Rasky's Little Known Facts

Almonds Are Members Of The Peach Family

The Symbol On The "Pound" Key (#) Is Called An Octothorpe

The Maximum Weight For A Golf Ball Is 1.62 Ounce

Charlie Brown's Father Was A Barber

Of The Six Men Who Made Up The Three Stooges
Three Of Them Were Real Brothers (Moe, Curly And Shemp)

Clans Of Long Ago That Wanted To Get Rid Of Their Unwanted People
Without Killing Them
Use To Burn Their Houses Down
Hence The Expression "To Get Fired"

Canada Is An Indian Word Meaning "Big Village"

There Are Two Credit Cards For Every Person In The United States

Ancient Rome
The Only Rule During Wrestling Matches Was, "No Eye Gouging"
Everything Else Was Allowed
But The Only Way To Be Disqualified Was To Poke Someone's Eye Out

A 'Jiffy' Is An Actual Unit Of Time For 1/100th Of A Second

Every Time You Lick A Stamp
You Are Consuming 1/10 Of A Calorie

The Phrase "Rule Of Thumb" Is Derived From An Old English Law
Which Stated That You Couldn't Beat Your Wife With Anything Wider Than Your Thumb

An Ostrich's Eye Is Bigger That It's Brain

The Longest Recorded Flight Of A Chicken Is Thirteen Seconds

Only Two People Signed The Declaration Of Independence On July 4th
John Hancock And Charles Thomson
Most Of The Rest Signed On August 2
But The Last Signature Wasn't Added Until 5 Years Later

"I Am" Is The Shortest Complete Sentence In The English Language

The Term "The Whole 9 yards" Came From WWII Fighter Pilots In The South Pacific
When Arming Their Airplanes On The Ground
The .50 Caliber Machine Gun Ammo Belts Measured Exactly 27 Feet
Before Being Loaded Into The Fuselage
If The Pilots Fired All Their Ammo At A Target
Then The Target Got "The Whole 9 Yards"

The Glue On Israeli Postage Stamps Is Certified To Be Kosher

Mel Blanc (The Voice Of Bugs Bunny) Was Allergic To Carrots

The Very First Bomb Dropped By The Allies On Berlin During World War II
Killed The Only Elephant In The Berlin Zoo

Dr. Seuss Pronounced "Seuss" Such That It Rhymed With "Rejoice"

In The Movie Casablanca
Humphrey Bogart Never Said "Play It Again Sam"

Sherlock Holmes Never Said
"Elementary My Dear Watson"

A Cat Has 32 Muscles In Each Ear

Alfred Hitchcock Didn't Have A Belly Button
It Was Eliminated When He Was Sewn Up After Surgery

Donald Duck's Middle Name Is Fauntleroy

A Pregnant Goldfish Is Called A Twit

A Goldfish Has A Memory Span Of Three Seconds

The Rock Group ABBA
Got Their Name By Taking The First Letter From Each Of Their First Names
Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny And Anni-frid

Cranberries Are Sorted For Ripeness By Bouncing Them
A Fully Ripened Cranberry Can Be Dribbled Like A Basketball

The Giant Squid Has The Largest Eyes In The World

The Male Gypsy Moth
Can "Smell" The Virgin Female Gypsy Moth From 1.8 Miles Away

Alexander The Great Was An Epileptic

The Microwave Was Invented After A Researcher Walked By A Radar Tube
And A Chocolate Bar Melted In His Pocket

A Donkey Will Sink In Quicksand But A Mule Won't

Mr. Rogers Was An Ordained Minister

Hugh "Ward Cleaver" Beaumont Was An Ordained Minister

John Lennon's First Girlfriend Was Named Thelma Pickles

The Average Garden Variety Caterpillar Has 248 Muscles In Its Head

Napoleon Constructed His Battle Plans In A Sandbox

Virginia Woolf Wrote All Of Her Books While Standing

The Only Planet Without A Ring Is Earth

Dr. Seuss Coined The Word "Nerd" In His 1950 Book "If I Ran the Zoo"

