The Above Is A Picture Of My Uncle
CMS Calvin C. Glover

CMS Calvin C. Glover Was A Member Of The Blind Bat Crew Blind Bat 1
They Were Lost In Action May 22,1968
The Blind Bat Crew Was On A Flare Drop Mission When They Were Lost
Calvin Had Made The Air Force His Life

I Went On A Fact Finding Mission About Five Years Ago
It Might Have Been Longer Than That
I Was Having No Luck Until I Got The Internet At My Fingers
Then I Found Everything That I Needed To Know But Was Scared To Know
Mostly I Was Trying To Get Closure For My GrandParents
My GrandFather Passed Away A Year Ago
My GrandMother Is Still Alive
So With The Help Of A Friend We Made This Site For Me

In Rememberance Of Calvin C Glover

To Remember ForEver And Honor A Man That I Never Met
I Was Ten Years Old When My Uncle Came Up Missing
I Will Never Know Him Until I Get To The Other Side
I Know About Him And Who He Was
I Have Page After Page Of Things About Him
But I Do Not Know The Man

The Lockheed C130 Hercules Aircraft Was A Multi-Purpose Propeller Driven AirCraft
It Was Used As A Transport
Drone Controller
Airborne Battlefield Command And Control Center
Weather Reconnaissance Craft
Electronic Reconnaissance Platform
And Search, Rescue And Recovery Craft

One Of The Bases From Which The C130 Flew Was Ubon
Ubon Was Located In Northeast Thailand
C130 Crews From This Base Crossed Laos To Their Objective Location

The Brave Crew of of 56-0477 Were

Lieutenant Colonel William H. Mason
Aircraft Commander

Major Jerry L. Chambers

Captain Thomas B. Mitchell

Captain William T. McPhail

Staff Sergeant "CALVIN C. GLOVER"
Flight Engineer

Sergeant Gary Pate

Airman First Class Thomas E. Knebel
Crew Chief

Airman First Class Melvin D. Rash
Flare Handler

Airman First Class John Q. Adam
Flare Handler

The Above Listed Personnel Comprised The Crew Of A C-130 AirCraft
Which Departed Ubon Airfield, Thailand, At 1710 Hours, 22 May 1968
They Went On An Operational Mission Over Laos
The Last Known Radio Contact With The Crew Was At 2055 Hours
At That Time The Aircraft Was Located 52 Miles SouthEast Of Tchepone, Laos

At 2125 Hours When Calls To The AirCraft Were Unanswered
Two AirCraft Operating Nearby
Were Diverted To The Area Of Last Contact To Investigate
A Large Ground Fire Was Found
It Could Not Be Determined Whether The Fire Was The Result Of A Crashed AirCraft

A Photo Reconnaissance AirCraft Was Dispatched To The Area
Photographs Were Taken Of The Site
The Following Day PhotoGraphs Were Again Taken

All Photographs Failed To Reveal Any Evidence Of An AirCraft Or Survivors
Due To The Fact That No Sightings Were Made Nor Signals Received
Which Would Have Indicated The Where Abouts Of The AirCraft And Crew
No Further Search Was Conducted

From The Group 559 Document
It Has Been Learned That The Crew Was On A Flare Mission
They Possibly Were Hit With AntiAircraft Fire From A 37MM Gun
It Is Believed That The AirCraft Was Either Hit In The Wing
Or Thru The Cargo Section, Igniting The Flares

The Nine Members Of The Crew Are Among Nearly 600 Americans
Who Disappeared In Laos
Many Are Known To Have Been Alive On The Ground Following Their Shoot Downs
The Pathet Lao Publicly Stated On Several Occasions
That They Held American Prisoners
Not One American Held In Laos Has Ever Been Released

Laos Did Not Participate In The Paris Peace Accords
The Paris Peace Accords Ended American Involvment In The VietNam War In 1973
No Treaty Has Ever Been Signed That Would Free The Americans Held In Laos
And Not One Missing American Has Ever Returned Home From Laos

William Mason Was A 1946 Graduate Of West Point
Thomas Mitchell Was A 1963 Graduate Of The Air Force Academy

And The Beat Goes On
Loved Ones Missing Soldiers That Are Unaccounted For And Never Found
Dead Or Alive!!!
They Need To Be Accounted For And Brought Home
If It Were Your Son Or Daughter
You Would Want Them Brought Home
Like The Flag Raisers On Iwo Jima
All Of The Men Listed On This Page Are
These Men Are Just A Few Of The VietNam War Heroes That You Never Hear About

If AnyOne Has Served With
Or Has Any Information About Staff Sergeant "CALVIN C. GLOVER"
Or Any Of The Other Men Detailed On This Page
Please E-mail

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