The Magic Of Christmas

The Magic Of Christmas Is So Many Things
A Holly Wreath Gay And A Church Bell That Rings
A Tree All A-Glitter, A Candle's Soft Glow
And Moonlight Reflected On New-Fallen Snow
A Kitchen's Aroma Of Sugar And Spice
Bright Packages Wrapped Up So Pretty And Nice
Red Stockings O'erflowing With Candy And Toys
And Hung By The Fireplace For Good Girls And Boys

The Magic Of Christmas Is Sound Everywhere
Sweet Voices Of Carolers Upon Frosted Air
The Jingle Of Sleigh Bells Across Hill And Vale
Glad Ring Of The Postman Delivering The Mail
Good Friends Dropping In And The Laughter So Gay
Store Windows Checked Out In Delightful Display
Dear Santa Claus Chuckling His Famed "Ho, Ho, Ho!"
And Little Tots Whispering As Santa Bends Low

The Magic Of Christmas Is So Many Things
A Candlelit Church And A Choir That Sings
The Being Together With People We Love
Belief That The Christmas Star Still Shines Above
The Caring And Giving And Goodwill Towards Men
The Christ Child Reborn In Our Hearts Once Again
Contentment And Peace And A Faith Strong Within
A Spirit Of Love That Makes All The World Kin

The Magic Of Christmas Is All This And More
May Your Day Be Merry With Much Joy In Store
And May The Bright Memories And Glow Ne'er Depart
The Magic Of Christmas Live On In Your Heart!

Author Unknown

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