes
Putting Salt In The Sugar Bowl For The Next Person
Is Not A Nice Trick To Play On A Stranger

College Students Set Their Clocks An Hour Behind
Then Their Roommates Would Show Up To The Wrong Class Or Not At All

Some Practical Jokes Are Kept Up The Whole Day
Before The Victim Realizes What Day It Is

Most April Fool Jokes Are In Good Fun And Not Meant To Harm Anyone

The Most Clever April Fool Joke Is The One Where Everyone Laughs
Especially The Person Upon Whom The Joke Is Played

April Fools Day Babies

David Eisenhower
Grandson Of Dwight Eisenhower

Debbie Reynolds

Edmond Rostand
French Playwright ("Cyrano De Bergerac")

Otto Von Bismarck
Prussian Statesman

Sergei Rachmaninoff
Russian Composer

Toshiro Mifune
Actor ("Roshomon," "Shogun")

William Henry
Discovered The Circulation Of The Blood

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