I Wanted

Another boring day
Once in my lifetime
I wanted
To dance on the clouds above
To kiss the sky
To hug the moon
To leap over the sun
To bark at Pluto
To drink from the Milky Way
To fall with the rain
To rise with the sun
To rejoice at life
To laugh at death
To be a father
To hug a son or daughter
To forget the past
To see tomorrow
To feel real love
To stop the hate
To go to Canada and not Vietnam
To take back the knife
To give back one life
To grin and laugh
To smile and cry
To stay with someone more than one day
To be rich and wealthy
To live forever and a day
To always be happy and never sad
To be a friend
A lover
A confidant
Once upon a lifetime
I wanted
Not anymore

CopyRight Rick "Irockblue" 1-16-93

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