For Bobbie
Aunt Dixie
And All The Mom's Of The World

Excuse This House

Some Houses Try To Hide The Fact That Children Shelter There
Ours Boasts Of It Quite Openly The Signs Are Everywhere

For Smears Are On The Windows Little Smudges On The Doors
I Should Appologize I Guess For Toys Strewn On The Floor

But I Sat Down With The Children And We Played And Laughed And Read
And If The Doorbell Doesn't Shine Their Eye's Will Shine Instead

For When At Times I'm Forced To Choose Between One Job Or The Other
I Want To Be A Housewife But First I Will Be A Mother

Author Unknown

A Parent's Prayer

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
I Pray My Sanity To Keep
For If Some Peace I Do Not Find
I Am Pretty Sure I'll Lose My Mind

I Pray That I Find A Little Quiet
Far From The Daily Family Riot
May I Lie Back Not Have To Think
About What They Are Stuffing Down The Sink
Or Who They Are With Or Where They Are At
And What They Are Doing To The Cat

I Pray For Time All To Myself
Did Something Just Fall Off A Shelf?
To Cuddle In My Nice, Soft Bed
Oh No!
Another Goldfish Is Dead!

Some Silent Moments For Goodness Sake
Did I Just Hear A Window Break?
And That I Need Not Cook Or Clean
Well Heck! I Have Got The Right To Dream

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
I Pray My Wits About Me Keep
But As I Look Around
I know
I Must Have Lost Them Long Ago!

Author Unknown

The Girl I Used To Be

She Came Tonight As I Sat Alone
The Girl I Used To Be
And Then Gazed At Me With Her Earnest Eyes
And Questioned Reproachfully

"Have You Forgotten The Many Plans
And Hopes That I Had For You
The Great Career, The Splendid Fame
All The Wonderful Things To Do?
Where Is The Mansion Of Stately Height?
With It's Ground And It's Gardens Rare?
The Silken Robes That I Dreamed For You
And The Jewels For Your Hair?"

And As She Spoke I Was Very Sad
For I Wanted Her Pleased With Me
This Slender Girl From The Shadowy Past
The Girl I Used To Be

So Gently Arising I Took Her Hand
And Guided Her Up The Stair
Where Peacefully My Babies Lay
Innocent, Sweet And Fair

And I Told Her That They Are My Only Gems
And Precious They Are To Me
That My Silken Robe Is My Motherhood
Of Costly Simplicity
And My Mansion Of Stately Height Is Love
And The Only Career I Know
Is Serving Each Day In It's Sheltering Walls
For The Dear Ones Who Come And Go

And As I Spoke To My Shadow Guest
She Smiled Through Her Tears At Me
And I Saw That The Woman That I Am Now
Pleased The Girl I That I Used To Be

Author Unknown

Little Eyes

There Are Little Eyes Upon You
And They're Watching Night And Day
There Are Little Ears That Quickly
Take In Every Word You Say

There Are Little Hands All Eager
To Do Everything You Do
And A Little Child Who's Dreaming
Of The Day They'll Be Like You

You're The Little Child's Idol
You're The Wisest Of The Wise
In Their Little Minds About You
No Suspicions Ever Rise

They Believe In You Devoutly
Holds That All You Say And Do
They Will Say And Do In Your Way
When They've Grown Up Just Like You

There's A Wide-Eyed Little Child
Who Believes You're Always Right
And Their Ears Are Always Open
And They Watch You Day And Night

You Are Setting An Example
Every Day In All You Do
For The Little Child Who's Waiting
To Grow Up To Be Like You

Author Unknown

Come In

But Don't Expect To Find
All Dishes Done
All Floors Ashine

Observe The Crumpled Rug
The Toys Galore
The Smudgy
Fingerprinted Door

The Little Ones I Shelter Here
Don't Thrive On Spotless Atmosphere

They're More Inclined To Disarray
And Carefree
Even Messy Play!

Their Needs Are Great Their Patience Small
All Day I Am At Their Beck And Call

It's "Come And Look!
Come And See!"
Wiggly Worms And A Red Scraped Knee

Painted Pictures
Blocks Piled High
My Floors, Unshined
The Days Go By

Some Future Day They'll Flee This Nest
And I At Last
Will Take My Rest

And Which Really Matters More?
A Happy Child Or A Polished Floor?

Author Unknown

Walking With Grandma

I Like To Walk With Grandma
Her Steps Are Short Like Mine
She Doesn't Say "Now Hurry Up"
She Always Takes Her Time

I Like To Walk With Grandma
Her Eyes See Things Like Mine Do
Wee Pebbles Bright, A Funny Cloud
Half Hidden Drops Of Dew

Most People Have To Hurry
They Do Not Stop And See
I'm Glad That God Made Grandma
Unrushed And Young Like Me!

Author Unknown

When I'm A Little Old Lady

When I'm A Little Old Lady
Then I'll Live With My Children And Bring Them Great Joy
To Repay All I've Had From Each Girl And Boy

I Shall Draw On The Walls And Scuff Up The Floor
Run In And Out Without Closing The Door

I'll Hide Frogs In The Pantry And Socks Under My Bed
Whenever They Scold Me
I'll Hang My Head

I'll Run And I'll Romp
Always Fritter Away
The Time To Be Spent Doing Chores Every Day

I'll Pester My Children When They Are On The Phone
As Long As They're Busy
I Won't Leave Them Alone

Hide Candy In Closets
Rocks In A Drawer
And Never Pick Up My Clothes From The Floor

Dash Off To The Movies And Not Wash A Dish
I'll Plead For Allowance Whenever I Wish

I'll Stuff Up The Plumbing And Deluge The Floor
As Soon As They've Mopped It I'll Flood It Some More

When They Correct Me
I'll Lie Down And Cry
Kicking And Screaming Not A Tear In My Eye

I'll Take All Their Pencils And Flashlights And Then
When They Buy New Ones
I'll Take Them Again

I'll Spill Glasses Of Milk To Complete Every Meal
Eat My Banana And Just Drop The Peel

Put Toys On The Table
Spill Jam On The Floor
I'll Break Lots Of Dishes As Though I Were Four

What Fun I Shall Have
What Joy It Will Be
To Live With My Children
The Way They Lived With Me!

Author Unknown

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