For All It's Inherit Beauty
Never Let The Rose Die
Wars Have Been Fought And The Earth Has Been Burnt
The Rose Still Rises From The Ashes

CopyRight Rick "Irockblue" 07--31-2000
Peace and Love

Rick's Thoughts

It Is A Shame

Death Is An Absolute Final Factor Of Our Lives
Fighting For Freedom Can Cause It To Come Sooner Than It Should
It Is So Sad That So Many Young Men And Women Have To Fight Wars
They Lose Their Lives
Without Ever Experiencing What The Future Holds For Them

It Is A Shame
Mothers And Fathers All Over The World
Have To Shed Tears For Their Young Soldiers
Who Have Shed Their Blood For Freedom And Will Never Come Home

It Is A Shame
That So Many Sons And Daughters
Will Never Come To Know The Mother Or Father
That Died Protecting Their Freedom

It Is A Shame
That These Same Sons And Daughters
Cannot Go To School In This Country For Fear That They Will Die

It Is A Shame
That They Cannot Pray In School Anymore
Because That Is Against The Law
And Yet On School Property They Can Buy Drugs
Which Law Would You Rather They Break?

It Is A Shame
That The World Leaders That Send Our Young Warriors Into Combat
Sit In Safety And Never Are The Ones That Are Having Bullets Fired At Them
Most Of Our Leaders Have Never Seen Combat
I Know First Hand What It Is Like To Be Shot At
I Know First Hand What It Is Like
To Realize That Someone's Son Or Daughter Has Died Before Their Loved Ones Do
I Know First Hand What Death And Blood Smell Like
I Know First Hand What It Means To Kill
Because My Government Taught Me
I Know That I Will Never Forget Anything That I Went Through In Vietnam
But If I Had To Fight For My Freedom, Your Freedom Again, I Would

I Believe In "The United States Of America" And Our Freedom

It Is A Shame
That Our Soldiers Are The Ones That Will Relive The Memories Of These Wars
Etched In Their Minds Forever
It Is Not Possible For Me Or Any Veteran To Tell You These War Stories
You Can't Feel What It Was Like
You Simply Can't Taste, Feel Or Breathe The Emotional Memories That We Have
You Would Have To Have Been There And Done That To Understand It
We Cannot Simply Erase Them From Our Minds
Every War That Has Been Fought Has Its Different Circumstances And Conditions
But They Were All Fought For The Same Reason

Kill Or Be Killed
The Memories Of War Never Go Away

It Is A Shame
That Many Soldiers Will Eventually Carry Those Memories To Their Graves
It's A Shame That Those Memories Will Be The Cause Of Their Death
They Won't Be Able To Live With Them Anymore

Our Leaders Will Retire On Fat Pensions
Earned For Them By The Blood Of Our Soldiers

It Is A Shame
That These Same Soldiers Are Now Living On The Streets
Broke And Penniless They Have No Where To Go
Because Our Leaders Have Forgotten Them

It Is A Shame
That Our Leaders Do Not Want To Treat Their Disabilities Anymore

It Is A Shame
That Our Leaders Will Not Admit That Agent Orange In Vietnam
And Chemical Warfare In Iraq Are Factors In The Sickness And Death Of Our Soldiers

It Is A Shame
That After You Fight For Your Country
You Now Have To Fight For Your Own Life, Your Very Existence

It Is A Shame
That Our Leaders Spend Billions Of Dollars A Year On Israel
And Other Countries Yet Neglect The Needs Of Our Own People

It Is A Shame
That Everyone Looks At Everyone Else
Shrugs Their Shoulders And Says
"It Is Not My Problem"

If You Value Your Freedom
"It Is Your Problem"

So Much Of Our Country Is Owned By Foreign Entities
Every Day More And More Of Our Businessess Are Being Moved Out Of This Country
Thirty And Forty Thousand Dollar Cars
Most People Cannot Afford Them
Some Cannot Afford To Feed Their Children At Mcdonalds
Buy A 30 Thousand Dollar Car!!!
I Have Never Owned A New Car And Never Will
I Would Rather Walk To Work And Buy A House
At Least I Can Live In A House

There May Come A Day When Our Sons And Daughters And
Even I Cannot Find A Job
Cannot Afford A Car And Won't Have A House To Live In

There May Come A Day When Your Children Cannot Feed Their Children
To Some In This Country That Day Is Already Here

Where Are Our Leaders?

I Guess Some Of Them Were In The Oval Office
And Their Agenda Was Where To Have Oral Sex Today
You Can Bet That They Are Not Worrying About
And Transportation
After All We The People Pay All Of Thier Bills
How Ironic "Bill" Bills
But Now He Is Gone And Another Takes His Place
Same Country, Same Problems

You Cannot Follow Sports Teams Anymore, For There Is No Loyalty
Greed, The Allmighty Dollar, He Who Pays The Most Gets The Best
No One Will Ever Convince Me That A Player Getting 252 Million Dollars Over Ten Years
Is Worth More Than A
School Teacher
A Minister
A Policeman
Or A Doctor

These People Protect, Heal, Teach And Give Us The Word Of God
They Are Underpaid And And Their Services Are Priceless
Sports Is A Waste Of Money
The Only Lesson Learned There Is Greed
And The Rich Get Richer

We Owe Our Young Children A Free And Safe Country To Live In

We Owe Them Safe Schools And An Education

We Owe Them The Right To Prayer No Matter Where They Are
Their Rights Should Not Be Taken Away
Not By A Small Majority Who Do Not Believe As They Do

