Can You Not See?

Can You Not See The Fire Within?

Can You Not See The Fire Burning?

Can You Not See The Fire Flaming?

You Look Into My Eyes?

And Still You Cannot See The Flames Within!

Will You Not See Or Are You Afraid To See?

The Fire Burning Deep Within!

Author Unknown

The Unicorn

He Hides By Day
And Searches By Night
The Last Known Unicorn
With The Coat Of Angelic White

It's Almost As If He's Magic
The Possessor Of Powers Unknown
He Keeps The Hope Of Finding Another
But He Is Painfully Alone

Being Seen By Mankind
Would Mean Instant Death
Due To Life's Attained Ignorance
They Would Take His Last Breath

He Wants So Badly To Nuzzle
Close To Someone Safe And Warm
But This Hope Slowly Fades
As Does Night With The Coming Morn

He Remains Forever Brave
And Holds His Head Up High
Sometimes On A Quiet Night
You Can Hear His Mournful Cry

He Will Continue His Search
Until His Dying Day
The Majestic And Beautiful Unicorn
Who Is Perfect In Every Way

Author Unknown


When You Walked Into My Life
And Knocked On My Heart's Door
I Never Dreamed You Held The Key
To A World Of Love And More

And Once That You Stepped In
How Was I To Know
You'd Decorate My Life With Love
And Make My Heart Your Home

When I See Your Smile
There's A View Of All My Dreams
All My Hopes And Wishes
And A Love For Eternity

When You Put Your Arms Around Me
I've Never Felt Do Much
Until The Day I Found You
I Never Knew Real Love

I'll Stand Beside You Always
And Give You All My Love
I Could Never Leave You
Even When The Times Are Tough

To Only You I Will Make This Promise
And Know You Can Always Believe
That For As Long As I Live
You'll Be All I That Need

Author Unknown

You Never Know

You Never Know
When Someone Might Catch A Dream From You
Or Something You Say
May Open Up The Windows Of A Mind That Seeks Light
The Way That You Live May Not Matter At All
But You Never Know That It Might

And Just In Case It Could Be That Another's Life Through You
Might Possibly Change For The Better With A Better And Brighter View

It Seems It Might Be Worth A Try At Pointing The Way To The Right
Of Course It May Not Matter At All But Then Again It Might

Author Unknown

A Beautiful Morning

There Must Be A Beautiful Morning Somewhere
A Dawn Lit By Justice And Judgement Is Fair

A Place Where A Helping Hand Is Held Out
An Ear That Will Listen Stands Poised And Devout

A Place You Can Go When Your Heart Needs Attending
A Place Where A Spirit Gets Healing And Mending

A Place Where Love's Fire Burns Bright Day And Night
And In From The Cold You May Warm By Its Light

There Must Be A Brilliant Evening Somewhere
Where Te Sun Finally Sets On Pain And Dispair

Where The Coming Of Night Is Not Filled With Grief
And Comforting Sleep Brings You Joyful Relief

A Place Where The Sunset Is Apt To Reflect
A Day Without Malice Without Disrespect

A Place Where The Only Tears Shed Are For You
And A Heart Is Not Battered And Bounced Like A Toy

There Must Be A Wonderful Day Somewhere
In A Place Filled With Love And A Great Need To Care

A Place Where The Burdens Of Conflict Are Lifted
Where Love Is A Skill And All Lovers Are Gifted

Where Daily Are Spoken The Words That Support
And Every Mistake Is Not Met With Retort

A Place Where The Land Has Not Soaked Up The Blood
Where Honor And Truth Are Not Encased In The Mud

A Place Where The Children Are Not Left Alone
When Sisters And Brothers May Come To Atone

Where Homeless And Helpless Don't Cower In Fright
Where The Hearts And The Minds Of The World Can Unite

So You Set On A Journey To Seek Out This Land
With Compass And Map And A Vision So Grand

To Find Peace And Comfort In A World That's So New
Where Waters Are Crystal And Skies Are So Blue

With Showers That Cleanse And Winds That Refresh
Where The Spirit Is Fed And Not Just The Flesh

But Search As You May What You Will Find To Be True
That It Cannot Be Found Until It's Found Within You

Author Unknown

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