Where Reality And Darkness CoExist
Surrounded By Hundreds Of People
And Yet Alone
I Feel Nothing For Them
Only Coldness And Fear

I Feel Pain
I Feel Rain
I Eat
I Make Love
And Yet I Don't Enjoy It

I Want Something
I Attain It
And Yet
Is That All There Is?

I Exist Alone
A Matter Of My Own Choosing
I Am Not Happy
And I Am Not Sad

I Have Killed
I Have Saved
I Have Lived
I Have Died

Yet I Don't Understand
Why Some People Like Me
And Why Some Don't
Why Do I Let People Get Close To Me
And Then I Push Them Away?
Why Do I Run?


Half A Century Down The Same Road
A Road Going Nowhere And Beyond
Never Ending
No Forks
No Turns
I Can't Love
But I Can't Hate


Why Am I Like This?
If You Don't Know Then I Don't Know
Someone Reaches Out And Tries To Touch Me
Tries To Understand Me
And I Do My Best To Push Them Away

A Four Letter Word
I Say It
But I Don't Mean It
Because I Don't Understand It

She Tries To Help Me
But She Is So Young
She Is A Bright Sunshine Ray
In My Otherwise Dreary Day
And Yet I Rain On Her

I Should Realize That I Am Not The Only One With Problems
But It Is So Hard To Do
The Mind Is A Terrible Wanderer
When You Are By Yourself So Much
To Much Time To Think

Thinking In Time
That I Might Love Her
But I Exist Only In Life For No One
I Am Still Walking
The Road Is Long And Never Ending
I Walk Untouched
No Hand To Guide Me

And Yet
I Think I Love Her

CopyRite RICK "IrockBlue" 1-5-1997

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