Rasky's Dedication To Katherine
(A.K.A. HairDark) And Husband
United We Have Won One Battle
Thank You For Your Help


She Sees The Beauty In The Gently Falling Snow
She Sees The Beauty Of God's Creatures That Are All Around Her
She Sees The Beauty Of Mother Earth For Which She Is A Part Of
And Which We Are All A Part Of

She Has Gazed Out Over The Mountain Tops
She Has Flown With The Eagle And Saw Through His Eyes
She Has Ran With Pluto
She Has Felt The Sun
And Danced On The Moon
She Has Kissed The Sky
And Drank From The Milky Way
She Has Walked Side By Side With Her Wolf Brother And Sister
She Has Felt Lifes Fears
She Has Cried A River Of Tears
She Has Laughed For What Has Seemed A Hundred Years

She Holds The Creature Still Showing Him His Wolf Brother
She Calms Their Wild Spirit Teaching Them To Exist Side By Side
She Leads All To Walk The Path Together

She Feels The Winds Of Change Blowing Through Her Long Dark Hair
Her Written Words Flow Freely From Her Heart
Wise Wisdom
Lets Pull Together And Rebuild Mother Earth Instead Of Pulling It Apart

She Is A True Warrior
She Helps Others To Right A Wrong
She Has The Heart Of A Lion As She Fights Her Own Life's Battles

We Love You Our Friend
May Your Spirit Walker Watch Over You
Protect You
And Help You To Heal

CopyRight 2000-
Rick "IrockBlue"
And Bobbie "IrocksLady"
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

She Walks In Beauty

She Walks In Beauty, Like The Night
Of Cloudless Climes And Starry Skies
And All That's Best Of Dark And Bright
Meets In Her Aspect And Her Eyes
Thus Mellowed To That Tender Light
Which Heavens To Gaudy Day Denies

One Shade The More, One Ray The Less
Had Half Impaired The Nameless Grace
Which Waves In Every Raven Tress
Of Softly Lightens O'er Her Face
Where Thoughts Serenely Sweet Express
How Pure, How Dear Their Dwelling Place

And On That Cheek And O'er That Brow
So Soft, So Calm, Yet Eloquent
The Smiles That Win, The Tints That Glow
But Tells Of Days In Goodness Spent
A Mind At Peace With All Below
A Heart Whose Love Is Innocent

Lord Byron


There Is A Pleasure In The Pathless Woods
There Is A Rapture On The Lonely Shore
There Is Society Where None Intrudes
By The Deep Sea And Music In Its Roar
I Love Not Man The Less But Nature More
From These Our Interviews In Which I Steal
From All I May Be Or Have Been Before
To Mingle With The Universe And Feel
What I Can Ne'er Express Yet Cannot All Conceal

Lord Byron

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