Our Rose Of Red
We Will Love You Forever

This Page Is Dedicated To Bobbie
The Only Woman That We Have Ever Truely Loved
We Thank You For Finding Us And Saving Our Lives

Our Rose Of Red
We Love You

Rick And Rasky

Can't Help Falling In Love

Wise Men Say Only Fools Rush In
But I Can't Help Falling In Love With You
Shall I Stay?
Would It Be A Sin?
If I Can't Help Falling In Love With You

Like A River Flows Surely To The Sea
Darling So It Goes
Some Things Are Meant To Be

Take My Hand
Take My Whole Life Too
For I Can't Help Falling In Love With You

Like A River Flows Surely To The Sea
Darling So It Goes
Some Things Are Meant To Be

Take My Hand
Take My Whole Life Too
For I Can't Help Falling In Love With You

For I Can't Help Falling In Love With You

Recorded By Elvis Presley
Words And Music By George Weiss
Hugo Peretti
And Luigi Creatore

Roses Are Red

A Long Long Time Ago
On Graduation Day
You Handed Me Your Book
I Signed This Way

Roses Are Red My Love
Violets Are Blue
Sugar Is Sweet My Love
But Not As Sweet As You

We Dated Through High School
And When The Big Day Came
I Wrote Into Your Book
Next To My Name

Roses Are Red My Love
Violets Are Blue
Sugar Is Sweet My Love
But Not As Sweet As You

Is That Your Little Girl?
She Looks So Much Like You
Someday Some Boy Will Write
In Her Book Too

Roses Are Red My Love
Violets Are Blue
Sugar Is Sweet My Love
But Not As Sweet As You

Then I Went Far Away
And You Found Someone New
I Read Your Letter Dear
And I Wrote Back To You

Roses Are Red My Love
Violets Are Blue
Sugar Is Sweet My Love
Good Luck
May God Bless You

Recorded By Bobby Vinton
Written By A. Byron And P. Evans
CopyRite Port Music Inc.
Iyamusic Publishing Co

"Oh Geeze
Give Me A Break!!"

White Rose

The Red Rose Whispers Of Passion
And The White Rose Breathes Of Love
Oh The Red Rose Is A Falcon
And The White Rose Is A Dove

But I Send You A Cream-White Rosebud
With A Flush On It's Petal Tips
For The Love That Is Purest And Sweetest
Has A Kiss Of Desire On The Lips

John Boyle O'Reilly

October Roses

You Say You Are Sorry For The Youth That You Lack
For The Sag Of Your Breasts, For The Bend In Your Back

For Your Hair Turning Grey And The Tears That Now Flow
For The Choices You Made Such A Long Time Ago

Spring Roses Are Lovely, They Make My Heart Sing
And In Summer The Roses Sweet Memories Bring

But I Most Need The Rose When The Bitter Winds Call
October Roses Are The Fairest Of All

As A Maid You Were Lovely, Your Cheeks Bloomed So Red
And You Gave Your Heart Freely, Too Freely, You Said

As A Woman Full Grown You Knew Passion And Strife
And A Gentle Heart Torn With The Thorns Of Your Life

Now You're Growing Older, Sometimes You Feel Done
But Your Strong Roots Still Guide You, You'll Still Find The Sun

For You Blossom With Wisdom And Courage And Care
You're The Fairest Of Roses That Bloom Anywhere

Author Unknown

Never Lose An Opportunity Of Seeing Anything That Is Beautiful
For Beauty Is God's Handwriting
A Wayside Sacrament
Welcome It In Every Fair Face
In Every Fair Sky, In Every Flower
And Thank God For It
As A Cup Of Blessing

Ralph Waldo Emerson

My Senses Benumbed

To The Thorn In My Hand
By The Beauty And Perfume Of The Rose I Beheld
Not 'Til It's Vision Of Splendor And Essence Had Withered
Did I Stop To Regard The Lost Pain

Author Unknown

A Rose

A Sepal, Petal And A Thorn
Upon A Common Summer's Morn
A Flash Of Dew, A Bee Or Two
A Breeze
A Caper In The Trees
And I'm A Rose!

