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If You Throw Away 2 Aluminum Cans
You Waste More Energy Than One Billion
Of the World's Poorest People Use A Day

Making A New Can From Scratch
Uses The Energy Equal To Half A Can Of Gasoline

About One Third Of What An Average American Throws Out Is Packaging

More Than One Billion
Trees Are Used To Make Disposable Diapers Every Year

In One Minute
50 Acres Of Rainforest Are Destroyed

Some Rain Has A PH Of 3 Or 4
This Is Pretty Acidic
Considering 7 Is Neutral
Not Acidic
And Battery Acid Has A PH Of 1

Some Fish
Such As Lake Trout And Smallmouth Bass
Have Trouble Reproducing At A PH Of 6
Which Is Only Slightly Acidic

Some Clams And Snails Can't Survive At All

Most Crayfish Are Dead At A PH Of 5

You Can See How Bad This Is For The Environment

On Average

A Person In The US Uses Energy Two Times More Than A Person
In Japan Or West Germany Does
And 50 Times More Than A Person In India

About 90% Of The Energy Used In Lighting
A Standard Incandescent Light Bulb Is Lost As Heat

Air Conditioning Uses 10 Times More Energy Than A Fan
Therefore It Creates 10 Times The Pollutants

It Takes Half The Output Of The Alaskan Pipeline
To Heat The Air That Escapes From All The Homes In The US During A Year

Cars And Pick Up Trucks Are Responsible
For About 20% Of The Carbon Dioxide Released Into The Air

There Are About 500 Million Automobiles On The Planet
Burning An Average Of 2 Gallons Of Fuel A Day

Each Gallon Releases 20 Pounds Of Carbon Dioxide Into The Air
About 80% Of Our Trash Goes To Landfills
10% Is Incinerated
And 10% Is Recycled

Since There Is Little Oxygen Underground Where We Bury Our Garbage
To Help Bacteria Eat The Garbage
Almost Nothing Happens To It

Scientists Have Dug Into Landfills And Found Ears Of Corn
Still Intact After 20 Years
Newspapers Were Still Readable After 30 Years

The Average American Makes About 3.5 Pounds Of Trash A Day

In A Year
The Average American Uses As Much Wood In The Form Of Paper
As The Average Resident Of The Developing World Burns As Fuel

Things That We Can Do To Help

Turn Off Lights

Turn Off Other Electric Things
Like TVs
And Radios When Not In Use

Use Rechargable Batteries

Do Things Manually Instead Of Electrically
Like Opening Cans By Hand

Use Fans Instead Of Air Conditioners

In The Winter Time
Wear A Sweater Instead Of Turning Up Your Thermostat

Insulate Your Home So You Won't Be Cold In Winter

Use Less Hot Water

Whenever Possible
Use A Bus Or Subway
Ride Your Bike Or Walk

If You Are Concerned About Pesticides
Try To Buy Organic Fruits And Vegetables
Organic Food Is Grown Without Man Made Fertilizers And Or Pesticides

Don't Waste Products Made From Forest Materials

Use Recycled Paper And Or Recycle It
Reuse Old Papers

Don't Buy Products That May Have Been Made At The Expense Of The Rainforest

Support Products That Are Harvested From The Rainforest
But Have Not Cut Down Trees To Get It

Plant Trees
Especially If You Have Cut One Down

Get Other People To Help You In Your Cause

Make Or Join An Organization

Avoid Products That Are Used Once Then Thrown Away

Buy Products With Little Or No Packaging

Encourage Your Grocery Store To Sell Environmentally Friendly Cloth Bags
For People To Use When They Shop
Or Bring Your Own

Reuse And Recycle


Buy Recycled Products

Don't Buy Pets Taken From The Wild

If You Have A Good Zoo Nearby
If The Animals Are Healthy And The Zoo Takes Care Of Them
Support It!
Espessially If They Help Breed Endangered Animals

Don't Buy Products If Animals Were Killed To Make It

Cut Up Your Six-Pack Rings Before Throwing Them Out


All Of The Glaciers Are Melting Right Now
This Is Leading To A Diminution Of The Polar Bears Population

Greenpeace Says That
"Impacts Of This Global Phenomenon Are Already Appearing"

The Melting And Retreat Of Arctic Sea Ice Is Already Affecting Polar Bear Habitat
There Are Two Things That Can Affect Polar Bears
One Is A Change In The Number Of Ringed Seals For Them To Feed On
The Other Is A Change In The Accessibility Of Those Seals

Augmentation of 0,3 C 0,6 C Of The Global Temperature
Since The End Of The Last Century

Augmentation Of Extreme Weather, Hurricanes, Floods, Earth Slides
And Drought In Some Americans States And Other Parts Of The World

We See That There Is A Link Between The Quantity Of CO2 In The Air
And The Global Warming

In Fact
Some Tests On The Glaciers Ice Revealed That In The Ice Age
There Was Less CO2 In The Air Than In Some Warmer Period

Diminution Of The Ozone Layer

Some Species Of Fish Have Changed Their Migratory Source
Since They Are Affected By The Temperature Of The Water
That Is Why We Find Certain Species In A Zone That Weren't There Before

Possible Causes

Industrials Activity Rejects The Burning Of Fossil Fuels Such As Oil And Coal

Massive Cuts Of The Forests

Emissions Of Methane And Nitrate Oxide Due To Agriculture

Chlorofluorocarbone--"CFC" And Other Gas
Contribute To Keep The Heat Inside The Atmosphere

Gas Emitted By Animals Like Beefs
And Etc

Degradation Of The Flooded Vegetation By The Hydroelectric Dam
Which Become The Source Of CO2 And Methane


Economic Consequences

Culture Zone Would Change Dramatically

For Example
If The Temperature Warms Up By 1 Degree
Then The Zone For Corn Crops Would Move 200 Kilometers North
This Would Have Economic Consequence For Some Countries

Melting Of The Glaciers Would Cause A Considerable Sea Level Rise
And Some Countries Would Lose Territory

Augmentation Of Skin Cancers

Because The Ozone Layer Does Not Filtrate Anymore
The Ultra Violet Rays So Dangerous For The Skin

More Fires In The Forests Because The Trees Become Dryer
And More Vulnerable To Fire

Epidemics Of Insects

Because Some Insects Need This Type Of Condition To Breed

Smog Augmentation Resulting In Health Problems Due To The Heat In Big Cities

Defrost Of Pergelisol

Fish Migratory Will Cause Some Fisherman To Find Another Job
Because The Fish Won't Go Anymore In The Fishing Zones

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