Dog Poetry

The Life Of A Puppy

This Morning, I Woke Up And Kissed My Dad's Head
I Peed On The Carpet, Then Went Back To Bed
"The Life Of A Puppy, Oh My, This Is Great"
Then I Thought About Breakfast," I Hope It's Not Late"

Mom Took Me Outside, We Walked For A While
This Never Fails To Make Mama Smile
I Sniffed Of Everything That We Did Pass
I Ate Something Weird And It Gave Me Gas

I'm Sure God Loves Me, I Know That Is True
He Gave Me So Many Great Things To Chew
Rugs, Plants Or Rocks, I Really Don't Care
What I Truly Like Best Is Dad's Underwear

That Obedience Book Was Sort Of Yummy
Though It Didn't Sit Well On My Poor Puppy Tummy
I Threw Up A Bit But That Was All Right,
When Mom Found It Later, I Was Well Out Of Sight

I Made Streamers Of T. P. While Running At Full Speed
Mom Is Pretty Quick But I Was Still In The Lead
I Flew Under The Bed And Mom Flew Past
She Stopped And Shook Her Head And Breathed
"You're Too Fast"

Mama Later Phoned Daddy And Said, "It Was Frightening!"
That Afternoon She Was Sure I'd Pooped Lightning
She Sat At The Computer While I Chewed The Cord
She Thought I Was Mad But I Was Just Bored

When Mama Had Enough And Couldn't Take Anymore
That's When My Tushy Got Shoved Out The Door
I Love It Inside But Outside Is Best
Lay In The Cool Grass And Had A Good Rest

That Didn't Last Long As There Was Too Much To Do
Can't Quite Remember Where I Hid Daddy's Shoe
I Found An Old Bone And Scratched At A Flea
I Watched The Dumb Squirrels As They Jumped In A Tree

I Barked At The Kids When They Got Off The Bus
I Can't Figure Out Why This Makes Mama Fuss
I Barked At The Neighbor, I Barked At The Wind
I Barked And Barked, Till Mom Yelled, "COME IN"

The Sun Dipped In The West, Soon Daddy Would Come!
I Sure Love My Daddy, We Always Have Fun
I Barked At My Daddy And Then Turned On My Charms
I Woof Woofed, "Hello," Then Jumped In His Arms

Sitting Under The Table, It's Sooo Hard To Wait
Daddy Slipped Me A Goodie Right Off His Plate
I Raced Through The House And Scattered My Toys
Ricocheted Off The Furniture And Made Lots Of Noise

Mom Found Her Purse, The One I Had Abused
Daddy Let Loose A Chuckle
Mom Asked "Are You Amused?"
I Cowered Down Low, I Must Be In Trouble
Dad Said, "Wasn't My Boy, It Must Be His Double!"

Mom Turned Off The TV And Said, "It's Time For Bed"
Dad Said "Let's Go Boy" And Patted My Head
I Got In My Spot Between Mom And Dad
I Thought About My Day And What Fun That I Had

Mama Kicked Out My Bone From The Covers Below
Then Let Loose A Sigh, A Sigh Deep And Low
She Gave Me A Kiss And Snuggled Me Tight
And Whispered So Softly, "My Darling GoodNight"

Author Unknown

Where Did Pets Come From?

And Adam Said

When I Was In The Garden, You Walked With Me Every Day
Now I Do Not See You Anymore
I Am Lonesome Here
It Is Difficult For Me To Remember How Much You Love Me

And God Said

No Problem!
I Will Create A Companion For You That Will Be With You Forever
And Who Will Be A Reflection Of My Love For You
So That You Will Know That I Love You
Even When You Cannot See Me
Regardless Of How Selfish And Childish And Unlovable You May Be
This New Companion Will Accept You As You Are
And Will Love You As I Do
In Spite Of Yourself

And God Created A New Animal To Be A Companion For Adam
And It Was A Good Animal
And God Was Pleased
And The New Animal Was Pleased To Be With Adam
And He Wagged His Tail

And Adam Said

But Lord
I Have Already Named All The Animals In The Kingdom
And All The Good Names Are Taken
And I Cannot Think Of A Name For This New Animal

And God Said

No Problem!
Because I Have Created This New Animal To Be A Reflection Of My Love For You
His Name Will Be A Reflection Of My Own Name
You Will Call Him DOG

And Dog Lived With Adam And Was A Companion To Him And Loved Him
And Adam Was Comforted
And God Was Pleased
And Dog Was Content And Wagged His Tail

