Christmas Crafts

Reindeer Ornaments

Materials Needed

Used Christmas Light Bulbs, The Bigger Bulbs, Not Miniature Ones
Fancy Gold Tinsel, The Thinner Kind
Little Twigs
Small Gold Wire
Little Red or Black Pom Poms
Hot Glue Gun

Glue The Pom Pom On The Tip Of The Bulb For The Nose
Glue The Eyes On Above The Nose
Wrap A Piece Of Tinsel Around The Plug Part Of The Bulb
Glue The Tinsel Ends In Place With Hot Glue If Needed
Glue The Ends Of Two Small Twigs Into The Tinsel On Both Sides Of The Bulb
These Are The Antlers

Wrap A Small Piece Of Gold Wire Through The Tinsel On The Back Of The Bulb To Use As A Hanger
You Can Leave The Wire Off And Glue The Reindeer To A Pin Back For A Cute And Crafty Brooch

Sock Snowman

Materials Needed

A Clean White Sock
Cotton Balls
Black Felt
Fabric Scrap
Yarn Or Ribbon
Pom Poms
Needle And Thread

Stuff The Sock With Cotton Balls Up To The Cuff
Turn The Cuff Down To Make The Snowman's Hat
Cut A Strip Of Fabric For The Scarf
Tie It Underneath The Heel Of The Sock To Make The Head
Cut Eyes, Nose, Mouth And Buttons Out Of The Black Felt
Glue Them In Place
If You Use A Small Child's Sock The Snowman Will Be Just The Right Size To Hang On The Tree
Take A Piece Of Yarn Or Ribbon And Sew Or Glue The Ends To The Inside Back Of The Cuff (Hat)
You Can Then Glue A Pom Pom To The Top Of The Hat
Hot Glue Works Best But Be Sure That You Supervise The Glue Gun If Children Are Around
Hang Your Snowman And Enjoy!

Shooting Star

Materials Needed

2 Or More Different Colors Of Felt
Poster Board
2 Or More Colors Of Thin Ribbon
Hot Glue

Draw And Cut Out A Five Point Star That Is About 3 Or 4 Inches Across In Size
The Easiest Way To Do This Is With A Ruler And Pencil
Draw And Cut Out A Second Star That Is Slightly Smaller Than The First One
Take Your Two Stars And Trace Each One On A Different Color Of Felt
Cut The Felt Stars Out And Glue Them To The Poster Board
Cut Three 6 To 8 Inch Strands Of Ribbon Out Of One Color
And Three Strands Out Of A Second Color
You Can Coordinate Your Ribbon Colors With Your Felt Colors If You Wish
Gather Your Ribbon Strands Together At One End And Staple Them Together
If You Don't Have A Stapler Handy Just Wrap A Piece Of Tape Around The Ends
Place The Stapled End Of The Ribbon In The Center Of The Biggest Star
Glue Into Place
Center The Small Star On Top Of The Large One And Glue Into Place
The Ribbon Ends Should Be Glued In Between The Two Stars
Use Hot Glue Because It Dries So Quickly
Hot Glue Holds Everything In Place Much Better
You Have To Surpervise Children When Using Hot Glue
Supervise, So They Will Not Get Burned By The Gun
Punch A Hole In The Top Of The Star
Thread A Short Piece Of Ribbon Through The Hole
Tie The Ends Together To Make A Loop For Hanging
You Now Have A Shooting Star
Be Creative In The Colors Of Felt And Ribbon That You Choose For Your Star

Cardboard Gingerbread Kids

Materials Needed

Sequins, Gold Thread, Rick-Rack (All Optional)

Cut About A 5 To 6 Inch Gingerbread Boy Or Girl Out Of Cardboard
You May Want To Draw And Cut Out A Pattern On A Piece Of Paper
Use It To Trace Your Figure Onto The Cardboard
Decorate Your Boys And Girls By Glueing Raisins To The Face For Eyes
Use The Head Of The Cloves For A Nose
Use Several Clove Stems To Make A Mouth
Use Clove Heads Or Raisins For Buttons
Tie A Small Piece Of Ribbon Into A Bow And Glue To The Neck
Use Ribbon To Make A Belt For The Girl
Or Glue A Piece Of Rick-Rack To The Bottom Of Her Skirt
You Could Also Use Sequins To Add A Bit Of Sparkle
Use Your Imagination
When The Decorating Is Done Punch A Small Hole In The Top
Then Thread A Piece Of Ribbon, Yarn Or Gold Thread Through For A Hanger

