To All Of You
From All Of Us
Everyday Of The Year

Rick And Rasky

Until One Feels The Spirit Of Christmas
There Is No Christmas
All Else Is Outward Display
So Much Tinsel And Decorations

For It Isn't The Holly, It Isn't The Snow
It Isn't The Tree, Not The Firelight's Glow

It's The Warmth That Comes To The Hearts Of Men And Women
When The Christmas Spirit Returns Again

Author Unknown

Rick Spent Christmas Day, December 25th, 1967, In DakTo South Vietnam
As Hot As It Was Then, It Did Not Feel Very Much Like Christmas Day To Him
He Missed The Snow
He Was Away From Family And Friends And Missed The Happiness Of Giving
He Missed Seeing The Wonderment And Awe In The Eyes Of The Children
He Missed His Mother And Sister On Christmas Day
Rick's Mother Passed Away December 12th, 1996
He Stopped Celebrating Christmas
Christmas Was Everything To His Mother
AT Christmas She Would Became One Of Santa's Elves
She Always Made Sure That Christmas Was Special For Him
He Had No Other Family
He Spent The Next Few Christmas Days With Rasky, Alone, Not Caring
If Santa Claus Had Set Foot On His Property, He Probably Would Have Shot Him
Meatloaf, Mashed Potatos And Football On TV Were How He Spent His Day
It Was Just Another Day To Him
People Called Him Ebineezer Rick
He Didn't Care, He Just Couldn't Get Into The Christmas Spirit
Christmas Had Died Inside Of Him
When I Had Met Him It Was In November-1998
We Spent Thanksgiving Together
He Tried Hard Not To Celebrate With Me But I Gave Him No Choice
If He Was Going To Be Around Me, He Was Going To Have To Have Fun
Even If I Had To Make Faces At Him All Day Just To Make Him Smile
The Anniversary Of His Mothers Passing Came Closer
It Became Harder For Rick To Smile
One Day, Around The 10th Of December, I Decided To Surprise Him
I Felt The Best Thing To Do For Him Was To Decorate The House
His Mother Always Enjoyed That And Insisted On It
While Rick Was At Work, I Searched For Christmas, Hidden Away In His Closet
There Was A Charlie Brown Artificial Tree, Ornaments And Lights
I Reached Inside A Box Pulling Out Ornaments That Were Very Fragile
They Had Seen Many Christmas Pasts
As I Took Everything Out Of The Box, I Could Feel His Mother's Presence

She Was Looking At Me And Saying
The Special Blue Ornament
That Was His Favorite One

I Setup The Tree On A table In The Corner Of The Room
I Strung The Lights And Arranged The Delicate Ornaments
The Charlie Brown Tree Looked Beautiful
I Put Other Decorations From That Box Around The Room
I Found A FM Station On The Radio That Was Playing Christmas Carols
I Sat Back And Waited For Rick To Come Home
He Knew That I Had To Leave Before Christmas
He Had Told Me He Wasn't Going To Celebrate Christmas
So I Knew Ebineezer Rick Was Going To Be A Handful When He Got Home
I Heard His Car, Which Made The Dogs Go Crazy
They Were So Happy That Dad Was Home
Especially When They Were Telling Him All About The Decorations Before I Could
He Walked In Through The Kitchen Door
I Was Preparing Dinner And Waiting To See His Reaction
He Gave Me A Kiss, Then Went To Change From His Workclothes...
He Went Into The Living Room...
I Listened To His Footfalls As He Came To A Dead Stop...
Then He Retraced His Steps Back Into The Kitchen...
He Waited For Me To Turn Around...
I Looked Up Into His Eyes, He Was Trying To Look So Stern,
I Turned Around, Smiled And Said, Merry Christmas Scrooge...
He Gave Me Another Kiss And Started Telling Me Stories About Christmas's Past
He Explained About Certain Ornaments On The Tree

Mom Was Right

That Blue Delicate Ball In The Front Of The Tree Was His Favorite
I Smiled And Looked Up At Heaven To See Her Smiling Back Down At Me
Angel Mom Had Her Christmas Wish That Year
Her Son Had Found Someone That Loved Him As Much As She Did

Merry Christmas Rick!
We Love You
Rasky, Lady2, Nicky, Misty, LittleBit And Charlie
And Mom From Heaven

Christmas Update 2001

We've Been Lucky Enough To Be In Our Own Paradise
Our Dream Which At One Time Was Only That
Was To One Day Live In The Country
We Dreamed While Looking At Country Homes Covered In Snow
Beautiful Graphics That Brought The Dreams To Life
We Moved From Ohio To Indiana
To Be Closer To Rick's Family, Now My Family Too
His Aunt Dixie And Uncle Chuck And All The Cousins
Here Together In The Country
Our First Christmas With Rasky And The Rest
Living As We Had Once Dreamed
We Look Up Now To The Stars Shining Bright
As We Wait For The First Rose Of Spring
Our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Still Shines Brightly
And The Special Blue Ornament Is Still At Home In The Front Of The Tree

When You Wish Upon A Falling Christmas Star
Dreams Really Can And Do Come True

To All Our ServiceMen Who Have Been Away From Home During The Holidays
We Hope And Pray That You Are Now Safe And At Home
Christmas Is A Very Special Time
But If We Could Treat Every Day With The Christmas Spirit
What A Great World This Would Be
Compassion For Those That Have Less Than Us
Feeding Those That Have No Food
Spending Special Time With The Children That Would Otherwise Be Alone
Caring For Those That, In Our Rushed World Have Been Forgotten
To Our ServiceMen That Spend The Holidays In A Jungle, Desert
Or On Other Foreign Soil Where Their Hearts Are With Us
But Their Conditions Make It Hard To Believe In The Christmas Spirit

Let Us Not Forget Them

Thank You Each And Everyone For Serving Our Country

Rick And Rasky

When Santa Claus Comes

A Good Time Is Coming, I Wish It Were Here
The Very Best Time In The Whole Of The Year

I'm Counting Each Day On My Fingers And Thumbs
The Weeks That Must Pass Before Santa Claus Comes

Then When The First SnowFlakes Begin To Come Down
And The Wind Whistles Sharp And The Branches Are Brown

I'll Not Mind The Cold, Though My Fingers It Numbs
For It Brings The Time Nearer When Santa Claus Comes

Author Unknown

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