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Peace And Love

Strong Woman Versus a Woman of Strength

A Strong Woman Works Out Everyday To Keep Her Body In Shape
But A Woman Of Strength Kneels In Prayer To Keep Her Soul In Shape

A Strong Woman Isn't Afraid Of Anything
But A Woman Of Strength Shows Courage In The Midst Of Her Fear

A Strong Woman Won't Let Anyone Get The Best Of Her
But a Woman Of Strength Gives The Best Of Her To Everyone

A Strong Woman Makes Mistakes And Avoids The Same In The Future
A Woman Of Strength Realizes Life's Mistakes Can Also Be Creator's Blessings
And She Capitalizes On Them

A Strong Woman Walks Sure Footedly
But A Woman Of Strength Knows Creator Will Catch Her When She Falls

A Atrong Woman Wears The Look Of Confidence On Her Face
But a Woman Of Strength Wears Grace

A Strong Woman Has Faith That She Is Strong Enough For The Journey
But A Woman Of Strength
Has Faith That It Is In The Journey That She Will Become Strong

Author Unknown


I Looked For Something Rare
Something I Would Treasure Forever
Something That Would Remind Me
That I Am Right Where I Belong At Anytime Day Or Night
That I Didn't Know What I Was Searching For
That I Didn't Know Where I Would Find It
That I Didn't Even Know Where To Begin

So I Thought That I Would Take Time Off And Just Be Me
When I Least Expected It, I Found A Dream
When I Wasn't Looking, My Treasure Had Come
It Was Not Wrapped In A Package
It Was Not Shiny And New Yet It Was Mine
It Wasn't Perfect But Then Neither Was I
What It Was Is Perfect For Me

What I Found Was


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Love Is Never Silent

A Loving Heart, A Gentle Smile
A Warm And Tender Touch,
We Give So Many Things In Life
But Nothing Means As Much

A Little Inspiration
When Someone Loses Hope
A Kind Word Of Encouragement
When They No Longer Seem To Cope

A Simple Phrase, "I Love You"
When No One Else Is There
Taking Hold Onto A Hand
In A Little Heartfelt Prayer

Love Is Never Silent
It Has So Much To Say
And It Is Our Greatest Blessing
When We Give It All Away

Author Unknown

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