Rick And Bobbie Wish You Luck
If You Are Playing The Indiana Lottery

If You Are Lucky Enough To Win
Rasky Needs A New Chew Toy

**Grins And Doggie Licks**

The First Time That We Used The Nunbers Picked By The Lottery Picker
To Play The Ohio Lottery
We Got Four Out Of Five Of The Numbers Picked
We Won $250.00
One More Number Right And We would Have Won $100,000.00
Oh Well You Can't Win Them All

Darn It!!!

Lottery Number Picker

Probabilities On Winning

If You Attempt To Guess One Number Chosen From 49 Lottery Balls
Then The Probability That You Are Correct Is 1/49

If You Have A Second Attempt And The Previous Ball Is Not Replaced
Then The Probability Is 1/48

If You Choose Six Numbers
Then The Probability That One Of Them Is The Same As The First Ball Drawn
Is 6/49

Given That The First Number Is Chosen Correctly
Then The Probability For Drawing The Second Number Correctly Is 5/48

The Probability Of Choosing All Six Numbers Correctly Is

6 / 49 x 5 / 48 x 4 / 47 x 3 / 46 x 2 / 45 x 1 / 44 = 1 / 13,983,816

For Example
If You Have One Attempt Per Day
Then You Could Expect To Win On Average
Once During The Next 38,285 Years!

What To Do If You Win The Lottery

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