Lady In Waiting Two

I Have Found You
"Lady In Waiting"
For Once In My Life
I Am Loved
I Exist
I Am Human
I Have Ceased Hating

I Can See
I Open My Eyes
And It Is Your Love That I Am Seeing

I Can Hear
My Ears Are Not Deaf
"I Love You"
These Words From You I Am Hearing

With You
I Can Swim With My Head Above Water
I Am Not Drowning

I Still Frown To Much
But When I Think Of You
I Find Myself Smiling
When I Awoke This Morning
I Found You Giving Me
Reasons To Continue Living

So Wonderful
So Beautiful
It Was Only Yesterday That I Found Myself Dieing

"Lady In Waiting"
Far To Long To Myself
I Have Been Lieing
Everyone I Was Hating, Distrusting And Denying
Love No Where To Be Found
Always Two Steps Behind
Never Finding That "Pot Of Gold" At The End Of The Rainbow
Filled With Love
Always Slipping And Falling
Always The Same Ending
No Pot Of Gold
Only My Heart Breaking

My Lady In Waiting"
I Don't Want To Awaken And Find You Leaving
As Long As You Need Me In Your Life
I Will Be Staying

When You Need My Hand
I Will Give You My Heart
I Will Continue Loving You
A Future For You And Me I Am Perceiving
I Have Never Given Up On You
You Encompass Everything That I Am Needing
You Are My Sunshine
My Dawn Of Tomorrow Morning
You Are My Very Existence
You Are My Life
My Everything
Don't Ever Leave Me
As I Don't Know How To Stop Loving You

"My Lady In Waiting"

CopyRight Rick "IrockBlue" 4-2-1980 And 3-4-2000
Rewritten For Bobbie 2-2-00

CopyRight 1980-
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

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