The Beatles
Rest In Peace George And John


Paul George And John

The Beatles Were Probably The Most Popular And Influential Band Of All Time
They Were Born In Liverpool, England In October 1962
Their First Single "Love Me Do" "P.S. I Love You" Was A U.K. Top 20 Hit
In March Of 1963 Their First Album Please Please Me Was Released

Beatles Facts

The Longest Beatles Song Is Revolution 9--The White Album
Which Goes On For 8 Minutes And 15 Seconds

20 Of The Beatles Singles Reached Number 1 On The Charts

Hey Jude Spent 19 Weeks On The Charts
Longer Than Any Other Beatles Song

Combined The Original Beatles Albums Not Including The Anthologies
Have Spent A Total Of 147 Weeks At Number 1 On The Charts

In 1965 There Were 80,000 People In The Official Beatles Fan Club

Over 2,900 Artists Have Done Cover Versions Of Yesterday

It Took 12 Slices Of Pizza To Film Ringo's Pizza Hut Commercial

The Highest Price Paid For A Beatles Item At An Auction
Was 2.3 Million Dollars For John's Psychedelic Rolls Royce In 1985

The Beatles Had Planned To Call What Is Now Known As The White Album
A Doll's House After Henrik Ibsen's Play Of The Same Name

After Penny Lane Became A Hit
The Street Signs On The Real Penny Lane Kept Being Stolen

Strawberry Fields Was A Real Place Near John Lennon's Boyhood Home

The Instrumental Piece At The Beginning Of All You Need Is Love
Is Actually The Beginning Of The French National Anthem, La Marseillaise

George, Paul And Ringo Have All Appeared As Themselves On The Simpsons

James Carroll, A Disc Jockey At WWDC In Washington D.C.
Was The First Person To Broadcast A Beatles Song
It Was I Want To Hold Your Hand, Played In America

Brian Epstein Was The Best Man At George's, John's And Ringo's First Weddings

Paul Met John On July 6--1957
It Was At A Quarry Men Performance At The Woolton Parish Church

While On Tour
John Roomed With George And Paul Roomed With Ringo

The Beatles First American Concert Was in Washington D.C. On February 11, 1964

George Martin, The Beatles Album Producer, Was Knighted In June Of 1996

The Characters Norm And Shake, The Road Managers, In A Hard Day's Night
Were Loosely Based On The Beatles' Real Road Managers
Neil Aspinall And Mal Evans

Phil Collins Was An Extra In A Hard Day's Night
He Was In The Television Studio Audience

Rain Was The First Beatles Song To Feature The Backwards Effect
One That Would Be Used Many Times Since

The Movie Help!
Was Originally Supposed To Be Titled Eight Arms To Hold You

Bob Dylan Was The First Person To Give The Beatles Marijuana

The Beatles Say "Yeah" 24 Times In She Loves You

Photographer Iain Macmillan
Was Given Only 10 Minutes To Shoot The Cover Photo For Abbey Road

There Are 18 Beatles Songs With A Woman's Name In The Title

The Average Length Of A Beatles Concert
During Their First American Tour Was 28 Minutes

The Beatles Recieved $3500.00 Dollars To Play On The Ed Sullivan Show

The Shortest Beatles Song Is Her Majesty--Abbey Road
Which Is Just 23 Seconds Long

Beatles Quiz

1. Where Were The Beatles Born?

2. Who Was The Drummer?

3. Paul Plays What Instrument?

4. Who Wrote Hey Jude?

5. What Is The Name Of John Lennon's Second Wife?

6. When is George Harrison's Birthday?

7. What Is Ringo's Favorite Color?

8. In What Year Did The Band Break Up?

9. In What Year Did They Release Their First Album Please Please Me?

10. In What Year Was The Album Rubber Soul Released?

11. What Were The Three Names The Beatles Used Before Becoming The Beatles?

12. Which Beatle Was Said To Be Dead But Was Really Alive?

13. Which Beatles Are Currently Dead?

14. What Is Paul's Full Name?

15. What Is Ringo's Real Name?

16. What Was John Lennon's First Girlfriend's Name?

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