After A While
It Came To Pass That Adam's Guardian Angel Came To The Lord And Said
Adam Has Become Filled With Pride
He Struts And Preens Like A Peacock
He Believes That He Is Worthy Of Adoration
Dog Has Indeed Taught Him That He Is Loved
But NoOne Has Taught Him Humility

And The Lord Said

No Problem!
I Will Create For Him A Companion Who Will Be With Him Forever
One Who Will See Him As He Is
The Companion Will Remind Him Of His Limitations
So He Will Know That He Is Not Worthy Of Adoration

And God Created CAT To Be A Companion To Adam
And Cat Would Not Obey Adam

And When Adam Gazed Into Cat's Eyes
He Was Reminded That He Was Not The Supreme Being
And Adam Learned Humility

And God Was Pleased
And Adam Was Greatly Improved

And Cat Did Not Care One Way Or The Other

Author Unknown

A Dogs Soul

Every Dog Must Have A Soul Somewhere Deep Inside
Where All His Hurts And Grievances Are Buried With His Pride

Where He Decides The Good And Bad, The Wrong Way From The Right
And Where His Judgement Carefully Is Hidden From Our Sight

A Dog Must Have A Secret Place, Where Every Thought Abides
A Sort Of Close Acquaintance That He Trusts In And Confides

And When Accused Unjustly For Himself, He Cannot Speak
Rebuked, He Finds Within His Soul, The Comfort He Must Seek

He'll Love, Tho' He Is Unloved And He'll Serve Tho' Badly Used
And One Kind Word Will Wipe Away The Times When He's Abused

Altho' His Heart May Break In Two, His Love Will Still Be Whole
Because God Gave To Every Dog An Understanding Soul!

Author Unknown

Rescue Me

Rescue Me Not Only With Your Hands But With Your Heart As Well
I Will Respond To You

Rescue Me Not Out Of Pity But Out Of Love
I Will Love You Back

Rescue Me Not With Self Righteousness But With Compassion
I Will Learn What You Teach

Rescue Me Not Because Of My Past But Because Of My Future
I Will Relax And Enjoy

Rescue Me Not Simply To Save Me But To Give Me A New Life
I Will Appreciate Your Gift

Rescue Me Not Only With A Firm Hand But With Tolerance And Patience
I Will Please You

Rescue Me Not Only Because Of Who I Am But Who I'm To Become
I Will Grow And Mature

Rescue Me Not To Revere Yourself To Others But Because You Want Me
I Will Never Let You Down

Rescue Me Not With A Hidden Agenda But With A Desire To Teach Me To Trust
I Will Be Loyal And True

Rescue Me Not To Be Chained Or To Fight But To Be Your Companion
I Will Stand By Your Side

Rescue Me Not To Replace One You've Lost But To Soothe Your Spirit
I Will Cherish You

Rescue Me Not To Be Your Pet But To Be Your Friend
I Will Give You Unconditional Love

Author Unknown

Heaven's Doggy Door

My Best Friend Closed His Eyes Last Night
As His Head Lay In My Hand
The Doctor Said He Was In Pain
And It Was Hard For Him To Stand

The Thoughts That Scurried Through My Head
As I Cradled Him In My Arms
Were Of His Younger Puppy Years
And Oh... His Many Charms

Today There Was No Gentle Nudge
With An Intense "I Love You" Gaze
Only A Heart That's Filled With Tears
Remembering Our Joy Filled Days

But An Angel Just Appeared To Me
And Said, You Should Cry No More
God Also Loves Our Canine Friends
He Has Installed A Doggy Door!"

Author Unknown

Wrapping Presents Assisted By Dogs

Gather Presents
In The Middle Of The Living Room Floor

Get Tape Back From Puppy

Remove Scissors From Older Dog's Mouth

Open Box

Take Puppy Out Of Box

Remove Tape From Older Dog's Mouth

Take Scissors Away From Puppy

Put Present In Box

Remove Present From Puppy's Mouth

Put Back In Box After Removing Puppy From Box

Take Scissors From Older Dog And Sit On Them

Remove Puppy From Box And Put On Lid

Take Tape Away From Older Dog

Unroll Paper

Take Puppy OFF Box

Cut Paper
Being Careful Not To Cut Puppy's Foot Or Nose
That Is Getting In The Way As It "Helps"

Let Puppy Tear Remaining Paper

Take Puppy Off Box

Wrap Paper Around Box

Remove Puppy From Box And Take Wrapping Paper From Its Mouth

Tell Older Dog To Fetch The Tape So He Will Stop Stealing It

Take Scissors Away From Puppy

Take Tape Older Dog Is Holding

Quickly Tape One Spot Before Taking Scissors From Older Dog
And Sitting On Them Again

