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Children's Internet Safety Quiz

1. As I Travel Through "Cyber Space"
Information That I Should Never Give Out To SomeOne I Meet On-Line Includes:

A. The Names Of My Favorite Books And Movies
B. My Real Name, Address, Telephone Number, The School That I Attend
Or My Photograph.
C. The Name Of My Pet

2. If SomeOne Sends Me An Inappropiate Message Or Material
I Should:

A. Never Reply To These Messages And Tell My Parents
So That They Can Notify Our On Line Service Provider
B. Keep It A Secret
C. Reply To The Message And Ask The Sender To Stop Sending Me Messages

3. If SomeOne That I Meet Online Asks Me To Keep A Secret From My Parents
I Should:

A. Keep The Secret Because They Are My "Cyber-Friend"
B. Tell All My Friends Because It's Hard For Me To Keep A Secret
C. Tell My Parents
Because No One Should Ever Ask Me To Keep Secrets From My Parents

4. If Someone Is On My E-mail "Buddy List," Friend List" or "Contact List"
And I Only Know That Person Online
He Or She Is:

A. My Friend And Someone That I Can Trust
B. The Person He Or She Claims To Be
C. Someone That I Should Be Cautious About
Because I Don't Know Him Or Her Well

5. As I Travel Through "Cyberspace"
I Should Never:

A. Take A Break And Have A Snack
B. Use The Internet To Help Me With My Homework
C. Agree To Meet Someone In Person Who I Have Met Online

6. The "CyberTipline"

A. A Cool New Video Game
B. My Online Source To Report Child-Sexual Exploitation.
C. A Website Where I Can Find Information About "UFO'S"


Gregg Degroat/Dayton Daily News

For More Information
Please Visit:
http://www.fbi.gov/library/pguide.htm or www.missingkids.com

National Center For Missing And Exploited Children Website

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