GrandMa And GrandPa

May You Both Forever Rest Together In Peace And Happiness

And Thank You Rick
For The Changes That You Have Made To Their Dedication Page


Their Journey's Just Began

Don't Think Of Them As Gone Away
Their Journey Has Just Begun
Life Holds So Many Facets
This Earth Is Only One

Just Think Of Them As Resting
From The Sorrows And The Tears
In A Place Of Warmth And Comfort
Where There Are No Days Or Years

Think Of How They Must Be Wishing
That We Could Know, Today
How Nothing But Our Sadness
Can Really Pass Away

And Think Of Them As Living
In The Hearts Of Those They Touched
For Nothing Loved Is Ever Lost
And They Were Loved So Much

Author Unknown

GrandMa And GrandPa Both Loved The Roses

GrandMa ~May 2-1910--August 7- 2000
GrandPa ~May 19-1911--December-1- 2002

Our Memories Of A Mother And A GrandMother

Born A Pioneer

My Favorite Memories Of GrandMa Was Singing To The Angels From Her Armchair
Watching Her Cheer On Her Favorite Baseball Team..The Cubs
I Don't Believe She Missed A Game And Always Wore Her Cubs Hat

I Remember Watching Her And GrandPa Banter Back And Forth
But I Saw The Deep Love And Devotion That They Had For Each Other

I Watched GrandMa Spend Hours On Gifts For The Family
Grandma Doing The Beadwork That She Loved So Much

Once When I Was A Teenager, GrandMa Wanted To Go To Kmart
Of Course We Walked To The Store
When We Got To A Big Intersection She Took My Hand
I Pretended I Was Blind
(She Was Walking Me Across The Street, I Was Not Walking Her)

Thank You For Always Being There

The Cubs Are On TV Right Now And I'm Sure Your Watching Them Too
I Hope That One Of The Cubs Hits A Home Run For You


My GrandMa Was Hugs
And Great Smells From The Kitchen
She Was A Teacher When I Was Eager To Learn
She Loved Music And Children At Her Feet
I Know I Never Felt In The Way I Was Only Questioned

"Where Are Your Shoes?"

GrandMa Was Special

I Know She Is Keeping My Johnathon Company Until My Day Comes To Go Home
I Want To Thank My Heavenly Father For The Oppurtunity To Go To Utah And Kiss My GrandMa One Last Time
To Show GrandPa Support Through His Time Of Grief
And Most Of All To Be Of Support To My Mom And Her Sisters And Brother Through The Loss Of Their Mom

I Thank You For This Dedication
It Is Most Beautiful And Precious

I Love You


I Remember GrandMa As A Wonderful Woman
Always Able To Take The Pranks And Jokes That Were Always Present With GrandPa

She Was Always There For Us As I Was Growing Up

She Was A Fisherman
She Was A Hunter

But Most Of All She Was A Very Creative Woman And My GrandMa
I Will Miss Her Very Much!!!

She Was Always There For Me With A Story Or A Song
I Loved To Hear Her Sing

I Remember Her Always Preparing A Great Sandwich For Our Fishing Trips

I Remember As A Very Young Child Yelling Down The Hall At GrandPa
Because We Had Filled The Bathtub Up With Catfish We Had Caught Out Of The Pond

But Most Of All I Remember The Love She And GrandPa Had For Each Other
She Was A Great Lady And A Great GrandMa!!!

I Will Always Remember The Stories That She Would Tell Me And The Songs She Would Sing To Me

I Will Always Remember The Beautiful Crafts She Would Make Until Her Fingers Were So Sore She Had To Rest

I Know That She Is In A Better Place Now And Is Not Suffering Anymore
That Makes Me Very Happy
I Know That I Will Be Able To See Her Again One Day

Thank You GrandMa
I Miss And Love You Alot
Thanks For The Wonderful Memories That I Have Until We Meet Again
Your Grandson

GrandMa And GrandPa

Though We Never Met
We Feel As If We Have Always Known You Both
You Are Forever Part Of A Very Special Family
We Know That You Both Are Angels In Heaven Watching Over Bobbie
Rest Assured That She Is In Good Hands

Much Love From Us Both
Rick And Rasky

Our Memories Of A Father And A GrandFather
GrandPa Loved The Trains

Memories From A Daughter
Iras To Bobbie

3 or 4 weeks After Dad Died I Was Sitting In The Living Room
I Was Waiting To Get Ready For Church And I Was Reading The Paper
I Put The Paper Down Long Enough To Say Something To Your Dad
I Saw A White Dove Fly By The Window