My Mom Always Use To Say To Me
"If You Don't Like What Is Being Said Here, Then Get Up And Leave"
I Follow Her Advice Today
If I Don't Like What You Are Saying, I Will Get Up And Leave
In This Country You Have The Right To Agree To Disagree

Sometimes Those Arguements Are Followed By Blood Shed
Because Someone Took You To Heart And Disagreed To Strongly
It Is A Shame
That So Few Can Take Away From So Many

We Owe Our Children "A Future"
We Owe Our Children "A Safe Country"
We Owe Our Children "Freedom"
We Owe Them

For We All Were At One Time, Our Country's Children

No Other Country In The World Enjoys The Freedom That We Have
No Other Country In The World Will Fight As Hard As Ours To Protect Our Freedom

It Is A Shame
That Our Future Holds More Of The Same
Because The World Powers On This Planet Cannot Get Along
I Only Hope That Someday
If Not In My Lifetime
That Maybe In Our Childrens
That There Will Be World Peace
And That Everyone Can Live Peacefully Ever After
May There Come A Day That The Only Thing That We Shed Tears Over
Are Tears Of Happiness
That There Are No More Wars And Everything Is Right In The World
That Everyone Has A Job, A House An Education
And A Safe Future For Them And Their Children

And Then The Tragedy Of September 11
One More War And Everything Is Still Not Right In The World
And Once Again Our Soldiers Arise To The Occasion
And Once Again They Will Be Victorious
We Are After All The Greatest Country In The World

It Is A Shame
CopyRight 2000-
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved
Rick "Irockblue" 07--31-2000

Peace and Love

A Forgotten Flag

I Saw A Flag The Wind Had Tattered
No One To Care Or Think It Mattered!

Wind Torn And Faded Stripes Were Flapping
Pale Stars Upon Dim Blue Were Napping!

I Wondered If A Bugle Blowing
Would Rouse Our Country To Bestowing

Upon Our Flag More True Devotion
And Stir Our Hearts With Real Emotion!

Forgotten There
So Bravely Flying
A Symbol Worn
But Never Dying!

A Challenge!
To A Nation Sleeping
A Loyal Sentry
Watch Is Keeping!

Author Unknown

On My Knees


With All My Might And Still I Seem To Fall
I Try To Walk Before I Even Crawl
Oh It Seems I'm Like A Child In Need Again
A Helpless Heart
A Broken Person


Is Something That's So Very Hard To Find
But Still I Know That True Faith Must Be Blind
So I Sacrifice My Heart To God In Prayer
Lay My Weakness Down And I'll Find You There

I Can Stand Tall On My Knees
I Can Face It All
I Feel Like
I Can Climb A Mountain
Cause On My Knees
The World's A Little Smaller
And I Stand Taller

On My Knees

See A Man
In A Garden Long Ago
Kneeling Alone
As The Weight Of Sins
Unseen And Lives Unknown Came To Rest
Upon His Weary Shoulders
He Knew My Name
He Took My Pain
There's A Peace That Shadows Anything I Have Known

I Lay Down Every Burden
And I Am Free

Author Unknown

Dirt Roads
By Paul Harvey

What's Mainly Wrong With Society Today
Is That Too Many Dirt Roads Have Been Paved
There's Not A Problem In America Today
Delinquency That Wouldn't Be Remedied
If We Just Had More Dirt Roads
Because Dirt Roads Give Character

People That Live At The End Of Dirt Roads
Learn Early On That Life Is A Bumpy Ride
That It Can Jar You Right Down To Your Teeth Sometimes
But It's Worth It
If At The End Of A Dirt Road Is A Home
A Loving Spouse
Happy Kids
And A Dog

We Wouldn't Have Near The Trouble With Our Educational System
If Our Kids Got Their Exercise Walking A Dirt Road With Other Kids
From Whom They Learned How To Get Along

There Was Less Crime In Our Streets Before They Were Paved
Criminals Didn't Walk Two Dusty Miles To Rob Or Rape
If They Knew They'd Be Welcomed By 5 Barking Dogs And A Double Barrel Shotgun
And There Were No Drive By Shootings

Our Values Were Better When Our Roads Were Worse!
People Did Not Worship Their Cars More Than Their Kids
Motorists Were More Courteous
They Didn't Tailgate By Riding Someone's Bumper
The Guy In Front Of You
Would Have Choked You With Dust And Busted Your Windshield With Rocks

Dirt Roads Taught Patience
Dirt Roads Were Environmentally Friendly
You Didn't Hop In Your Car For A Quart Of Milk
You Walked To The Barn For Your Milk
For Your Mail
You Walked To The Mail Box

What If It Rained And The Dirt Road Got Washed Out?
That Was The Best Part
Then You Stayed Home And Had Some Family Time
You Roasted Marshmallows And Popped Popcorn
You Took Pony Rides On Daddy's Shoulders
You Learned How To Make Prettier Quilts Than Anybody

At The End Of Dirt Roads
You Soon Learned That Bad Words Tasted Like Soap
Most Paved Roads Lead To Trouble
Dirt Roads More Than Likely Lead To A Fishing Creek Or A Swimming Hole

At The End Of A Dirt Road
The Only Time That We Even Locked Our Car Was In August
If We Didn't
Some Neighbor Would Fill It With Too Much Zucchini

At The End Of A Dirt Road
There Was Always Extra Springtime Income
When City Dudes Would Get Stuck
You'd Have To Hitch Up A Team And Pull Them Out
Usually You Got A Dollar
Always You Got A New Friend
At The End Of A Dirt Road

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