The ABC's of Christmas

A Is For Angels
With Halos So Bright
Whose Carols Were Heard
On That First Christmas Night

B Is For Bells
So Merrily Ringing
Joy To The World
Is The Message They're Bringing

C Is For Candles
That So Brightly Shine
To Give A Warm Welcome
To Your Friends And Mine

D Is For Doorway
With Garlands Of Green
To Make Christmas Merry
As Far As They're Seen

E Is For Evergreens
With Fragrance So Rare
So Plentiful At Christmas
Their Scent Fills The Air

F Is For Fun
The Whole Season Long
From Trimming The Tree
To Singing A Song

G Is For Greetings
A Merry "Hello"
With A Heart Full Of Love
For People We Know

H Is For Holly
With Berries So Red
To Make Into Wreaths
To Hang Overhead

I Is For Ice
On Snow Covered Hills
Where Sledding Is Fun
Along With The Spills

J Is For Jesus
The Christ Child So Dear
We Honor His Birth
On Christmas Each Year

K Is For Kris Kringle
So Merrily He Stands
He Is Who They Call Santa
In So Many Lands

L Is For Lanterns
I Am Sure That Their Light
Helped Mary And Joseph
That First Christmas Night

M Is For Mary
Her Heart Full Of Love
For Her Little Son Jesus
Who Came From Above

N Is For Noel
The Angels Did Sing
To Herald The Birth
Of Jesus, Our King

O Is For Ornaments
So Shining And Bright
With Lights On The Tree
To Sparkle At Night

P Is For Packages
With Ribbons So Gay
All 'Round The Tree
For Our Christmas Day

Q Is For Quiet
Christmas Eve Night
With Snow Covered Hills
Glistening So Bright

R Is For Reindeer
Who Pull Santa's Sleigh
To Your House, To My House
They Know The Way

S Is For Shepherds
Who First Saw The Star
Over Bethlehem's Manger
And Followed It Far

T Is For Trees
We Decorate So Gay
Then Wait For Ole Santa
To Hurry Our Way

U Is For Universe
Where Christmas Brings Joy
To All In The World
To Each Girl And Each Boy

V Is For Visiting
Friends Near And Far
We Travel By Plane
Or By Bus Or By Car

W Is For Wise Men
Who Brought Gifts So Rare
And Knelt Down And Worshiped
The Child They Found There

X Is For X-Mas
Or Christmas By Full Name
No Matter The Language
It All Means The Same

Y Is For Yule Logs
Whose Bright Sparks Fly High
To Give A Warm Welcome
To Friends Passing

Z is for Zeal
We Show At This Time
In Giving To Others
And Loving Mankind

Author Unknown

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