Christmas Poinsettia's

Poinsettias Were Introduced To The United States In 1825 By Joel Robert Poinsett
Poinsett Was The first United States Ambassador To Mexico
In Addition To Politics, He Had A Passion For Botany
He Would Wander The Countryside Looking For New And Interesting Plant Species
He Is Also Responsible For Introducing The American Elm To Mexico
He Also Established The Smithsonian Institution In Washington, D.C.

Poinsettias Are Native To Mexico
Legends Tell Of A Poor Mexican Girl And Her Brother On Their Way To Church On Christmas Eve
They Had Nothing To Give The Christ Child
So They Gathered Some Weeds To Make A Bouquet
The Other Children Teased Them About Their "Poor" Gift
However, When They Laid The "Bouquet" At The Manger
Their Gift Was Transformed Into A Brilliant Plant With Bright Red And White Leaves

Poinsettias Have Been Accused Of Being Toxic
Laboratory Studies Have Shown That The Leaves
And Flowers Are Not Toxic To People Or Pets

After You Have Made Your Poinsettia Selection Make Sure It Is Wrapped Properly
Exposure To Low Temperatures
Even For A Few Minutes Can Damage The Bracts And Leaves

Unwrap Your Poinsettia Carefully And Place In A Sunny Window
Keep The Plant From Touching Cold Windows

Keep Poinsettias Away From Warm Or Cold Drafts
Air Registers Or Open Doors
And Windows

Ideally Poinsettias Require Daytime Temperatures Of 60 To 70F
Night Time Temperatures Should Be Around 55F
High Temperatures Will Shorten The Plant's Life
If Possible, Move The Plant To A Cooler Room At Night

Check The Soil Daily
Be Sure To Punch Holes In The Foil So The Water Can Drain Into A Saucer
Water When The Soil Is Dry
Allow Water To Drain Into The Saucer And Discard Excess Water

Fertilize The Poinsettia If You Keep It Past The Holiday Season
Apply A Houseplant Fertilizer Once A Month

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