Dedicated To Our Adopted Dad
Thank You For All Of My Memories Of Living With You On The Farm
We Love You Uncle "Poppa" Chuck And Aunt "Nana" Dixie

And Rasky

And A Very Special Happy Father's Day Wish
To Our Texas Family
White Hawk "Gary"
Many Wolves "Katie"
And Phoenix

The Origin of Father's Day

Mrs. John B. Dodd Of Washington
First Proposed The Idea Of A "Father's Day" In 1909
She Wanted A Special Day To Honor Her Father
Her Father, William Smart, Was A Civil War Veteran
The First Father's Day Was Observed On June 19, 1910 In Spokane, Washington
In 1924 President Calvin Coolidge Supported The Idea Of A National Father's Day

Finally In 1966
President Lyndon Johnson Signed A Presidential Proclamation
That Proclomation Declared The Third Sunday In June As Father's Day

When I Was A Little Boy

My Father Left My Mother And Me When I Was Seven
My Mom Did The Best That She Could
But I Was Raised In Foster Homes And Orphanages
No One Seemed To Want Me
I Was Moved From Place To Place, Without Any Love
All Of A Sudden I Was On A Farm With My Uncle Chuck And Aunt Dixie
And Their Love Of Horses And Me
I Spent The Two Happiest Years Of My Life There
I Had Finally Found The Love And Freedom Of Someone That Cared
As Sudden As This Dream Came True, It Was Taken Away From Me
I Was Moved To The City With My Mom
I Hated This New City, High School And My Life
I Missed The Freedoms That Farmlife Had To Offer
I Missed Skipping Stones On The Pond
I Missed Fishing With Poppa Chuck
I Missed Tossing Baseballs With Poppa Chuck, Man He Could Throw Hard
I Missed The Magic In The Smell Of The Grass After A Spring Rain
I Missed Him Carrying Me Into The House After A Drive-In Movie
I Missed The Taste Of One Plum That Seemed To Grow Only For Me
I Missed Christmas And The Wonderful Smells FromThe Kitchen
I Missed Him Teaching Me How To Grow A Garden
I Missed The Tastes Of All The Things That We Had Grown
I Even Missed The Well Deserved Whippings Out Of Love For Me
But Most Of All I Missed My Uncle Chuck And Aunt Dixie
And Their Love Of Horses And Me

I Graduated From High School Went Into The Army And To Vietnam
I Lost Track Of Uncle Chuck, Aunt Dixie And Their Love Of Horses And Me
When I Came Home I Was Not The Same Man As I Was Before
Drug Induced Days And Time Forgotten
I Went Through Life, Lost, Alone And Unhappy
The Last Of My Family, My Mother Passed Away
In Life There Was Just Me And A Little Dog Named Rascal
Suicide Went Through My Mind
I Wasn't A Man Anymore
Then Through AOL
I Met Bobbie (A Girl) From California
She Moved To Ohio To Take Care Of And Love Me
She Was My Life But I Still Felt Alone

I Love Both Bobbie And Rascal
But I Had No Real Family

Then One Night I Signed Onto AOL
There Was An UnFamiliar Name In My E-Mail
A Screen Name From Someone That That I Didn't Know And I Opened It
It Was From My Aunt "Nana" Dixie And Uncle "Poppa Chuck"
My Family Had Found Me
So Many Years Had Flown By
Where Did 26 Years Of My Life Go?
Real Family, All The Memories Of Life On The Farm Flooded Back
Of My Uncle Chuck And Aunt Dixie And Their Love Of Horses And Me
In My Mind They Had Always Been My Real Mom And Dad
They Were The Only Ones That Ever Really Cared About Me
I Won't Go Another 26 Years,
Without Realizing That I Have Always Loved Them
For Their Love Of Horses And Me

To My Family
And All The Dad's In This World
Happy Father's Day!!

Poppa Chuck
Nana Dixie
And I Miss You
I Have Always Missed You

CopyRite Rick "Irockblue" Re-Written 12/18/00

See The Picture Above Poppa Chuck
That Is My Memory Of You Teaching Me How To Fish
You Told Me That When The Bobber Jiggled To Yank On The Pole
The First Time That I Did That
The Fish Went Flying Over My Head And Hit The Ground
I Guess That I Yanked A Little To Hard, Lol
So Poppa Chuck, With Bobbie And Rasky
Lets Go To Indiana, Grab Some Poles And Go Fishin' !!
Let's Remember Always The Good Times

God Took The Strength Of A Mountain
The Majesty Of A Tree
The Warmth Of A Summer Sun
The Calm Of A Quiet Sea

The Generous Soul Of Nature
The Comforting Arm Of Night
The Wisdom Of The Ages
The Power Of The Eagle's Flight

The Joy Of A Morning In Spring
The Faith Of A Mustard Seed
The Patience Of Eternity
The Depth Of A Family Need

Then God Combined These Qualities
When There Was Nothing More To Add,
He Knew His Masterpiece Was Complete
And So, He Called It


Author Unknown

You Are The Blossom In My Garden Of Life
In The Beginning We Were Both Buds
Beautiful Yet Wound Tightly, Holding Our Delicate Insides
But After Time We Began To Open
Unfolding We Became More Trusting
Knowing It Was The Other Who Gave The Strength To Exist
Seeing That By Opening Up There Was Joy
Watching You Unfold Has Been The Best Of The Best
My Garden Is Complete With The Blossom I See In You
Our Garden Family Is Still Growing And Soon To Be Reunited

Bobbie "Irockslady" And Rick "Irockblue"

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