It Startled Both Of Us As This Is Unusual Here
I Know There Are Doves Around Here But They Are Always As A Group
Never Have I Seen A White One
It Was Like My Dad Was Telling Me To Get On With Life
That He Was Happy Now And Free Of Pain

I Still Have My Moments
I Still Have Not Washed His 49r's Jacket
Marvin Bought It For Him A Few Years Ago
He Wore It Everywhere
I Have To Smell It Once In Awhile
But It Is Slowly Losing His Smell
When It Does And I Am Ready I Will Wash It Up For Daddy

I Remember Going To A Few Baseball Games With Him
This Was When We Lived In San Francisco Where The Seals Were
My Brother Went Once In Awhile But It Was Mostly Me That Went Him
I Also Remember Going To A Wrestling Match When He Was Competing
I Went With My Mom And Grandma (My Dads Mom)
He Said When I Saw Him With A Bloody Nose
That I Tried To Get To The Man That Did It And Beat Him Up
But I Do Not Remember It

I Was A Real Tom Boy And I Had Responsibility For My Brother
My Brother Was Older Than Me And Was Mentally Challenged
I Got Into A Lot Of Trouble Hitting Someone Who Would Pick On Him
I Do Remember That

A Life Time Of Memories

Memories From A GrandDaughter

Yes There Are So Many Memories
My Grandpa's Girlie Pictures On His Garage Walls

All Of His Hunting Trophies
The Elk
And Deer

Taking Marv And Me To San Francisco On The Train
While Marvin Rode In The Engine
I Rode With GrandMa On The Double Decker Train On The Top
While GrandMa Was On The Bottom

GrandPa Would Come Around To Collect Tickets
GrandPa Would Ask Me
"Where Is Your Ticket Young Lady?"
I Would Look At Him And Say
"Grandpa I Don't Have One"

I Can Still See Him Saying
"Well Then"
"I Gotta Throw You Off The Train"
And Me Looking At GrandMa And Asking If GrandPa Was Kidding
All The While GrandPa Was Laughing And Saying
"Gotta Do It"

Also The Last Time I Saw GrandPa
He Had Taken Me, Marv, His Daughters Sam And Tonya And Donna To A Favorite Fishing Hole Of His Where He Was So Happy To Just Go And Fish

He Loved To Fish
I Caught A Trout That Day And Marv Helped Me Get It Off The Hook
Only To Have It Flop It's Way Back To The Lake

My Grandpa Was Also In The Coast Guard
And Was A Runner And A Wrestler At The YMCA
He Hated The TV Wrestlers Because He Said It Was All Fake
We All Know Now That He Was Right
Though They Are In Shape, It Is Staged

My Grandfather Also Held The Record For Most Laps
(Miles Ran) Recorded For A Man Of His Age
He Was Very Proud Of That

So Many Lasting Memories!!!!!!!!!!

Memories From A GrandSon

So Many Great Memories!!!!!!

Having Him Pick Me Up Early In Mornings
To Take Me To His Boat And Out Fishing!!!

Watching Him Hide And Crawl On The Floor To Sneak Upon GrandMa
To Throw Firecrackers In The House At Her Feet While She Would Be Cooking

Going Fishing With Him At His Old Ranch
Catching Catfish And Filling Up The Bathtub With Them
So When GrandMa Got Home And Went To Take A Bath
She Would Yell At Him Cuz The Tub Was Full Of Catfish

Him Taking Me On The Train To San Francisco On His Conductor Job
Letting Me Sit Up Front With The Engineer
And Ride To San Fran In The Engine All The Way

So Many Memories!!!!!!!!!!

Memories From A GrandDaughter

I Have So Many Fond Memories Of My GrandPa
This Is Very Hard

I Loved Going To Work With My GrandPa On The Train
And Riding On The Double Decker Car Of The Train

I Loved Fishing With My GrandPa
No Matter How Old I Got
I Was Never Allowed To Cast My Line Or Bait My Hook

I Remember Such Wonderful Things
That My GrandParents Gave Us In Our Memories
Most Of All I Know That I Miss Them So Much
But I Know That I Will See Them Again And That Is What Keeps Me Smiling

P.S. From Bobbie

Funny How We All Fondly Remember Trains And Fishing
Guess That Was What GrandPa's Are Made Of

GrandMother And GrandFather Are Gardeners
They Plant The Seeds Of Faith
And Love
That Develop Into The Fairest Flowers Of Character
And Happiness In The Lives Of Their Grandchildren

Author Unknown

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