The World's Termites Outweigh The World's Humans 10 To 1

Pound For Pound
Hamburgers Cost More Than New Cars

The 3 Most Valuable Brand Names On Earth Are
Coca Cola
And Budweiser
And In That Order

It's Possible To Lead A Cow Up The Stairs
But Not Down The Stairs

Humans Are The Only Primates That Don't Have Pigment In The Palms Of Their Hands

On Average
100 people Choke To Death On Ballpoint Pens Every Year

In Only 10 Minutes
A Hurricane Can Release More Energy
Than All The World's Nuclear Weapons Combined

The Average Lifespan Of A Major League Baseball Is 5 Pitches

Elephants Can't Jump
But Every Other Mammal Can

The Cigarette Lighter Was Invented Before The Match

Five Jell-O Flavors That Flopped
And Beleive It Or Not

The Longest One Syllable Word In The English Language Is "Screeched"

On A Canadian Two Dollar Bill
The Flag Flying Over The Parliament Building Is An American Flag

"Dreamt" Is The Only English Word That Ends In The Letters "Mt"

Maine Is The Only State Whose Name Is Just One Syllable

To "Testify" Was Based On Men In The Roman Court
Swearing To A Statement Made By Swearing On Their Testicles

If You Toss A Penny 10000 Times
It Will Not Be Heads 5000 Times But More Like 4950
The Heads Picture Weighs More
So It Ends Up On The Bottom

Wilma Flintstone's Maiden Name Was Wilma Slaghoopal
And Betty Rubble's Maiden Name Was Betty Jean Mcbricker

The Ramses Brand Condom Is Named After The Great Pharaoh Ramses II
Ramses Fathered Over 160 Children

If NASA Sent Birds Into Space They Would Soon Die
Birds Need Gravity To Swallow

Dueling Is Legal In Paraguay
As Long As Both Parties Are Registered Blood Donors

When They Rode Past Their King
Armored Knights Raised Their Visors To Identify Themselves
This Custom Has Become The Modern Day Military Salute

Armadillos Have Four Babies At A Time And They Are Always All The Same Sex

Reindeer Like To Eat Bananas

A Group Of Unicorns Is Called A Blessing

Twelve Or More Cows Are Known As A Flink

A Group Of Frogs Is Called An Army

A Group Of Rhinos Is Called A Crash

A Group Of Kangaroos Is Called A Mob

A Group Of Whales Is Called A Pod

A Group Of Geese Is Called A Gaggle

A Group Of Ravens Is Called A Murder

A Group Of Officers Is Called A Mess

A Group Of Larks Is Called An Exaltation

A Group Of Owls Is Called A Parliament

Physicist Murray Gell-Mann Named The Sub-Atomic Particles
Known As Quarks For A Random Line In James Joyce
"Three Quarks For Muster Mark!"

The Phrase "Sleep Tight"
Derives From The Fact That Early Mattresses Were Filled With Straw
And Held Up With Rope Stretched Across The Bedframe
A Tight Sleep Was A Comfortable Sleep

"Three Dog Night" Attributed To Australian Aborigines
Came About Because On Especially Cold Nights
These Nomadic People Needed Three Dogs
Dingoes, Actually, To Keep From Freezing

In England
The Speaker Of The House Is Not Allowed To Speak

Ivory Bar Soap Floating Was A Mistake
Ivory Had Been Overmixing The Soap Formula
Overmixing Caused Excess Air Bubbles That Made It Float
Customers Wrote And Told How Much They Loved That It Floated
Ivory Bar Soap Has Floated Ever Since

The Sanskrit Word For "War" Means "Desire For More Cows"

Kotex Was First Manufactured As Bandages, During W.W.I

Einstein Couldn't Speak Fluently When He Was Nine
His Parents Thought That He Might Be Retarded

In Los Angeles
There Are Fewer People Than There Are Automobiles

You Are More Likely To Get Stung By A Bee On A Windy Day
Than In Any Other Weather

An Average Person Laughs About 15 Times A Day

Research Indicates
That Mosquitoes Are Attracted To People Who Have Recently Eaten Bananas

