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Definition Of Faeries

From The Latin Term For "Fate" (Fata)
Faeries (Or Fairies) Are A "Host Of Supernatural Beings And Spirits Who Occupy A Limbo Between Earth And Heaven"

This Is In Recognition Of The Skill Faeries Had In Predicting And Even Controlling Human Destiny

Faeries Could Be Either Good Or Evil Creatures
And At Various Points In History Have Been Confused With Witches And Demons

Fairies Are Small Supernatural Creatures Of Human Form
They Live In Everyday Surroundings
They Are Generally Thought To Be Beneficial To Humans
However, They Are Known To Play Pranks And It Is Best To Treat Them With Respect
They Are Small, Beautiful, Airy, Nearly Transparent In Body, And Can Assume Any Form

Fairy Hours

Twelve O'clock Noon

Twelve O'clock Midnight


Early Evening


Full Moon

New Moon

Bright Starlit Nights

Today Your Mystical Fairies Are Showering You With Roses

Fairy Superstitions

Ancient Arrowheads
Called Elf Stones Are Used As A Charm To Guard Cattle

People Born In The Morning Can't See Spirits Or The Fairy World

But Those Born At Night Can See The Spirits Of The Dead

Eggshells Are Favorite Fairy Homes, Please Don Not Break Them

In A Fairy Ring, Never Eat Or Drink What Is Offered To You

If You See A Fairy Ring
In A Field Of Grass
Very Ligtly Step Around
Tip Toe As You Pass
Last Night Fairies Frolicked There
And They're Sleeping Somewhere Near
If You See A Tiny Fairy
Lying Fast Asleep
Shut Your Eyes
And Run Away
Do Not Stay To Peek
Do Not Tell
Or You'll Break A Fairie Spell

Author Unknown

Attracting Fairies To Your Garden

Create A Garden That Is Conductive To All Life

Put Up Birdhouses
Bird Feeders
Bat Houses
And Hummingbird Feeders

Plant Flowers And Plants That Are Attractive To Bees And Butterflies
Faeries Are Attracted To Any Place Where There Are Butterflies

Put Nuts Out For The Squirrels

Whatever You Do To Bring Life To Your Garden Will Bring Faeries As Well

These Are Some Of The Plants That Attract Beautiful Butterflies And Faeries To Your Garden

Achillea Millefolium (Common Yarrow)

Aster Novi-Belgii (New York Aster)

Chrysanthemum Maximum (Shasta Daisy)

Coreopsis Grandiflora/Certicillata (Coreopsis)

Lavendula Denata (French Lavender)

Rosemarinus Officinalis (Rosemary)

Thymus (Thyme)

Buddleia Alternifolia (Fountain Butterfly Bush)

Buddleia Davidii (Orange-Eye Butterfly Bush, Summer Lilac)

Potenilla Fruitiosa (Shrubby Cinquefoil)

Petunia Hybrida (Common Garden Petunia)

Verbena (Verbenas, Vervains)

Scabiosa Caucasica (Pincushion Flowers)

Cosmos Bipinnatus (Cosmos)

Zinnia Elegans (Common Zinnia)

Install A Small Fountain Or Waterfall Or Put In A Fish Pond

You Might Want To Include Statues Of Faeries

Anything That Reflects Light Or Is Colorful And Moving Particularly Attracts The Gnomes And Elves

Both Faeries And Water Sprites Like The Splashing Sound And The Sight Of A Fountain

Leave An Area Of Your Garden A Bit Wild And Not Too Cultivated

It Does't Need To Be A Large Space
But Having One Area That Is Dedicated To The Faeries Will Make Them Feel Very Welcome

Ask Faeries And Elves To Come To Your Garden

"Where Intention Goes, Energy Flows"
Whatever You Place Your Conscious Awareness On You Will Pull Into Your Life
As You Put Your Attention On Faeries And Gnomes And The Elemental Realm
They Will Respond By Being Drawn Into Your Garden

Only True Believers See Faeries!

If You Are Lucky Enough To See Faeries
Then You Have Experienced One Of The Most Magical Moments In Your Life

If You Walk Through The Forest At Midnight Or Dawn
You Might Be Lucky Enough To See The Beauty Of The Faries

Faries Are Highly Intelligent And Generally Friendly Unless They Are Bothered

Faries Can Best Be Seen If You Ask Them politely, Never Demanding To See Them

The Most Important Thing About Seeing A Faerie Is That You Must Believe In Them

Faeries Are Most Likely Found In Forests
And Near Streams And Brooks

Signs That A Faerie May Be Near You

You Feel As If Someone Is Watching You When You See No One There

You Feel As If An Insect Is Touching You When It Appears That There Isn't One There

You Smell A Wonderful Fragrance Or Hear Hushed Giggling

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