I Made An Error In A Moment Of Time
A Misplaced Kiss That Never Should Have Been
A Woman I Love Who Saw And Hurt
Beautiful Green Eyes So Full Of Pain
I Have No Right To Her Ever Again
Jealousy Rears Its Hateful Head
From Both Sides Now

Can She Ever Trust Again?
So Little
So Fragile
She Breaks Like Fine China
Can My Love Put Her Pieces Back Together Again?

For So Long Now
I Have Been Unloved
Now A Woman Who Gives So Freely
I Don't Deserve Her

I Know Full Well The Anger And Pain
It's Hard For Me To Give Her My Heart
I Just Keep Feeling Like I Am Falling Apart
She Is The Glue That Keeps Me Together
My Mind Is In A Constant Battle
So Many Worries Tearing Me Apart

I Love Her Greatly
But I Don't Tell Her Enough
I Am So Quiet And Headstrong
I Never Tell Her What Is On My Mind
I Am Never In Front Of Her
But Always Behind Her

Am I In A Dream?
Does This Creature Really Exist?
Or Will I Awaken And Realize What I Have Missed?

All I Know
Is That I Made A Mistake
If She Left Me Now
Then I Would Understand
Death And Dying I Do Not Fear
But Losing Her Would Bring Me A Tear
I Am A Living Dead Man
Without Her Here

If I Could Turn Back Time
At The Moment Of That Kiss
I Would Have Turned My Head
And Made Her Miss

I Made A Mistake
If She Leaves Me Now
My Life Is Over
I Could Not Maintain This Life Of Clover
I Am Not A Man
But A Grain Of Sand On The Beach Of Life
I Am Sorry My Green Eyed Pain Hit You In The Heart

I Apologize For My Misplaced Kiss

CopyRite Rick "IrockBlue" 4-29-99

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