I Asked God For Love
Still So Much Hate

I Ask God For Peace
Still So Much War

I Asked God For Beauty
Still So Much Ugliness

I Asked God For Sunny Skies
It Has Rained For Two Days

I Asked God For Companionship
I Have Been Left Alone

I Asked God For Peace Of Mind
It's Still Total Confusion

I Asked God To Be Set Free
Yet The Bonds Pull Tighter

I Asked God For Understanding
Still I Don't Comprehend

I Asked God To Be Able To See
But My Mind Is Still Blind

I Asked God To Feel
But My Arms Won't Move

I Asked God To Hear
But My Ears Have Closed

I Asked God To Walk
But My Legs Are Numb

I Asked God For A Helping Hand
I Still Burn From The Slap

I Begged God For Reconstruction Of My Heart
But It Is Still Demolished

I Asked God For The Truth Of Life
But Still The Lies

I Ask God To Smile
But Still The Frown

I Asked God To Laugh
But Still I Cry

I Asked God To Open The Door
But It Slammed In My Face

I Asked God For Heaven
But I Am Still In Hell

I Asked God For A Human's Love
And I Received A Human's Hate

I Asked God To Be Able To Share
Yet Everything Is Still Divided

I Asked God For Death
Yet Still I Live

I Asked God For Warmth
It Was So Hot I Was Burned

I Asked God For My Release
But Four Walls Are Still Crushing Me

I Keep Praying To God For Death
If He Answers
My Questions Will Cease

CopyRite RICK "IROCKBLUE" JULY 23rd 1970

CopyRight 1970-
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

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