Here Comes Santa Claus

Here Comes Santa Claus!
Here Comes Santa Claus!
Right Down Santa Claus Lane!
Vixen And Blitzen And All His Reindeer
Are Pulling On The Reins
Bells Are Ringing, Children Singing
All Is Merry And Bright
Hang Your Stockings And Say Your Prayers
'Cause Santa Claus Comes Tonight

Here Comes Santa Claus!
Here Comes Santa Claus!
Right Down Santa Claus Lane!
He's Got A Bag That Is Filled With Toys
For The Boys And Girls Again
Hear Those Sleigh Bells Jingle Jangle
What A Beautiful Sight
Jump In Bed, Cover Up Your Head
'Cause Santa Claus Comes Tonight

Clay Pot Santa

Materials Needed

1-Inch Clay Pot
3-Inch Clay Pot
1/2-inch White Pom-Pom
Red Chenille Stem
Red Paint
Red Pipe Cleaner
White Paint
White, Curly Chenille Stem
1-Inch Wooden Head Bead


Wipe Down Your Terra Cotta Pot With A Damp Cloth And Let Dry Completely
Paint The 3-Inch Clay Pot Red With A White Stripe Around The Center
This Will Be Santa's Body
Paint The Bottom Section Of The 1-Inch Clay Pot Red
Paint The Raised Top Edge White
This Will Be Santa's Hat

Turn The Pot Bottom Side Up
Glue The 1-Inch Wooden Bead Head Onto The Clay Pot To Cover The Hole
Use Paint Or Markers To Draw A Face Onto The Wooden Ball

Cut An Approximate 2-Inch Length From The White, Curly Chenille Stem
Glue It Onto The Wooden Bead Head For Santa's Beard
Glue The Center Of The Chenille Stem Just Below The Mouth That You Drew
Wrap Each Edge Up Along The Side Of The Head
Glue The 1-Inch Clay Pot You Painted On Top Of The Wooden Head
This Will Be Santa's Hat
Make Sure You Cover The Ends Of The Chenille Stem
Glue The White Pom-Pom On Top Of The Hat

To Make Santa's Arms, Cut Two 3 Inch Pieces From The Red Pipe Cleaner
Glue Them Towards The Top Edge Of The Clay Pot Body

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