Christmas Symbols And Their Meanings


Proclaim The Birth Of The Savior

Father Christmas
Santa Claus

Eastern European Name For Saint Nicholas
It Was Said That He Tossed Pouches Filled With Gold Coins Through The Windows Of Needy People In His Town
He Was Orthodox Christian Archbishop Of Myra In Asia Minor In The 3Rd Century
Patron Saint Of Secret Giving, Of Children And Of Travelers By Sea
Santa Claus Serves As A Symbol For Charity
And Love For Our Fellowmen

Fir Tree-Christmas Tree

The Color Green Shows Everlasting Light And Life
The Needles Point Up To Heaven
The Lord Is Like "An Evergreen Tree"

The Bell

Rings Out To Guide Lost Sheep Back To The Fold
Signifying That All Are Precious In His Eyes

The Candle

A Mirror Of Starlight
Reflecting Our Thanks For The Star Of Bethlehem

The Candy Cane

Represents The Shape Of The Shepherd's Crook
Used To Bring Lost Lambs Back To The Fold

The Gift Bow

Tied As We Should All Be Tied Together In Bonds Of Goodwill Forever

The Holly

Crown Of Thorns

The Lights

"The Light Of The World"
"The Lord Is My Light And My Salvation"
"The Lord Shall Be Thy Everlasting Light"

The Poinsettia

From Central America
With Its Bright, Star Like Flowers
Is A Natural Reminder Of The Star Of Bethlehem

The Star

Marks The Place Where The Christ Child Lay
A Heavenly Sign Of Prophecy Fulfilled Long, Long Ago
The Shining Hope Of Mankind

The Wreath

A Symbol Of The Never Ending Eternal Value Of Love Having No End

Christmas Colors

The Color Gold
The Kingship and Royalty of Christ

The Color Green
We Have Eternal Life In Christ

The Color Red
Christ's Blood Shed For Our Sin
The First Color Of Christmas
Symbolizing That Savior's Sacrifice For All

The Color White
The Purity Of Christ

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