Emily Dickinson

As Late I Rambled In The Happy Fields
What Time The Sky-Lark Shakes The Tremulous Dew
From His Lush Clover Covert, When Anew
Adventurous Knights Take Up Their Dinted Shields

I Saw The Sweetest Flower Wild Nature Yields
A Fresh Blown Musk Rose, 'Twas The First That Threw
It's Sweets Upon The Summer, Graceful It Grew
As Is The Wand That Queen Titania Wields

And As I Feasted On It's Fragrancy
I Thought The Garden Rose It Far Excell'd
But When, O Wells! Thy Roses Came To Me
My Sense With Their Deliciousness Was Spell'd
Soft Voices Had They, That With Tender Plea

Whisper'd of Peace And Truth And Friendliness Unquell'd

John Keats 1884 Poetical Works

Blue Roses

The Light That Failed
Roses Red And Roses White
Plucked I For My Love's Delight

She Would None Of All My Posies
Bade Me Gather Her Blue Roses

Half The World I Wandered Through
Seeking Where Such Flowers Grew

Half The World Unto My Quest
Answered Me With Laugh And Jest

Home I Came At Wintertide
But My Silly Love Had Died

Seeking With Her Latest Breath
Roses From The Arms Of Death

It May Be Beyond The Grave
She Shall Find What She Would Have

Mine Was But An Idle Quest
Roses White And Red Are Best!

Rudyard Kipling

My Pretty Rose Tree

A Flower Was Offer'd To Me
Such A Flower As May Never Bore
But I Said 'I've A Pretty Rose-Tree
And I Passed The Sweet Flower O'er
Then I Went To My Pretty Rose-Tree
To Tend Her By Day And By Night
But My Rose Turn'd Away With Jealousy
And Her Thorns Were My Only Delight

William Blake

Love And Roses

Those Roses Were So Beautiful
They Will Always Be With Me
I Have Now Placed The Petals
In Pages One, Two And Three

Roses Lovingly Sent To Me
Blooms In White, Pink And Red
Enclosed In My Poetry Book
On A Table Beside My Bed

They All Stay Fresh In My Mind
Love And Roses I Connect The Two
Place Beneath The Rose Petals
Are The Messages Written By You

All Have Some Loving Message
I Remember The First Roses White
Attached To Them Were The Words
Thanks For The Wonderful Night

The Pink Ones In My Second Page
Pretty , Delicate And So Fragile
You Saying They Remind You Of Me
You Drew Onto The Message A Smile

Then Came The Romantic Red Roses
Two Hearts On The Message In Red
The Hearts And Ribbon, The Love Of Two
Two Roses, Two Hearts We Thread

Author Unknown

Rose Color Meanings

Red----Love, Passion, Respect, Courage

White---Innocence, Purity, Secrecy

Yellow---Joy, Friendship


Light Pink---Grace, Gladness, Joy

Dark Pink---Thankfulness

Lavender---Love At First Sight, Enchantment


Preserving Fresh Cut Flowers
Fresh Floral Arrangements

Flowers Should Be Arranged In Floral Foam
This Acts As A Preservative To Prolong The Life Of The Flowers
So Just Water Daily And Keep In A Cool Location Away From Heat And Drafts

Cut Flowers

Cut Stems With A Sharp Knife, Not Scissors, Under Clean Warm Water
Transfer Flowers To A Vase Filled With Water Of The Same Temperature
Remove All Foliage That Will Be Below The Water Line
Special Flower Preservatives Can Be Used To Prolong The Life Of The Flowers
Flower Preservatives Stop Bacterial Growth In The Water
Add Water As Needed And Replenish Solution Every 2 Days
If You Donot Use Preservatives
Then Change The Water Daily
Clean The Container And Recut The Stems
Place Flowers In A Cool Location
Keep Them Away From Heat Sources, Air Conditioners And Drafts

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