Tips On Planting

Ideal Planting Conditions Vary From Plant To Plant
Most Flowering Trees And Shrubs Do Best In Fertile, Well-Drained Loamy Soil
Prepare The Planting Site Ahead Of Time
First Remove Sod Or Weeds In An Area 24-36 Inches In Diameter
Work The Soil To A Depth Of About 24 Inches
If The Soil Is Kept Moist And Free Of Weeds
Planting Will Be Quick And Easy

Many People Believe They Can Save Time And Effort
By Digging Their Planting Holes A Week Or Two Ahead Of Time


Planting Holes That Are Left Open For Days Or Weeks Are Not Only A Hazard
But They Can Bake Dry And Severely Restrict Root Growth
Dried Out Back-Fill Does Not Settle As Well Around Roots As Fresh, Moist Soil
If You Must Dig Your Holes Ahead Of Time
Then Cover The Hole With Boards To Prevent Someone From Falling In
Then Cover The Boards And Backfill Soil With A Tarp
This Will Keep The Holes From Drying Out
Dig Your Planting Holes Deep Enough And Wide Enough
To Accommodate The Roots Without Crowding
Keep The Topsoil And Subsoil In Separate Piles

If The Plant Is Potted
Carefully Remove The Pot
Then Set The Plant With The Dirt Ball Intact Into The Hole
Set It As Deep As It Was Grown In The Pot
If The Plant Is Pot Bound
And The Roots Are Tangled Or Wrapped Around The Outside Of The Dirt Ball
Then Gently Ease The Roots Apart
Snip Off Any Stubborn Wrap Around Roots

Plant Bare Root Shrubs And Trees 1 Inch Deeper Than They Grew In The Nursery Row
Spread The Roots Out In A Natural Fashion
Trim Back Any Roots That Are Damaged Or Excessively Long
Never Let The Roots Dry Out While You Plant
Keep Potted Plants In Their Pots Until You Are Ready To Fill The Hole
Wrap Bare Root Shrubs And Trees In Wet Burlap
Or Keep Them In A Bucket Of Muddy Water Until You Can Put Them In The Planting Hole
Do Not Leave Your Plants Soaking In Water For More Than 24 Hours
If You Do, Root Death May Occur

Once The Roots Are Properly Arranged
Fill The Hole With The Topsoil First And The Subsoil Last
Firm The Soil Around The Roots With Your Hands
Water Well To Settle The Soil And Remove Any Air Pockets Near The Roots
Build A Disk Around The Plant With The Leftover Soil To Form A Basin
The Basin Will Catch Water And Allow It To Soak Into The Ground
Do Not Mix Any Fertilizer Into The Planting Hole
Unless It's A Slow-Release Fertilizer In A Pellet Form
Spread A 2-4 Inch Layer Of Mulch Around The Plant To Retain Soil Moisture

Also To Discourage Weed Growth
Keep The Mulch Away From The Stems
Leaving Wet Mulch Against Bark Can Cause Rot

Plant Flowering Trees And Specimen Shrubs At Least Half Their Mature Width Away From Buildings And Other Trees
Shrubs Used For Mass Plantings Or Hedges Can Be Planted Together At About A Quarter Of Their Mature Width

Water And Fertilizer

Most Flowering Shrubs And Trees Need At Least An Inch Of Water Every Week
Some Plants, Such As Viburnums May Need As Much As 2 Inches Per Week
Rainfall Should Be Supplemented With Irrigation Water Whenever Necessary
A Once-A-Week Soaking Is Much Better Than A Once-A-Day Sprinkle
Deep Watering Encourages Deep Rooting
This Makes Plants Less Susceptible To Drought Injury
Supply Extra Water During Extremely Hot Or Windy Weather
Because Plants Use More Water Than Normal Under These Conditions

Watch Your Pants As They Grow
You Will Be Able To Tell When They Need Extra Water
Cut Back On Watering In The Fall
So That The Plants Harden-Off Properly Before Cold Weather Starts
But Don't Let The Soil Get To Dry
A Good Soaking Before The Ground Freezes Is Always Beneficial

Flowering Trees And Shrubs Should Be Fertilized In Early Spring
This Should Be Done Just As New Growth Is Beginning
Apply A 10-10-10 Fertilizer
At The Rate Of One Table Spoon Per Every Foot Of Height Or Spread
Whichever Is Greater
Scatter The Fertilizer Around The Base Of The Shrub
Scratch It Into The Soil And Mulch And Water Well
A Second Application Can Be Made Two Months Later
Liquid Fertilizers Or Prepared Tree Spikes Can Also Be Used According To The Label Instructions

Remember, Flowering Shrubs And Trees Do Not Need A Lot Of Fertilizer
Too Much Nitrogen Can Inhibit Flowering
If You Prefer Not To Use Chemical Fertilizers
You May Apply 1-2 Inches Of Rotted Manure Or Compost Around The Plant
This Can Be Worked Into The Soil Or Left As A Mulch

Winter Protection

A Plant That Is Kept Healthy And Vigorous Throughout The Summer
Will Generally Survive Winter Without Harm
Frost-Heaving Can Be A Problem With Newly-Planted Shrubs And Trees
Especially So, When Planted In The Fall
Frost-Heaving Results When The Ground Repeatedly Frezees And Thaws
And The Plant Is Pushed Or "Heaved" Upward
This Movement Can Tear Roots
If The Damage Is Severe Enough, It Can Kill The Plant

Frost-Heaving Is Easily Prevented
But Mulching Keeps The Soil Temperature Stable

Protect Small Trees And Shrubs With Chicken Wire Or Tree Guards
This Will Keep Mice, Rabbits
And Other Four Legged Critters From Chewing Them Down To The Ground
Larger Shrubs Can Be Treated With Animal Repellents
Although A Hungry Deer Will Eat Whatever Is Availible
They Will Eat Whether It Has Been Sprayed Or Not

Deciduous Trees And Shrubs Usually Do Not Need To Be Watered During The Cold Winter Months
But Evergreens May Need Occasional Watering
Espescially If The Weather Is Unusually Mild And The Ground Does Not Stay Frozen
All Shrubs And Trees Should Be Kept Watered In Areas With Mild Winters

We Hope That This Helps You
"Happy Gardening"

A Garden For Daily Living

Plant Three Rows Of Peas
Peace Of Mind
Peace Of Heart
Peace Of Soul

Plant Four Rows Of Squash
Squash Gossip
Squash Indifference
Squash Grumbling
Squash Selfishness

Plant Four Rows Of Lettuce
Lettuce Be Faithful
Lettuce Be Kind
Lettuce Be Happy
Lettuce Really Love One Another

No Garden Should Be Without Turnips
Turnip For Service When Needed
Turnip To Help One Another
Turnip The Music And Dance

Water Freely With Patience And Cultivate With Love
There Is Much Fruit In Your Garden
Because You Reap What You Sow

To Conclude Our Garden

We Must Have Thyme
Thyme For Fun
Thyme For Rest
Thyme For Ourselves

Author Unknown

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