From Rick Bobbie And Rasky

Sunrise On Mother's Day

The Sun Arose On Me Yesterday
But Not Today
It Has Gone Away

I Awoke Feeling Tired And Sleepy And Sad
In My Selfish Hour I Gave Up All That I Had

Now I Am Mad
Mad At Myself
I Feel Like A Forgotten Book On A Shelf

I Stumbled Throughout The Day
Not Smiling Or Giving In Any Way
I Come Home Tired And Full Of Self Pity And Then I Hear You Say
Look At What Our Little One Did Today

I Go Where I Am Told, Expecting The Worst
Now What? Adding To My Mood
I Have No Time To Rest
Not Even A Thought About Food

There On The Seat
Under A Black Velvet Box So Neat
Two Envelopes
Feeling Stunned
I Did Not Know What To Say
I Was Taken Aback At The Giving
I Do Not Deserve This Today

While I Was Feeling So Down
I Was Being Thought Of By You
My Perfect Gift Had Left For Me A Token Of His Love
My Heart Skips A Beat, Now I Am Not So Blue

When I Least Expected It
There You Were, Lifting My Spirit, My Heart
I Was Glad To Be Home
No Longer Apart

The Words On The Cards Were So Loving And Yes
You Touched My Heart And I Felt So Blessed

I Am So Lucky To Have A Man Like You
You Gave Me A Gift When I Didn't Expect It From You

That Is What Love Is All About
Giving Reasons For Living
You Lifted My Spirit When Inside I Was Crying

The Diamond Gift Which Sparkled So Bright And True
I Knew Then That I Could Only Share Them With You

The Earrings That We Split
One For You, One For Me
So That When We Are Apart
Together We Will Always Be

You Have Made Mother's Day Special To Me
Now I Know That I Am Where I Am Supposed To Be

With You And With The Sunrise On A Beautiful Mother's Day
I Whisper

Forever, To You, This I Will Say

CopyRight 2000-

Together Forever
Quietman and LilDream
CopyRight Bobbie "Irockslady"
Rick "Irockblue" 5-14-01

My Child

A Helpless Being Were You When Into My Life You Came
From First We Met I Knew That I Would Never Be The Same

As I Looked Upon You With My Mother's Eye
I Knew Then How Much I Was Loved By The Mother Whom Was Mine

Time Went By
I Watched You Grow Knowing All Along
Your Time With Me Was Just A Loan Your Life To You Belongs

You Needed Me To Ready You For The Day When We Would Part
On Your Own You Would Be An Expression Of My Heart

You Needed Me To Advise You On Decisions Great And Small
You Needed Me So Many Times I Could Not Write Them All

You Needed Me Long Before My Arms Could Ever Hold
My Eyes Could See
My Lips Could Touch My Miracle Unfold

You Needed Me
"OH NO" My Love
If You Only Knew
All These Years It's Really Been I That Needed You!

CopyRight 2000-
By: Valerie Eggers 5-09-2003
Used With Permission Of The Author

The Birds Are Softly Singing
A Gentle Breeze Has Stirred
And All Around This Lovely Sound
Are Memories Somewhat Blurred

The Scent Of Cherry Blossoms
As They Flutter To The Ground
Take Me Back In Time
To Other Sights And Sounds

Memories, Like This Moment
Perfected In My Mind
And On This Lonely Park Bench
I Let Them All Unwind

And Like This Little Snow Globe
When I Walk Away
The Memories Remain Encased
To Be Enjoyed Another Day

In Memory of My Mother
Helen Irene
Sept 15, 1933 - Nov 25, 1990

CopyRight 2003-
Used With Permission Of The Author
Judy Gagnon May 2003

A Mother's Love

There Are Times When Only A Mother's Love
Can Understand Our Tears
Can Soothe Our Disappointments
And Calm All Of Our Fears

There Are Times When Only A Mother's Love
Can Share The Joy That We Feel
When Something We've Dreamed About
Quite Suddenly Is Real

There Are Times When Only A Mother's Faith
Can Help Us On Life's Way
And Inspire In Us The Confidence
That We Need From Day To Day

For A Mother's Heart And A Mother's Faith
And A Mother's Steadfast Love
Were Fashioned By The Angels
And Sent From God Above

Author Unknown

Your Mother Is Always With You

Your Mother Is Always With You

She's The Whisper Of The Leaves As You Walk Down The Street

She's The Smell Of Bleach In Your Freshly Laundered Socks

She's The Cool Hand On Your Brow When You're Not Well

Your Mother Lives Inside Your Laughter

She's Crystallized In Every Tear Drop

She's The Place You Came From, Your First Home

She's The Map You Follow With Every Step That You Take
She's Your First Love And Your First Heart Break

Nothing On Earth Can Separate You
Not Time, Not Space
Not Even Death, Will Ever Separate You From Your Mother

You Will Always Carry Her Inside Of You

Author Unknown

Mom And Me

Best Friends Forever Mom And Me
Picking Flowers And Climbing A Tree
A Shoulder To Cry On Secrets To Share
Warm Hearts And Hands That Really Care

Author Unknown

And Grandma's Too

While We Honor All Of Our Mothers
With Words Of Love And Praise
While We Tell About Their Goodness
And Their Kind And Loving Ways
We Should Also Think Of Grandma
She's A Mother Too
You See
For She Mothered My Dear Mother
As My Mother Mothers Me

Author Unknown

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