Bobbie And I
Would Like To Introduce You To Our Newest Internet Friend

We Have Made A Lot Of New Friends On The Internet
They Have All Affected Us In One Way Or Another
Most Of You Are Friends That Are Like Family To Us
Even Though We Will Probably Never Meet
You Are Still Family To Us

From My Fellow Brother Whitehawk In Texas
To Karli In Michigan
To Karli's Family
To Our Friends All Around The World
We Are Proud To Call You Friend

A Single E-Mail From A Vietnam Veteran
Asking Us To Add His Brother
To Our "Those Who Survived Vietnam Wall" On Our Web Site
Opened The Door For More To Come

They Sent Us Pictures Of A Family Gathering For Thanksgiving
It Took Us A Few Minutes To Realize That This Gathering Was In A Hospital
We Thought To Ourselves, "Damn"
That's Not A Good Place To Be For Thanksgiving

As We Looked At The Pictures
We Saw This Little Girl With An IV And A Face Mask
Then We Saw Another Picture Of Her With A Beautiful Smile
What Could Be Bothering Her?
We Soon Learned It Is Called "Cystic Fibrosis"

For Information On Cystic Fibrosis Click Here

It Broke Our Hearts And We Didn't Even Know Her
In This Modern Day And Age Of Science And Medicine
Why Is This Young Girl With The Big Beautiful Smile Not Cured?
If We Could Trade Places With Her, We Would

What Thoughts Are Behind That Big Beautiful Smile?
We Can't Imagine What She Is Going Through
Only She And God Knows

I Know That You Are All Busy With Christmas
But Can You Please Take The Time To Send Karli An E-Mail
Or Send Her A Card Or Something
The Most Precious Thing On This Earth
Are Our Children

Bobbie And I Want This To Be A Great And Happy Christmas For Karli
And Prayers And More Prayers For Many More Christmas's To Come

Thank You For Your Consideration

Rick And Bobbie

Below Are Comments From Her Mother
And Following That
There Is A Link So You Can Meet Karlie

Karlie Is Eleven

Her Birthdate Is 3-2-98
She Has One Sister Named Shelby Thirteen
Birthday 2-18-96, That I Don't Like To Leave Out
Karlie Gets So Much Attention She Is Often Forgotten By People
The Disease Affects Her Too
She Has To Live With Her Mom Being Gone All The Time At The Hospital
She Does Not Get The Attention That She Deserves
As A Young Teenager That Is Very Hard

She Has A Dog Named Zoey That Is A Dachshund/Lab Mix

Some of Karlie's favorite things to do are
Play with Barbie's
My Little Pony's
And Webkinz
Webkinz Are Toy Stuffed Animals
That Were Originally Released By the Ganz Company On April 29, 2005

She Was Diagnosed With Cystic Fibrosis At Three Months Old
It Is A Genetic Disease Which Must Come From Both The Mother And The Father
Years Ago The Life Expectancy Was Only 10 Years
When Karlie Was Diagnosed It Was 20 Years
Now It Is Up To 30 Years

Karlie Takes Eleven Different Prescription Drugs
Six Different Inhaled Medications
And Has To Do Chest PT Three To Four Times A Day

She Will Be Getting Referred For An Evaluation
To Get A Lung Transplant Sometime In The Next Three To Six Months

Click Here To Visit With Karli

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