Rasky's Dedication To Our Friends Raven Wolf And Evening Rain

Raven Wolf And Evening Rain


That Know The Love Of Mother Earth And For Each Other


That Can Look Into The Eyes Of A Wolf
And See The Center Of Their Own Souls


That Know All Creatures
Predator And Prey
That The Spirit Must Live On
And Not Be Destroyed By Any Man
For It Will Ultimately Destroy Him


That Have Taught Us To Learn And Understand


That Have Taught Us Peace And Harmony


That We Are Proud To Call Our Friends

Copyright 2000-
Rick And Bobbie
Rasky's Vietnam Memorial
All Rights Reserved


Love Is Something That You And I Must Have
We Must Have It
Because Our Spirit Feeds Upon It
We Must Have It
Because Without It We Become Faint And Weak

Without Love Our Self-Esteem Weakens
Without It Our Courage Fails
Without Love We Can No Longer Look Confidently At The World
We Turn Inward And Begin To Feed On Our Own Personalities
And Little By Little We Destroy Ourselves

With Love We Are Creative
With Love We March Tirelessly
With Love And With Love Alone
We Are Able To Sacrifice For Others

Chief Dan George

I Am Always With You
Call On Me If You Ever Need Me
My Love Travels To You On The Wind
We Share One Heart Though We Are Two
You Will Always Be My Greatest Love
I Pray That Our Paths Cross Many Lifetimes
I Am Never Gone
Look Into Your Heart
I Am There

Author Unknown

Indian Prayer

Oh Great Spirit
Whose Voice I Hear In The Winds
And Whose Breath Gives Life To All The World
Hear Me!
I Am Small And Weak
I Need Your Strength And Wisdom

Let Me Walk In Beauty And Make My Eyes Ever Behold The Sunset

Make My Hands Respect The Things You Have Made
And My Ears Sharp To Hear Your Voice

Make Me Wise So That I May Understand
The Things You Have Taught My People

Let Me Learn The Lessons
You Have Hidden In Every Leaf And Rock

I Seek Strength, Not To Be Greater Than My Brother
But To Fight My Greatest Enemy - "Myself"

Make Me Always Ready To Come To You
With Clean Hands And Straight Eyes
So When Life Fades As The Fading Sunset
My Spirit May Come To You Without Shame

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