Youth Is Not A Time Of Life
It Is A State Of Mind
It Is A Temper Of The Will
A Quality Of The Imagination
A Vigor Of The Emotions
A Predominance Of Courage Over Timidity
Of The Appetite For Adventure Over Love Of Ease

Nobody Grows Old By Merely Living A Number Of Years
People Grow Old Only By Deserting Their Ideals
Years Wrinkle The Skin
But To Give Up Enthusiasm Wrinkles The Soul
Worry, Doubt, Self-Distrust, Fear And Despair
These Are The Long, Long Years That Bow The Head
And Turn The Growing Spirit Back Into Dust

Whether You Are Sixteen Or Seventy
There Is In Every Being's Heart The Love Of Wonder
The Sweet Amazement At The Stars And Starlike Things And Thoughts
The Undaunted Challenge Of Events
The Unfailing Childlike Appetite For What Is To Come Next
And The Joy And The Game Of Life

You Are As Young As Your Faith
As Old As Your Doubt
As Young As Your Self Confidence
As Old As Your Fear
As Young As Your Hope
As Old As Your Despair
When The Wires Are All Down
And All The Innermost Core Of Your Heart Is Covered With The Snows Of Pessimism
And The Ice Of Cynicism
Then You Are Grown Old Indeed

But So Long As Your Heart Receives Messages Of Beauty
The Power From Our MotherEarth
And From Man And From The Infinite
You Will Remain Forever Young

Author Unknown

Slow Dance

Have You Ever Watched Kids On A Merry-Go-Round
Or Listened To Rain Slapping The Ground?

Ever Followed A Butterfly's Erratic Flight
Or Gazed At The Sun Fading Into The Night?

You Better Slow Down, Don't Dance So Fast
Time Is Short, The Music Won't Last

Do You Run Through Each Day On The Fly
When You Ask "How Are You?", Do You Hear The Reply?

When The Day Is Done, Do You Lie In Your Bed
With The Next Hundred Chores Running Through Your Head?

You Better Slow Down, Don't Dance So Fast
Time Is Short, The Music Won't Last

Ever Told Your Child, We'll Do It Tomorrow
And In Your Haste, Not See His Sorrow?

Ever Lost Touch, Let A Friendship Die
'Cause You Never Had Time To Call And Say Hi?

You Better Slow Down, Don't Dance So Fast
Time Is Short, The Music Won't Last

When You Run So Fast To Get Somewhere
You Miss Half The Fun Of Getting There

When You Worry And Hurry Through Your Day
It's Like An Unopened Gift Thrown Away

Life Isn't A Race, So Take It Slower
Hear The Music, Before Your Song Is Over

By David L. Weatherford.Com

When You Arise In The Morning
Give Thanks For The Morning Light
For Your Life And Strength
Give Thanks For Your Food
And The Joy Of Living

If You See No Reason For Giving Thanks
The Fault Lies In Yourself


Count Your Blessings

Count Your Gardens By The Flowers
Never By The Leaves That Fall

Count Your Days By Golden Hours
Don't Remember Clouds At All

Count The Nights By Stars
Not Shadows

Count Your Life By Smiles
Not Tears

Count Your Age By Friends
Not Years

Author Unknown


To Realize

To Realize The Value Of Ten Years
Ask A Newly Divorced Couple

To Realize The Value Of Four Years
Ask Two
Now Single High School Sweethearts

To Realize The Value Of One Year
Ask A Student Who Has Failed A Final Exam

To Realize The Value Of Nine Months
Ask A Mother Who Gave Birth To A Still Born

To Realize The Value Of One Month
Ask A Mother Who has Given Birth To A Premature Baby

To Realize The Value Of One Week
Ask An Editor Of A Weekly Newspaper

To Realize The Value Of One Hour
Ask The Lovers Who Are Waiting To Meet

To Realize The Value Of One Minute
Ask A Person Who Has Missed The Train, Bus Or Plane

To Realize The Value Of One Second
Ask A Person Who Has Survived An Accident

To Realize The Value Of One Millisecond
Ask The Person Who Has Won A Silver Medal In The Olympics

Time Waits For No One
Treasure Every Moment That You Have
You Will Treasure It Even More
When You Can Share It With Someone Special

Author Unknown

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