God's Butterflies

If You Can Find Pleasure
In The Movement Of A Butterfly
Then You Still Have Hope
Hope Puts A Smile On Your Face
When The Heart Cannot Manage

Author Unknown

The Life-Cycle Of God's Butterflies

Butterflies And Moths Undergo Complete Metamorphosis
They Go Through Four Different Life Stages

A Butterfly Starts Its Life As An Egg

The Larva, Caterpillar, Hatches From An Egg
They Eat Leaves Or Flowers Almost Constantly
The Caterpillar Molts, Loses It's Old Skin, Many Times As It Grows

It Turns Into A Pupa, Chrysalis, This Is A Resting Stage

A Beautiful, Flying Adult Emerges
There Is No Growth During This Stage
This Adult Will Continue The Cycle And Reproduce

Baby Girl Butterfly

In The Reflection Of The Puddled Rain Water, Tearfully
An Old Man's Image Is What I See

As I Watch, The Young Baby Girl Butterfly Leaves Me
My Heart Is Filling With Sadness, That She Cannot See

Today Is Tomorrow, Tomorrow Is Today
Disappearing In The Distance, She Has Flown Away

I Close My Garden Gate, What Else Can I Do?
The Red Roses Are Still In Bloom, In Memory Of You

And Multipling Each Day
More Of Nature's Beauty In Each And Every Way

But The Garden Is Empty, And Lonely, Nothing More For Me To Say
Since My Baby Girl Butterfly Flew Away

Silently, I See An Old Man Standing Here
From His Eyes Falls But One Single Tear

I Still Look Up Into The Clear Blue Sky
I Think Of Her Often And Wonder Why?

Where The Baby Girl Butterfly Is Today
And Ponder, Alone, As To Why She Flew Away

And Why She Never Said Goodbye

CopyRight 1998-
Rick "Irockblue" 11-02--1998
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

If I Could, I Would

Fly On Silent Wings
Float On The Breeze
Land On Your Shoulder
See The World From Where You Are

If I Could, I Would

Drink From The Flower's Sweet Nectar
Silently Sit At Your Feet
Flutter My Wings For You
And Be Lifted Once Again To Fly

If I Could, I Would

Dance On The Wind
Remember How Life Began
For Just A Day
I Would Be A Butterfly

CopyRight 2001-
Bobbie "Irockslady" 4-17-01
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

Butterfly Wings

I Am The Butterfly On The Wind
When You Feel The Wind On Your Face
Know It Is Me, Caressing Your Skin
With My Butterfly Wings

In Silence The Air Moves
It Is My Wings Reaching For You
Though I Am Not There
The Air Sweeps Round, Touching You
With My Butterfly Wings

Realize, That It Is Me, Close Your Eyes, I Am Always There
My Love, Forever, Carried On The Breeze That Soothes You
The Chill That Reaches In, Reminds You
Though I Am Not There
It Is Me, Caressing Your Skin
With My Butterfly Wings

CopyRight 2001-
Bobbie "Irockslady" And Rick "Irockblue" 4-17-01
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

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