Another Dream

At some point and time there comes my way
When I am able to turn to my friend and say
It's not much but this verse is my forte
And the only way I can say "Happy Valentines Day"

I know there are many problems that bother you
But this day smile and don't be blue
Please remember no matter where I go or what I do
I will always think the the world of you

The beauty in the rose and you that I see
Make me wish you were figments and not real to me
But one is enough so I want you to be
The one who is loved on Valentines Day this February

I very much do not want to be a thorn in your side
The feelings in me are wrong and I continue to hide
I must fade away like an ebbing tide
Cupid smit me with an arrow and I have died

Being alone I have grown accustomed to
The dreams that never really do come true
And then I met you
What do I do?
When I awaken tomorrow I will find that you
Were just another dream that did not come true

Did I Forget To Say Goodbye?

CopyRight Rick "Irockblue 2-3-1984

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