Mirror Image

The drunk, stumbling down the street
He can barely stay on his feet

He's drunk on wine called the grape
Tearing at his mind with mental rape

He's tripped and fell and hurt his knee
He doesn't care
No one will see

No one will help
No one will care
They will only stop and laugh and stare

He's sick as he looks around
He spills his mind upon the ground

He wipes his mouth and he takes another drink
To wash away the smell
To kill the stink

He's on his feet and tries to walk
He rolls his eyes and tries to talk

He stumbles and falls against a car
Through glazed eyes
He sees Sally's Bar

He has no money
There is nothing that he can buy
He's given up on life
He wants to die

The wine in the bottle in the brown paper sack
Washes away the Vietnam Memories that keep flooding back

He drinks from the bottle and he falls to the ground
People walk over him and step around

They don't care
They don't want to see
Leave him in the gutter
Let him be

The bottles half empty
And he knows that soon he will need more
He pleads
"God give me a quarter
To buy some more wine from the liquor store"

His stomach is empty
All he feels are pains and aches
His insides are burning and he's getting the shakes

He asks a man for a dime
The walks away because he has no time

The drunk screamed, yelled and cried
A vietnam warrior, many years ago, he knows he died

He stumbles and falls and hits the ground
In the street he's hit by a car?
Now he's laying in front of Billie's Bar

His eyes are glazed and starting to close
Never another drink of wine
I think he knows

Noone helps
Noone cares
They see him
But they pretend that he's not there

A lifeless form so out of place
Why a smile upon his face?

I stand and look
He is a clown
He has no smile
I have given him a frown

I take his shoes
And I drink his wine
There of no use to him
I take what I can find

I bust his wine bottle on the street stop sign
Ruining life
This Goddamn wine

People laugh and grin and stare
Whats the use?
They just don't care

The lights shining in the street
Off the curb
DEATH I want to meet

I am hit
By what?
A car!!
In front of what?
Sally's bar!!

My eyes start to glaze and close
No more wine
Another Vietnam Veteran
I think I know

Two lifeless forms so out of place
Nothing but frowns upon their face

No pain, no ache
And no more taste
Out of this life
With swiftning haste

Two lifeless forms laying in the street
Their souls are gone
Their destiny
And their creater to meet

CopyRight Rick "Irockblue" Dec 12th 1972

CopyRight 1972-
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

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