Penguins Can Jump As High As 6 Feet In The Air

The Average Person Is About A Quarter Of An Inch Taller At Night

A Sneeze Zooms Out Of Your Mouth At Over 600 M.P.H

The Condom
Made Originally Of Linen
Was Invented In The Early 1500's

A Saudi Arabian Woman Can Get A Divorce If Her Husband Doesn't Give Her Coffee

The Neanderthal's Brain Was Bigger Than Yours Is

Donald Duck Comics Were Banned From Finland Because He Doesn't Wear Pants

The Average Bank Teller Loses About $250.00 Every Year

Every Person Has A Unique Tongue Print

Your Right Lung Takes In More Air Than Your Left One Does

Women's Hearts Beat Faster Than Men's

Bubble Gum Contains Rubber

You Can Only Smell 1/20th As Well As A Dog

Even If You Cut Off A Cockroach's Head
It Can Live For Several Weeks

The World Population Of Chickens Is About Equal To The Number Of People

Every Time Beethoven Sat Down To Write Music
He Poured Ice Water Over His Head

A Monkey Was Once Tried And Convicted
For Smoking A Cigarette In South Bend-Indiana

It's Against The Law To Catch Fish With Your Bare Hands In Kansas

Some Toothpaste's Contain Antifreeze

Sigmund Freud Had A Morbid Fear Of Ferns

Millie The White House Dog
Earned More Than 4 Times As Much As President Bush In 1991

Bird Droppings Are The Chief Export Of Nauru
An Island Nation In The Western Pacific

There Are More Plastic Flamingos In America Than Real Ones

Most Lipstick Contains Fish scales

Lee Harvey Oswald's Cadaver Tag Sold At An Auction For $6,600 In 1992

Mosquitoes Have Teeth

When Snakes Are Born With Two Heads
They Fight Each Other For Food

Aztec Emperor Montezuma Had A Nephew Named Cuitlahac
His Name Meant "Plenty Of Excrement"

Thomas Edison Was Afraid Of The Dark

Cats Have Over One Hundred Vocal Sounds
While Dogs Only Have About Ten

Our Eyes Are Always The Same Size From Birth
But Our Nose And Ears Never Stop Growing

David Prowse
Was The Guy In The Darth Vader Suit In Star Wars
He Spoke All Of Vader's Lines
Until He Saw The Screening Of Star Wars
He Didn't Know That He Was Going To Be Dubbed Over By James Earl Jones

Many Hamsters Only Blink One Eye At A Time

In Every Episode Of Seinfeld There Is A Superman Somewhere

Barbie's Measurements If She Were Life Size

Montpelier, Vermont Is The Only U.S. State Capital Without A McDonalds

The Pentagon
In Arlington, Virginia, Has Twice As Many Bathrooms As Is Necessary
When The Pentagon Was Built In The 1940's
The State Of Virginia Still Had Segregation Laws
Requiring Separate Toilet Facilities For Blacks And Whites

Isaac Asimov Is The Only Author To Have A Book In Every Dewey Decimal Category

Cat's Urine Glows Under A Black Light

Back In The Mid To Late 80's
An IBM Compatible Computer Wasn't Considered A Hundred Percent Compatible
Unless It Could Run Microsoft's Flight Simulator

Leonardo Da Vinci Invented The Scissors

In The Last 4000 Years
No New Animals Have Been Domesticated

Babies Are Born Without Knee Caps
They Don't Appear Until The Child Reaches 2-6 Years Of Age

Nutmeg Is Extremely Poisonous If Injected Intravenously

If You Have Three Quarters
Four Dimes
And Four Pennies
Then You Have $1.19
You Also Have The Largest Amount Of Money In Coins
Without Being Able To Make Change For A Dollar

The Most Common Name In The World Is Mohammed

Michael Jordan Makes More Money From Nike Annually
Than All Of The Nike Factory Workers In Malaysia Combined

The First Toilet Ever Seen On Television Was On "Leave It To Beaver"

Lincoln Logs Were Invented By Frank Lloyd Wright's Son

One Of The Reasons Marijuana Is Illegal Today
Is Because Cotton Growers In The 1930's Lobbied Against Hemp Farmers
They Saw Hemp Farmers As Competition
Hemp Is Not Chemically Addictive As Is Nicotine
Or Caffeine