Fend Off Puppy Trying To Steal Tape And Tape Another Spot

Take Bow From Older Dog

Go Get Roll Of Wrapping Paper Puppy Ran Off With

Take Scissors From Older Dog Who Took Them When You Got Up

Give Pen To Older Dog To Hold So He Stops Licking Your Face

Remove Puppy From Present And Quickly Slap Tape On To Hold Paper On

Take Soggy Bow From Puppy And Tape On Since The Sticky Stuff No Longer Sticks

Take Pen From Older Dog
Address Tag
And Affix While Puppy Tries To Eat Pen

Grab Present Before Puppy Opens It And Put It Away

Clean Up Mess Puppy And Older Dog Made Playing Tug Of War
With The Remnants Of The Wrapping Paper

Put Away Rest Of Wrapping Supplies
And Tell Dogs What Good Helpers They Are

"Wrapping Presents Assisted By Dogs"
Used With Permission From Author
CopyRight 1997-
Christi Green--Aldabra Belgians

Alone Again

I Wish Someone Would Tell Me
What It Is That I've Done Wrong
Why I Have To Stay Chained Up
And Left Alone So Long

They Seemed So Glad To Have One
When I Came Here As A Pup
There Were So Many Things We'd Do
While I Was Growing Up

They Couldn't Wait To Train Me
As A Companion And A Friend
And Told Me How They'd Never Fear
Being Left Alone Again

The Children Said They'd Feed Me
And Brush Me Everyday
They'd Play With Me And Walk Me
If Only I Could Stay

But Now The Family "Hasn't Time"
They Say I Often Shed
They Do Not Want Me In The House
Not Even To Be Fed

The Children Never Walk Me
They Always Say "Not Now!"
I Wish That I Could Please Them
Won't Someone Tell Me How?

All I Had You See, Was Love
I Wish They Would Explain
Why They Said They Wanted Me
Then Left Me On A Chain!!!

Author Unknown

How To Photograph A New Puppy

Remove Film From Box And Load Camera

Remove Film Box From Puppy's Mouth And Throw In Trash

Remove Puppy From Trash And Brush Coffee Grounds From Muzzle

Choose A Suitable Background For Photo

Mount Camera On Tripod And Focus

Find Puppy And Take Dirty Sock From Mouth

Place Puppy In Pre-Focused Spot And Return To Camera

Forget About Spot And Crawl After Puppy On Knees

Focus With One Hand And Fend Off Puppy With Other Hand

Get Tissue And Clean Nose Print From Lens

Take Flash Cube From Puppy's Mouth And Throw In Trash

Put Cat Outside And Put Peroxide On The Scratch On Puppy's Nose

Put Magazines Back On Coffee Table

Try To Get Puppy's Attention By Squeaking Toy Over Your Head

Replace Your Glasses And Check Camera For Damage

Jump Up In Time To Grab Puppy By Scruff Of Neck And Say

Call Spouse To Clean Up Mess

Fix A Drink

Sit Back In Lazy Boy With A Drink
And Resolve To Teach Puppy "Sit" And "Stay" The First Thing In The Morning!

Author Unknown

One More Dog

One Dog Is Not Trouble And Two Are So Funny
The Third One Is Easy, The Fourth One's A Honey

The Fifth Is Delightful, The Sixth One's A Breeze
You Find You Can Live With A Housefull With Ease

So How 'Bout Another?
Would You Really Dare?
They're Really Quite Easy
But Oh Lord, The Hair!

With Dogs On The Sofa And Dogs On The Bed
And Crates In The Kitchen, Its No Bother You Said

They're Really No Trouble, Their Manners Are Great
What's Just One More Dog And One More Little Crate?

The Sofa Is Hairy
The Windows Are Crusty
The Floor Is All Foootprints
The Furniture's Dusty

The Housekeeping Suffers But What Do You Care?
Who Minds A Few Noseprints And A Little More Hair?

