Another Of God's Beautiful Creations
Almost Destroyed By Mankind

The Bald Eagle Is On Our Country's National Emblem

It Was Chosen By Teddy Roosevelt To Be Our National bird

It Is A Symbol Of Majesty And Power

The Wild Turkey Was Also A Consideration For Our National Bird

The Bald Eagle Was Named "Bald" Because
A Native American Word For White Is "Bald"

Because They Have White Plumage On Their Head
They Were Named Bald Eagles

These White Feathers Take An Average Of 5 Years To Grow

Their Habitat Ranges Throughout North America
Even In Climates As Different As Florida And Alaska

The Bald Eagle
Has Moved From The Endangered Species List To The Threatened Species List

This Is Because
The Bald Eagle Population Has Increased By 40 To 50 Thousand In The U.S.
Excluding Alaska

A Reason For The Increase Is Due To Public Education About Bald Eagles

At One Time
Some People Thought Bald Eagles Would Attack Their Chickens
There Were Even Myths That Bald Eagles Stole Human Babies
Some People Would Shoot Bald Eagles Because Of This

Now We Know That Bald Eagles Do Not Participate In These Behaviors

Most Bald Eagles Nest And Hunt Near Bodies Of Water Lakes, Rivers And Streams
They Live In These Habitats So That They Will Be Close To Fish
And Other Animals That They Prey On

A Bald Eagle's Nest Can Be 7 To 8 Feet Across And Up To 12 Feet Deep

When Attacking Prey
A Bald Eagle Can Reach Speeds Close To 190 Miles Per Hour

Bald Eagles Are Also Scavengers
A Scavenger Is An Animal That Preys Off Of Already Dead Animals
These Types Of Animals Can Include Fish That Have Washed Onto Shore
And Rabbits That Have Been Killed By Other Animals
Another Bird That Is A Scavenger Is The Vulture

Did You Know

That An Eagle Knows When A Storm Is Approaching Long Before It Breaks?
The Eagle Will Fly To Some High Spot And Wait For The Winds To Come
When The Storm Hits
It Sets It's Wings So That The Wind Will Pick It Up And Lift It Above The Storm
While The Storm Rages Below
The Eagle Is Soaring Above It
The Eagle Does Not Escape The Storm
It Simply Uses The Storm To Lift It Higher
It Rises On The Winds That Bring The Storm

There Are Two Ways To Tell If A Bald Eagle Is Male Or Female

Females Have Wingspans When Fully Outstretched Of Up To 8 Feet

Males Have Wingspans Up To About 6 Feet
Females Have Deeper Beaks Than Males

The Bald Eagle Has One See-Through Eyelid
It Is Used For Blinking Called The Nictitaling Membrane
Their Other Eyelid Is More Like A Human Eyelid
It Is Used For Sleeping

Eagle You Fly Across The Horizon
Into The Misty Morning Sun
Nobody Asks You Where You Are Going
Nobody Knows Where Your From
Now You Fly Through The Sky
Never Asking Why

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