Pine Cone Angel

For One Angel You Will Need

1 - Small Open 2" Or 3" Pinecone
3 - 3" Pieces Of Grape Vines
1 - Acorn With Cap
Gold Paint For Trimming
Hot Glue And Gun
Gold Thread Or Any Holiday Color Thread You Want
Wire Cutters

Take The Pine Cone And Take Out The Top (Point) With Wire Cutters
Hot Glue Acorn On To The Pinecone Where The Point Use To Be (Capside Up)
Hot Glue The 3 Pieces Of Grapevines On Back
Slip Them Between The Pine Layers So They Stay Better
Paint The Grapevines Gold Before Or After You Glue Them
Trim The Acorn Cap With Gold Paint For Halo
You Could Get Blue And Red Paint For Eyes And Mouth
Cut A Piece Of Gold Thread About 6" Long
And Tie Around Head To Hang On Your Tree

Pasta Angels

This Ornament Is Wonderful For Putting On Wrapped Packages
It Can Also Be Used As A Decoration Or Hanging On Your Tree
You Can Make A Lot Of Them At One Time Without Much Effort
Your Friends And Relatives Will Love Them
Very Young Children Can Assemble These As Well
It Is A Good Family Activity To Do With Your Kids

Materials Needed

Rotini Pasta, One Piece Of Pasta For Each Angel
Small Wooden Balls, Small Enough To Fit Nicely Over The Piece Of Ziti Pasta
But Big Enough Not To Fall Through
One Ball For Each Angel
Bowtie Pasta, One Piece Of Pasta For Each Angel
Pastina Pasta
Elbow Macaroni, 2 Pieces For Each Angel
Gold Pipe Cleaners
Very Thin White Ribbon Or Gold, If You Make A White Body With Gold Wings
Spray Paint
Glue, Hot Glue Gun Works Best
Use Elmers Glue-All For The Pastina Pasta
Very Small White Flowers, Not Real, Optional
Or Gold If You Make A White Body With Gold Wings

Take The Rotini And Elbow Pasta Pieces Outside
And Lay Them Out On A Sheet Of Newspaper
Using The Spray Paint And Follow The Instructions On The Can
Paint Them All The Same Color: Pastel Pink, Pastel Blue Or White
Let Them Dry For Amount Of Time Indicated On Can
Then Turn Them Over And Paint The Other Side

While Your Painted Pasta Is Drying
Begin Assembling The Heads Of The Angels
Glue The Pastina Pasta To The Top, Back
And Sides Of The Wooden Balls
This Will Be The Curly Hair
After These Are Dry
Lay Them On A Sheet Of Newspaper Out Of Doors And Spray Paint Them White
After Those Sides Are Dry
Turn Them Over And Spray The Other Sides To Make Sure They're Even

Spread The Bowtie Pasta Out On A Sheet Of Newspaper Out Of Doors
Spray Paint Them White If You Painted The Ziti And Elbow Pastel Colors
Paint Them Gold If You Painted The Rotini And Elbow Pasta White

After Everything Has Finished Drying
Take All The Painted Parts Inside And Lay Them All Out On A Table
Make Sure Everything Is Within Reach
Now You Can Begin To Assemble Each Angel One By One

First Glue A White Pastina/Wooden Ball Head To The End Of A Painted Piece Of Rotini Pasta
Then Glue Two Pieces Of Elbow Macaroni To The Sides Of The Rotini-Body To Form Arms
The Ends Of The Elbow Macaroni
Should Come About An Inch Or Two Apart In Front Of The Body
Now Glue A Piece Of Bowtie Pasta To The Back Of The Angel To Form Wings
Cut A Piece Of Ribbon About Ten Inches Long And Fold In Half
Glue The Ends To The Back Of Her Head To Make A Hanger
Repeat These Steps For Every Angel