So Let's Keep A Puppy, You Can Always Find Room
And A Little More Time For The Dust Cloth And Broom

There's Hardly A Limit To The Dogs You Can Add
The Thought Of A Cutback Sure Makes You Feel Sad

Each One Is Special, So Useful, So Funny
The Food Bill Grows Larger, You Owe The Vet Money

Your Folks Never Visit, Few Friends Come To Stay
Except Other Dog Folks Who Live The Same Way

Your Lawn Has Now Died And Our Shrubs Are Dead Too
Your Weekends Are Busy, Your Off With Your Crew

There's Dog Food And Vitamins, Training And Shots
And Entries And Travel And Motels Which Cost Lots

Is It Worth It You Wonder?
Are You Caught In A Trap?
Then That Favorite Comes Up And Climbs In Your Lap

His Look Says You're Special And You Know That You Will
Keep All The Critters In Spite Of The Bill

Some Just For Showing And Some Just To Breed
And Some Just For Loving, They All Fill A Need

Winter Is A Hassle But The Dogs Love It True
And They Must Have Their Walks Tho' You Are Numb And Blue

Late Evening Is Awful, You Scream And You Shout
At The Dogs On The Sofa Who Refuse To Go Out

The Dogs And The Dog Shows, The Travel, The Thrills
The Work And The Worry, The Pressure, The Bills

The Whole Thing Seems Worth It, The Dogs Are Your Life
They're Charming And Funny And Offset The Strife

Your Lifestyle Has Changed, Things Just Won't Be The Same
Yes Those Dogs Are Addictive And So's The Dog Game!

Author Unknown

You Know You Have Too Many Dogs

When You Have More Grass In Your Driveway Than In Your Backyard

When Your Neighbors Find ANY Dog Running Loose
And Automatically Bring It To Your House

When You Want To Watch TV And You Have To Sit On The Floor
Because All Of The Furniture Is "Occupied"

When It Takes You Longer To Wash Your Dog's Dishes Than Your Own

When You Have To Use A Wash Tub For A Water Dish

When You Have To Run An Obstacle Course To Get To The Phone

When You See One Of Your Dogs Doing Something Bad
Like Chewing Something Up Or Leaving A "Dog Deposit" On The Rug
And You Have To Run Through The Entire List Of Dogs
In Order To Yell At The Right One
And By Then It Is Too Late

When The Hazmat Team Comes To Your House On Trash Day
To Handle The "Deposits" That You Have Placed In Your Trash Can

When You Have All Of Your Dogs In The Back Seat Of Your Car
And It Automatically Changes Lanes When They Move To The Other Side Of The Car

When You NEVER Go Anywhere For A Vacation
Because It Costs More To Kennel Your Dogs Than To Go To Hawaii

When You Have An Extension On Your King Sized Bed So You All Fit

When Eukanuba Makes Home Deliveries

When You Move Your Bedroom Into The Garage
And Put A King And Queen Sized Bed Together So All Of Your Rottweilers
I Mean Dogs Can Sleep With You

When You Can't Remember All Of Your Dogs' Names
And Just Call Them All "Brown Dog"

When You Take Your Dogs For A Run In The Park
And People Think It Is A Dog Show

Author Unknown

Stray's Prayer

Dear God
Please Send Me Somebody Who Will Care!
I'm Tired Of Running
I'm Sick With Despair

My Body Is Aching
It's So Racked With Pain
And Dear God I Pray
As I Run In The Rain

That Someone Will Love Me
And Give Me A Home
A Warm Cozy Bed
And A Big Juicy Bone

My Last Owner Tied Me All Day In The Yard
Sometimes With No Water
And God That Was Hard

So I Chewed My Leash
And God I Ran Away
To Rummage In Garbage
And Live Life As A Stray

But Now God
I'm Tired And Hungry And Cold
And I'm So Afraid
That I Will Never Grow Old

They've Chased Me With Sticks
And Hit Me With Stones
While I Run The Streets
Just Looking For Bones!

I'm Not Really Bad
God Please Help If You Can
Or Have I Become
Just A "Victim Of Man!"

I'm Wormy Dear God
And I'm Ridden With Fleas
And All That I Want
Is An Owner To Please!

If You Find One For Me God
I'll Try To Be Good
And I Won't Chew Their Shoes
And I'll Do As I Should

I'll Love Them
Protect Them And Try To Obey
When They Tell Me To Sit
To Lie Down Or To Stay!

I Don't Think I'll Make It
Too Long On My Own
Cause I'm Getting So Weak
And I'm So All Alone

Each Night As I Sleep In The Bushes
I Cry
Cause I'm So Afraid God
That I'm Gonna Die

And I've Got So Much Love
And Devotion To Give
That I Should Be Given
A New Chance To Live!

So Dear God
Please Answer My Prayer
And Send Me Someone
Who Will REALLY Care

That Is
Dear God
If You Are Really There!

Author Unknown

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