Don't Turn Your Back!!!!!
It's A Snowball War

Stay In Shape With Snowball Fights This Winter
Get A Bunch Of Your Friends Together And Have A Snowball War
What's More Fun Than Pelting Your Friends With Snowballs?
You Are Never To Old To Throw A Snowball

It's Also A Great Way To Work Off All Those Calories
You've Probably Been Accumulating Over The Holidays
But It's Only Fun Until Someone Loses An Eye
So Don't Pack Those Snowballs Too Hard
Please Don't Throw At Anyones Head
You Could Seriously Hurt Them

To Keep Fit You Could Build A Snowman
It's Fun To Do And A Good Form Of Exercise
No Matter What Your Age
You're Never Too Old To Build A Snowman
It Will Keep You Young At Heart And Make You Feel Like A Kid Again
And It Can Be A Fun Way Of Keeping Active Over The Holidays

Be Creative
Dress Your Snowman Or Snowwoman
Up As That One Person That You Dislike The Most
Then Let The Fun Begin And Throw Snowballs At It
Man, Doesn't That Make You Feel Better?
OK, You Can Stop Now
Did You Hear Me?
Hey, That's NOT Fair
Stop Throwing Snowballs At Me!!!

The Snowball Poem!!

I Made Myself A Snowball

As Perfect As Could Be

I Thought I'd Keep It As A Pet

And Let It Sleep With Me!

I Made It Some Pajamas

And A Pillow For Its Head

Then, Last Night It Ran Away

But First It Wet The Bed!

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