What Are The Solutions?

Yesterday seems an eternity away
Nothing exciting
Tomorrow there will be no memories even of today
Looking forward to nightfall
Please hurry sundown
The pitch black darkness will hide my face
The face of a clown
The ugliness
The tears falling as I cry
Will be hidden in the darkness
Not to be seen by anyone

No one will ask me
"Why do you cry?"
On the backside of thirty
My back is against the wind

Not forgotten memories of yesterday
That I never want to see or relive again
My love dashed and strewn against the rocks
I cannot retrace the steps of love
No enjoyment from something I have never felt or seen

I still have no answers to the questions being asked by you
If I do answer
I will speak lies
There is no sense in the truth
In the long run you would only hurt me too

Why are there so many undefined explanations?
Playing life on a game board
So many heart rendering situations
So many acts
So many roles to play
Same act one renditions

Surviving is to fast paced
If someone is hurt
No one cares
So very easy
The unnoticed violations
Trying to live
Trying to exist happily in life
And only being brought to my knees by the violent vibrations
Head games
Broken hearts
Double meanings
Double visions

A roll of the dice
Sixes up twice
Even numbers
Yet so odd
The sum of the totals are my mere estimations

I Know The Questions
But What Are The Answers?
What Are The Solutions?

CopyRight Rick "Irockblue" 12-01-1980

CopyRight 1980-
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
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