Only One Person In Two Billion Will Live To Be 116 Or Older

The Name Wendy Was Made Up For The Book "Peter Pan"

Average Number Of Days A West German Goes Without Washing His Underwear

Each King In A Deck Of Playing Cards Represents A Great King From History
Spades - King David
Clubs - Alexander The Great
Hearts - Charlemagne
And Diamonds - Julius Caesar

The Only 15 Letter Word That Can Be Spelled Without Repeating A Letter Is

The Reason Firehouses Have Circular Stairways
Is From The Days Of Yore When The Engines Were Pulled By Horses
The Horses Were Stabled On The Ground Floor
And Figured Out How To Walk Up Straight Staircases

The San Francisco Cable Cars Are The Only Mobile National Monuments

When Opossums Are Playing 'Possum
They Are Not "Playing"
They Actually Pass Out From Sheer Terror

Facts About Americans
Did You Know That

Only 30% Of Us Can Flare Our Nostrils

21% Of Us Don't Make Our Bed Daily
5% Of Us Never Do

Men Do 29% Of The Laundry Each Week
Only 7% Of Women Trust Their Husbands To Do It Correctly

40% Of Women Have Hurled Footwear At A Man

85% Of Men Don't Use The Slit In Their Underwear

67.5% Of Men Wear Tightie Whities (Briefs)

The Average Bra Size Today Is 36C
Whereas 10 Years Ago It Was A 34B

85% Of Women Wear The Wrong Bra Size

3 Out Of 4 Of Us Store Our Dollar Bills In Rigid Order
With Singles Leading Up To Higher Denominations

13% Of Us Admit To Occasionally Doing Our Offspring's Homework

91% Of Us Lie Regularly

27% Admit To Cheating On A Test Or Quiz

29% Admit They've Intentionally Stolen Something From A Store

50% Admit That They Regularly Sneak Food Into Movie Theaters
This To Avoid The High Prices Of Snack Foods

90% Believe In Divine Retribution

10% Believe In The 10 Commandments

82% Believe In An Afterlife

45% Believe In Ghosts

13% (Mostly Men) Have Spent A Night In Jail

Only 55 Percent Of All Americans Know That The Sun Is A Star

27% Of U.S. Male College Students
Believe Life Is "A Meaningless Existential Hell"

About 70 Percent Of Americans Who Go To College
Do It Just To Make More Money

29% Of Us Are Virgins When We Marry

58.4% Have Called Into Work Sick When We Weren't

10% Of Us Switch Tags In The Store To Pay Less For An Item

Over 50% Believe In Spanking But Only A Child Over 2 Years Old

35% Give To Charity At Least Once A Month

How Far Would You Go For 10 Million Dollars?
25% Would Abandon Their Friends, Family And Church
7% Would Murder For Money

In 75% Of American Households
Women Manage The Money And Pay The Bills

69% Eat The Cake Before The Frosting

When Nobody Else Is Around
47% Drink Straight From The Carton

85% Of Us Will Eat Spam This Year

70% Of Us Drink Orange Juice Daily

Snickers Is The Most Popular Candy

22% Of Us Skip Lunch Daily

9% Of Us Skip Breakfast Daily

66% Of Us Eat Cereal Regularly

22% Of All Restaurant Meals Include French Fries

14% Of Us Eat The Watermelon Seeds

Only 13% Brush Our Teeth From Side To Side

45% Use Mouthwash Every Day

22% Leave The Glob Of Toothpaste In The Sink

The Typical Shower Is 101 Degrees F

Nearly 1/3 Of U.S. Women Color Their Hair

9% Of Women And 8% Of Men Have Had Cosmetic Surgery

53% Of Women Will Not Leave The House Without Makeup On

58% Of Women Paint Their Nails Regularly

62% Of Us Pop Our Zits

33% Of Women Lie About Their Weight

10% Of Us Claim To Have Seen A Ghost

57% Have Had DeJa Vu

49% Believe In ESP

4 Out Of 5 Of Us Have Suffered From Hemorrhoids

The Average Girl Starts Her Period At Age 12

44% Have Broken A Bone

Only 30% Of Us Know Our Cholesterol Level

14% Have Attended A Self-Help Meeting

15% Regularly Go To A Shrink

78% Would Rather Die Quickly Than Live In A Retirement Home

46.5% Of Men Say They ALWAYS Put The Seat Down After They've Used The Toilet
Yet Women Claim To ALWAYS Find It Up

