Take Time
Enjoy Your Existence On Earth
Time Is So Fleeting
Climb Your Mountains And Conquer Your Fears
Your Final Climb Will Be The Glorious Stairway To Heaven

Rick Bobbie And Rasky


If I Died And Went To Heaven
Would I Be The First To Say
That I'd Lived My Life To The Fullest?
Or Would There Be Some Reason I Should Have Stayed?

If I Died And Went To Heaven
Would I Be Ready To Take The Test?
Ready To Answer All The Questions
Did I Do My Best?

If I Died And Went To Heaven?
Would I Be Feeling Very Good?
Would I Regret The Things I Did And If You Understood?

If I Died And Went To Heaven?
Would My Life Be Full Of Dreams?
Would It Be Full Of Things That I Thought Of?
But Empty Of Living Things?

If I Died And Went To Heaven?
Would I Be Thankful For This Life?
Or Would I Be Wishing That I Could Live Again?
This Time To Make It Right

If I Died And Went To Heaven?
Would There Be Lots That I Would Regret?
Or Would It Be Filled With Happiness?
Would That Be My Success?

If I Died And Went To Heaven?
Would I Be Satisfied With The View?
Of All My Many Changes Would You Be Satisfied Too?

CopyRight 2000-
Bobbie "Irockslady" 3-30-01
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

Take Time

Take Time To Think
It Is The Source Of Power

Take Time To Play
It Is The Secret Of Perpetual Youth

Take Time To Read
It Is The Fountain Of Wisdom

Take Time To Pray
It Is The Greatest Power On Earth

Take Time To Love And Be Loved
It Is A God-Given Privilege

Take Time To Be Friendly
It Is The Road To Happiness

Take Time To Laugh
It Is The Music Of The Soul

Take Time To Give
It Is Too Short A Day To Be Selfish

Take Time To Work
It Is The Price Of Success

Take Time To Do Charity
It Is The Key To Heaven

We Are Not Made Rich
By What Is In Our Pockets
But By What Is In Our Hearts

Author Unknown


It Takes Us Back To Brighter Years
To Happier Sunlit Days And To Precious
Moments That Will Be With Us Always

And These Fond Recollections
Are Treasured Within Our Heart
To Bring Us Always Close To Those
From Whom We Had To Part

There Is A Bridge Of Memories
From Earth To Heaven Above
It Keeps Our Dear Ones Near Us
It's The Bridge That We Call Love

Author Unknown

Little Things

Too Often We Don't Realize
What We Have Until It Is Gone
Too Often We Wait Too Late To Say
"I'm Sorry - I Was Wrong"
Sometimes It Seems We Hurt The Ones
We Hold Dearest To Our Hearts
And We Allow Foolish Things
To Tear Our Lives Apart
Far Too Many Times We Let
Unimportant Things Into Our Minds
And Then It's Usually Too Late
To See What Made Us Blind
So Be Sure That You Let People Know
How Much That They Mean To You
Take That Time To Say The Words
Before Your Time Is Through
Be Sure That You Appreciate
Everything You Have
And Be Thankful For The
Little Things In Life
That Mean A Lot

Author Unknown

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