A Free Hug From Rasky
Now Don't You Feel Better?

A Simple Hug

There's Something In A Simple Hug
That Always Warms The Heart
It Welcomes Us Back Home
And Makes It Easier To Part

A Hug's A Way To Share The Joy
And Sad Times We Go Through
Or Just A Way For Friends To Say
They Like You 'Cause You're You

Hugs Are Meant For Anyone
For Whom We Really Care
From Your Gran To Your Neighbor
Or A Cuddly Teddy Bear

A Hug Is An Amazing Thing
It's Just The Perfect Way
To Show The Love We're Feeling
But Can't Find The Words To Say

It's Funny How A Little Hug
Makes Everyone Feel Good
In Every Place And Language
It's Always Understood

And Hugs Don't Need New Equipment
Special Batteries Or Parts
Just Open Up Your Arms
And Open Up Your Hearts

Author Unknown


It's Wondrous What A Hug Can Do
A Hug Can Cheer You Up When You're Blue

A Hug Can Say "I Love You So"
Or, "Gee, I Hate To See You Go"

A Hug Is "Welcome Back Again"
And "Great To See You" "Where've You Been?"

A Hug Can Soothe A Small Childs Pain
Or Bring A Rainbow After The Rain

The Hug! There's Just No Doubt About It
We Never Could Survive Without It

A Hug Delights, Warms And Charms
It Must Be God Who Gave Us Arms

Hugs Are Great For Fathers And Mothers
Sweet For Sisters And Swell For Brothers

And Chances Are Your Favorite Uncles And Aunts
Love Them More That Potted Plants

Kittens Crave Them, Puppies Love Them
Heads Of State Are Not Above Them

A Hug Can Break The Language Barrier
And Make Your Travels Much More Merrier

No Need To Fret About Your Store Of 'Em
The More You Give, The More There Is Of 'Em

So Stretch Out Those Arms Without Delay And Give Some One A Big Hug

Author Unknown

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