While Everything Is Drying, Begin On The Halos
Cut A Small Piece Of The Gold Pipe Cleaner, About 2 Inches
And Bend Into A Circle That Would Fit The Angel's Head Snuggly
Twist The Ends Together So It Forms A Perfect Ring
When Everything Else Is Dry
Slide The Halo Down The Angel's Hanger And Glue In Place
It Is Important For The Hanger To Be Coming Out Inside Of The Halo
This Allows It To Hang Right
This Also Helps To Support The Hanger And To Conceal The Hanger's Glue
Do This To All The Dried Angels

If You Want A Nice Finishing Touch
You Can Add A Flower Or Two To Each Of The Angel's Hands
Just Glue The Stems Between The Two Elbow Macaroni Pieces

Hang One Angel Up On Your Tree
And Give Away The Others As Decorations On Wrapped Packages

Picture Ornaments

Materials Needed

Baby Food Jar Lids
Spray Paint, Red Or Gold
Family Pictures Cut Into Circles The Size Of The Lids
Pipe Cleaners Or Ribbon
Drill Or Hot Glue


Popsicle Sticks
Paint, Red, Gold Or Green
Family Pictures
Glitter Glue, Optional

To Make Popsicle Stick Frames
Glue 4 Popsicle Sticks Together
This Makes A Frame The Size Needed For Your Picture
Once The Glue Is Dry You Can Paint The Sticks Or Use Glitter Glue To Decorate
Once Your Frame Is Dry
Carefully Glue Your Picture To The Back Of The Frame
If You Like You Can Glue A Piece Of Felt To The Back Of The Picture
To Cover The Picture And Make It A Little More Decorative
Loop A Piece Of Ribbon And Glue The Ends To The Back For Hanging

To Make Baby Food Jar Frames
Spray Paint The Jar Lid With Red, Green Or Gold Spray Paint And Let Dry
Cut Your Picture To Fit Inside The Lid And Carefully Glue It In
You Can Glue A Piece Of Ribbon
Decorative Pipe Cleaner Or Beads Around The Outer Edge Of The Lid To Decorate
Loop A Piece Of Ribbon And Glue The Ends To The Back To Hang
Or Drill A Small Hole In The Top And Loop Ribbon Or Pipe Cleaner Through It

A Great Idea For This Ornament
Is To Make These Each Year Adding The Date To The Back Of The Ornament
Each Year As You Decorate Your Trees
You Can See How Your Kids Have Grown
If You're Willing To Part With The Ornaments
This Would Be A Wonderful Gift For Your Child
To Start Their Ornament Collection When They Get Married

Christmas Lambs

Materials Needed

White Yarn
3 x 4 Piece Of Cardboard
Rubber Band
Black Felt
Black Pipe Cleaner
Small Gold Bell
Embroidery Needle
Hot Glue Gun

Wrap Enough Yarn Around The Width Of The Cardboard
To Cover The Cardboard At Least 3 Times
The More Yarn You Use, The Fluffier Your Sheep Will Be
Once You Are Finished, Slide The Yarn Onto Your Fingers
Gather The Loops Together
Place A Rubber Band Around The Middle Cinching It Tightly
Cut Through The Loops On Both Ends And Fluff The Yarn Out
You Should Have A Pom-Pom
If The Ends Are Uneven You Can Trim Them
Cut A Face Out Of The Black Felt
To Make A Face
Draw An Oval Or Egg Shape Sized In Proportion To Your Lamb
Add A Small Ear To Each Side Of The Top Of Your Shape
Using A Hot Glue Gun, Glue The Face To One End Of Your Pom-Pom
Glue A Small Bell Just Under The Face
Take A Black Pipe Cleaner And Cut It In Half
Thread Both Pipe Cleaners Through The Center Of The Sheep's Body
And Bend Slightly So That They Stick Down On Each Side, Like Legs
Using An Embroidery Needle
Thread A Piece Of Small Ribbon About 10 Inches Long
Through The Center Of The Sheep
Tie The Ends Together To Make A Hanger

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