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Dancin' On The Moon

I Wish That We Could All Dance As One On The Moon
To Dance On The Clouds Above
To Kiss The Sky
To Hug The Moon
To Leap Over The Sun
To Bark At Pluto
To Drink From The Milky Way
To Fall With The Rain
To Rise With The Sun
To Rejoice At Life
To Laugh At Death

Dancin' On The Moon And Forgetting The Troubles Of The World
As A Family Of One
No Matter Who We Are
No Matter Our Beliefs
No Matter The Color Of Our Skin
Who You Love Is Who You Love
It Doesn't Matter
We Are All The Same
Sharing Life, Love, Happiness And The Tears
Come On Make Us Laugh And Forget The Tears
Come On
Lets Go Dancin' On The Moon

CopyRight 2003-
Dancin' On The Moon
Rick "IrockBlue"
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

Full Moon

Here We Sit Waiting
Watching As The Moon Begins To Rise
Twinkling Stars Above Us, Shadows On The Ground
Twilight Gives The Perfect Light To All That It Surrounds
Reach Out And Take Our Hands, C'mon Get Up And Dance
Crickets, Frogs And Katydids Make Up The Sweetest Band
Laughter Makes The Harmony Of Our Moonlight Dance Complete
Forget The Problems And The Stress That Make The Daily Grind
For Right Now All That Exists, Is This Small Moment In Time
So Take Our Hand And Dance And Quietly Listen
To The Crickets, Frogs And Katydids Who Enjoy This Exhibition
Be Grateful For The Happy Times When Nothing Seems To Matter
Simply Dancing In The Moonlight, Is All We Wish To Do

CopyRight 2003-
Full Moon
Bobbie "Irockslady"
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

Under The Harvest Moon

Under The Harvest Moon
When The Soft Silver
Drips Shimmering
Over The Garden Nights

The Gray Mocker
Comes And Whispers To You
As A Beautiful Friend
Who Remembers

Under The Summer Roses
When The Flagrant Crimson
Lurks In The Dusk
Of The Wild Red Leaves

With Little Hands
Comes And Touches You
With A Thousand Memories
And Asks You
Unanswerable Questions

By Carl Sandburg

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