Summer Time Puppy

Sunshine Summer Is Almost Here
Red Roses
Puppy Dogs
Walks In The Park Are Near

Time To Shed Your Winter Coat
Fishing Bobbin In The Water
Quietly Afloat

Summer Green Growing Grass
No More School
The End Of Class

People Noisely Filling Parks
Foot Prints Along The River
Leaving Fading Marks

Longer Days And Shorter Nights
Enjoying The Warm Sun What Beautiful Sights

Short Clad Girls With Beautiful Blonde Hair
I Sit And Watch
I Am More Aware

Baseball Games And Volley Ball
Your Safe!
Your Out!
Was That The Right Call?

The Soft Wind Blowing Through The Trees
Fresh New Honey
Made By Honey Bees

Go To The Stables And Rent A Horse
To Ride The Shade Paths
Of A ManMade Course

Walk And Breathe In The Summer Air
Lost In An Ocean Of People
At The County Fair

Slowly Walking The City Street
Feeling The Heat Of The Summer Sun
Against My Feet

The Tar On The Street Will Slowly Melt
Making Up For The Winter Chill
That I Have Felt

Couples Walking Hand In Hand
Summer Warmth Brings Out The Love
Hidden In Woman And Man

Puppy Walk With Me
Don't Run Away
In God's Beautiful Park
Maybe Forever
We Can Stay

Clouds So Beautiful
That They Grace The Sky
On A BackGround Of Blue
I Sit And Sigh
We Might Exist Forever And Never Die

The Tennis Court Is An Active Place
So Many People
No Parking Space

Park By The River And Enjoy The View
So Many Summer Things
That We Want To Do

You Walk
You Sweat
It Is So Hot
People Enjoy
Winters Freeze
Have You Forgot?

Pick An Apple And Take A Bite
Beleive In Nature
It Is A Wonderful Sight

Why Did You Scamper Up That Tree?
I Won't Hurt You
You Are Safe With Me

The ChipMunk
The Robin
They Are Your Friends
Sunner Is So Short
Live Peacefully And Make Ammends

The Creatures That I Watch
I Love Them All
They Won't Be Seen
Come Next Fall

My Baby Puppy
Leave Them Be
Let Them Enjoy The Summer
Like You And Me

Come Little Puppy
Let' Run And Play
If It Rains Tomorrow
We Can Ejoy Today

I've Thrown The Stick
Puppy Bring It To Me
Summertime Puppy
What Do You See?

The Silent Flight Of The Butterfly
Puppy You Can't Catch Him
No Matter How Hard You Try

You Cock Your Head And Sit And Stare
A Happy Little Puppy
Without A Care

You Are Lost And Happy
Within A Maze
Of Beautiful
Peaceful Summer Days

Beautiful Fur That Turns A Golden Brown
Catching Sunlight
So Much To Pass Around

He Runs So Fast
With Such Little Legs
He Wants To Play
He Sits Up And Begs

I Pick Him Up And Hold Him Close
So Much Love
I Think He Knows

Run Little Puppy
In The Park
We Will Still Be Here
Long After Dark

Catching The Warm Summer Breeze
Fleeting Days
Never Having To Say Please!

Lying In The Grass
So Sleepy
Taking A Nap
Puppy So Tired
Resting In My Lap

We Are Alone In A Field Of Clover
Little Puppy On His Side Turning Over

Night Is Coming
The Sun Turns Dim
No Movement
For Fear Of Waking Him

The Sounds Of Crickets
Now So Plain
The Far Distant Sound
Of A Passing Train

Sleep Little Puppy
For You Do Not Hear
You Have All Of My Love
And Nothing To Fear

I Will Keep You Happy And Next To Me
Many More Summer Days In The Park
We Will Live To See

"Dedicated To Ricci
My First Dog After VietNam"

CopyRight Rick "IrockBlue" 7-17- 1970

CopyRight 1970-
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

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