30% Of Us Refuse To Sit On A Public Toilet Seat

54.2% Of Us Always Wash Our Hands After Using The Toilet

23.5% Admit They Don't Always Flush

45.2% Pee In The Shower

44.9% Pee In The Ocean

28.1% Pee In The Pool

55.2% Will Let Someone Else Come In The Bathroom While They're Using The Toilet

39% Of Us Peek In Our Host's Bathroom Cabinet

17% Have Been Caught By The Host

81.3% Would Tell An Acquaintance To Zip His Pants

29% Of Us Ignore RSVP

71.6% Of Us Eavesdrop

22% Are Functionally Illiterate

Less Than 10% Are Trilingual

37% Claim To Know How To Use All The Features On Their VCR

53% Prefer ATM Machines Over Tellers

2 Out Of 3 Of Us Wouldn't Give Up Our Spouse Even For A Night For A Million Bucks

20% Of Us Have Played In A Band At One Time In Our Life

40% Of Us Have Had Music Lessons

44% Of Us Reuse Tinfoil

57% Save Pretty Gift Paper To Reuse

66% Of Women And 59% Of Men Have Used A Mix To Cook
And Taken Credit For Doing It From Scratch

53% Read Their Horoscopes Regularly

16% Of Us Have Forgotten Our Own Wedding Anniversary (Mostly Men)

59% Of Us Say We're Average Looking

Blacks Are More Than Twice As Likely To Call Themselves Beautiful

90% Of Us Depend On Alarm Clocks To Wake Us

53% Of Us Would Take Advice From Anne Landers

28% Of Us Have Skinny Dipped
14% With The Opposite Sex

51% Of Adults Dress Up For A Halloween Festivity

On Average
We Send 38 Christmas Cards Every Year

20% Of Women Consider Their Parents To Be Their Best Friends

2 Out Of 5 Have Married Their First Love

The Biggest Cause Of Matrimonial Fighting Is Money

Only 4% Asked The Parents' Approval For Their Bride's Hand

1 In 5 Men Propose On His Knees

6% Propose Over The Phone

71% Can Drive A Stick Shift Car

45% Of Us Consistently Follow The Speed Limit

2/3 Of Us Speed Up At A Yellow Light

1/3 Of Us Don't Wear Seat Belts

12% Of Men Never Use Their Car Blinkers

44% Of Men Tailgate To Speed Up The Person In Front Of Them

25% Of Us Drive After We've Been Drinking

4 Out Of 5 Us Sing In The Car

On An Average Day In America

10,501 Americans Are Born

5,937 Americans Die

4,637 Illegal Aliens Are Apprehended Trying To Cross The US Border
4,481 Are Mexican
$412,104 Is Spent By The US Border Patrol To Patrol The Border
This Costs The US About $89.00 Per Alien Apprehended

39,109 Pounds Of Marijuana Are Brought Into The US
Of This
3,911 Pounds Are Seized By The DEA

About 2,239 Pounds Of Cocaine Are Brought Into The US
Of This
224 Pounds Are Seized By The DEA, About 10%

There Are 290 Drug-Related Emergency-Room Incidents
Of These
14 Are Caused By Marijuana

15 Are Caused By Aspirin

23 Are Caused By Valium

58 Are Caused By Alcohol In Combination With Drugs

10 Result In Death

256 Americans Die In Accidents
Of These

133 Die In Motor-Vehicle Accidents

55 Die From Exposure To Household Radon Gas

6 Die In Construction Accidents
5 Die In Firearms Accidents

American Children Watch 3.5 Hours Of Television A Day
During This Time They Will See
Alcohol Commercials
Acts Of Violence
Sexual References And Innuendoes

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