Our Love Sign For Pisces And Aquarius

I At Times, Tend To Be So Confident
But Outward Apperances Can Be Deceiving
Bobbie At All Times Tends To Be So Confident
Sometimes We Both Have Trouble Understanding The Lack Of Self-Esteem
That Mars Both Of Our Personalities

We Both Need Constant Reassurance
We Are Both Only Too Willing To Give It
As Long As It Isn't A Way Of Life

When Bobbie And I Are On An Upswing, We Are Happy Companions
We Instinctively Know How To Build A Magnificent Life Together
We Know What Is Important To Building A Fulfilled Life
We Know How To Love Each Other
We Send The Petty And Mundane Into The Recycle Bin

Peace And Love Rick And Bobbie

Doggie Licks And Paw Peace

I Was Fortunate To Be Born In February
I Have Had Exceptional Opportunities In My Love And My Family
I Am Most Considerate To Those Dear To Me
I Love With Vigor And My Home Life Is Ideal

My Endurance
And Courage
Are Shown Only To Those Who Would Benefit

I Am Never Moody And Never Worry
I Am Particularly Likely To Gain Attention From Females
My Doggie Circle Of Friends Is Very Large
I Have An Online Girlfriend Named Libby, In England
My Partners Are Among Those Born In Aquarius And Pisces
I Have A Big Heart And Love Bobbie And Rick Unconditionaly
I Have Been Very, Very Lucky In My Life

When The Moon Is In The Seventh House
And Jupiter Aligns With Mars
Then Peace Shall Guide The Planets
And Love Will Steer The Stars
This Is The Dawning Of The Age Of Aquarius

Harmony And Understanding
Sympathy And Trust Abounding
No More Forces Of Derision
Golden Living Dreams Of Visions
Mystic Crystal Revelations
And The Mind's True Liberation

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